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Better Spore

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor Who, The Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!




BetterSpore Release

Version 1.5.1

Date: 22/3/09

File Size 16MB

NOTE: BetterSpore 1.5.1 was made for Spore Patch 1.3 with no GA. If you install it on Galactic Adventures or a more recent patch (or older) then any problems are at your own risk as it was not made for those versions.

BetterSpore 1.5.1 Full Changelog

Latest News:

(2nd JuneBetterSpore Milestone: 10,000 downloads – Parts Pack on its way

(22nd MarchBetterSpore v1.5.1 Release

(16th MarchBetterSpore Contents

(14th MarchBetterSpore 1.5 Release

(2oth Feb) Better Spore Trailer 1.5

(14th Feb12 new BetterSpore screenshots

(2nd FebBetterSpore update 2-2-09

(31st JanPreview of New Parts in BetterSpore

What is BetterSpore?

BetterSpore is a community made mod which improves many aspects of Spore. There are many features in this mod all of which are optional. This is not a Maxis made mod, it is made by the community using SporeMaster, and will be used at your own risk, we describe later on how to minimize problems. We have extensively tested BetterSpore on a variety of spore gaming platforms, and we have reduced out many of the problems. Go to the Bugs page to see all the current know bugs, and to post new ones.


With 1.5.1, just replace your old package files with the new ones. Read the readme for more info.



NOTE: If the download does not work, we will be getting a Mirror download tomorrow, so just wait and be patient.

What is unique about BetterSpore?

So there are over 100 mods out there and why does BetterSpore stand out? It stands out due to its combination of the best mods to create a smooth change to a more enjoyable version of Spore. Not only that, but BetterSpore is customizable. Don’t want the new tools? Don’t use the tools package. Only want the parts? Use only the parts package. You get to choose what you want. Download and read the Readme for more information.


-46 New Parts

-Over 20 new space tools

-Overhaul of the Creature and Space stages

-Changes to the Tribaland Civilization stage

-A complete GUI (Graphics User Interface) change

For more on these features download and read the Readme.

How to Install Mods for Spore – XP/Vista/Mac/Steam

How to Install BetterSpore safely

First of all, make sure you back up your saves, and your creatures. This is only precautionary, and will mean nothing happens if you have to reinstall Spore.

The next step is to install the mod as explained in the “How to Install Mods” section. Start up your game and start a new game. Make sure when using the mod you only use save games which you started when you had BetterSpore, and you remove the mod when playing any other saves.


Q: There were parts advertised in the trailer which never made it in, why so?

A: We removed the parts we made because it did not live up to our standards, and are not yet ready to be used. We decided not to delay BetterSpore to get these parts working. We will try to create an updated version of the BetterSpore_parts.package in the coming weeks for you to use these new parts.

Q: Why aren’t my creatures saving?

A: For some reason, some of the parts do not save. This is why we included the Spore Editor Hack (Made by RamonNZ), which allows you to “Force Save” your creations, for more on how to do it please read the Readme.

Q: What is Maxis’s position on mods, and will my online experience be affected?

A: Maxis is fine with the modding community existing, and we have talked a few times, however they do not provide support for mods. The only effect on your online experience is that all creatures which use the complexity packages or the new parts (grox/cell included) will not upload.

Q: I’m not to sure about using this mod, it could be dangerous, or contain viruses.

A: Wait a few days, come back on and see what the comments are (also look through the BetterSpore forum).

Mod Links

– SporeMods – The community for modding
– How to install mods
– Sporemaster – Start your own mod today
– The Spore Mod Index – With over 80 mods!
– How to mod spore – basics
– Other modding tutorials
– Better Spore Preview: New Parts
– Better Spore 1.5 Trailer


– Ball Lightning (Better Spore Team Leader)
– Virakotxa (Lead Part Developer)
– Mettra (Part Developer/Part Code)
– Xerox262 (Space Tools Code)
– Dark Dragon (Editors Coder)
– Nineballfool (Creature Coder)
– Odistant (Civilization Coder/Artifact Coder))
– God (General Programmer)
– Ahvena (Team Member)
– Rotto (Team Member)
BoyMac (Alpha Tester)


Ball Lightning/FutureFilms


664 Responses to “Better Spore”

  1. Bananpojken said

    Um… Why does this mod deactivate cheats? I can’t use any console commands etc. after i installed this mod.

  2. ballightning said

    It deactivates cheats becuase it is cheating, however i’ll create a cheat version tomorrow.

    • The Z said

      hey, I downloaded it, but wont install, the reason for this is i want to be able to cheat, its just what i do, can you use the console cheats with the current version or will that be added later?

  3. Bananpojken said

    Oh, I’m not talking about cheating cheating 😉 I’m talking about simple console commands, like the one that hides your UI for taking screenshots. Thanks a lot for making a version that allows that though 🙂

  4. Both the better spore1.2 and the 99perplanet files downloads seem to be corrupt, somehow.
    I cannot, simply using windows xp, extract the files.

  5. ballightning said

    The 1.2 version is corrupt. v1.1 i think works. v1.3 is coming out later today.

    • Blurb said

      Hey sry i am new at this mods but i cant get any to load others have said something about a mirror download but i dont know what you guys mean because i waited a day and i dont see any downloaded things or requests for and because when i hit the link to go the the downloading website it says that the file cannot be used because of deleted plz help and thx…

  6. ballightning said

    Sorry, its coming out tomorrow.

  7. Storm said

    Uhm, ALL of them are corrupt

  8. ballightning said

    Ok, i’ll get a new version up tomorrow. Sorry about that.

  9. Gill Kaiser said

    I had a few bugs… in v1.2, if I captured a planet from an enemy and then terraformed it, it wouldn’t let me put any new colonies down, saying that the planet was already claimed.

    In v1.3, the terraforming tools that used to use energy (cloud vacuum, heat ray etc) have been converted to use money, but the problem is that those tools do not have a set duration, but are rather intended to be used constantly until the desired effect is achieved. Thus, when you use them, the full cost (50,000 sporebucks or so) is deducted every split second of use. I activated cloud vaccuum for 5 seconds and realised that it had cost me 10,000,000 sporebucks. I suggest changing the cost of such tools to a much lower value, or switching them back to energy.

  10. ballightning said

    “In v1.3, the terraforming tools that used to use energy (cloud vacuum, heat ray etc) have been converted to use money, but the problem is that those tools do not have a set duration, but are rather intended to be used constantly until the desired effect is achieved. Thus, when you use them, the full cost (50,000 sporebucks or so) is deducted every split second of use. I activated cloud vaccuum for 5 seconds and realised that it had cost me 10,000,000 sporebucks. I suggest changing the cost of such tools to a much lower value, or switching them back to energy.”

    I see, well this will definitly be fixed.

  11. Sinropa said

    i agree with the above: the cost on those items makes them almost useless (still buy the “place on planet” versions)

    but my real issue is crashing. just wondering if anyone else is having crash issues. crashed today seconds after dropping a colony pack (tho moving at full speed while doing so may have been a bad idea lol) this crash took me to the desktop(no error) one before it was a lock up with a not responding warning… all i recall going on @ crash was zoning into a planet. my PC is higher end, never crashed prior to mod install. the crashes were about 1 day apart. this was a fresh game (figured starting from mid game with new settings would cause issues) what im getting at is the crashes arent every 10 mins or anything. runs smooth until i trigger something… when i can pinpoint it more ill let you know.

    Otherwise, awesome mod… prolly wouldnt play without it. great work. 🙂

  12. Sinropa said

    forgot to mention that a new patch came out recently, at least i was first promted to install a day ago, i did not install it assuming it would kill the mod.

  13. ballightning said

    It would probably not like this mod, I’ll work on updating it to the new patch today. Depends on how much it does.

  14. ballightning said

    I have had no patch come up for me. What patch are you currently on? BetterSpore is meant to be for 1.03.

  15. DanekJovax said

    This site needs a GrammaNazi touch, and some of the mods make little sense to me, but that’s just my humble opinion. I may try it out soon for kicks, as several other of the mods listed here sounds challenging (trade). ;2)

  16. ballightning said

    Oh, about the grammar, i was rushed that day, fixed it up in many places but not here. Just wait one second…

  17. ballightning said

    Done. Should be more readable now 😉

  18. Jamie Kirby said

    Well, with this mod i am finally able to play the game instead of constantly trading spice…..which i think kills the game for me….i HATE trading, i think EA should have thought that there are players that like to fight and/or trade…but i guess they didn’t think of that.

    Good mod, i can now just get a bunch of red spice and sell it and make 2+ million. 😀

    all the game needs now is an automated spice trading so i can avoid the worst idea to gaming since pvp….trading.

  19. Mechanikus said

    Truly a great mod. It improves Spore a lot (well besides the terraforming costs which are still in, but i read in the forums that you are removing it in 1.4). But nonehteless, i got a problem with it: I’m using german language and with this mod a lot of text now is english. To be more specific: all UFO-tools and some status messages are english.
    Is there a way around or can you do a compatible version?


  20. ballightning said

    There isn’t any way around that unless someone makes a german version, which isn’t to hard it is just changing the text to german. Its going to be more of a problem for v1.4 as all the new items will be having english text, yes there are new items 🙂

  21. BoogieMan said

    I downloaded Better Spore 1.3 and used the included flight mod. However, Before I realized the problem I made it to Tribal stage, and my flying capable creatures just leap into orbit and bug out. I can’t really complete my game now. I tried deleting the mod package then loading the game again, but it seems like it’s stored in the save game or something. Is there a way I can remove/counter the effects of that mod? Or am I screwed and have to start over?

  22. BoogieMan said

    I also forgot to ask, what happens when you install new versions of this mod? Do you have to start a new game to get the effect?

  23. ballightning said

    You shouldn’t need to. The flight problem will be fixed in 1.4. For some reason for some people it goes crazy. So i’m taking the flying part out until it is fixed.

  24. BoogieMan said

    Good to hear, but so I can continue playing until then, can you suggest a way I can fix this?

  25. ballightning said

    Theres not really to much. It effects some people and seems to stay with that creature. I don’t know of a way to continue playing that game until the new version. I’m going away for 2 days, so if you want help talk to the people on the sporemods forum here:

    You can find the BetterSpore thread in the mod release forum.

  26. Conor said

    Its good, but I don’t like some of it

  27. Kaos said

    Do you have an estimate for when 1.4 will come out? And should i install 1.3 now, or wait for 1.4?

    • ballightning said

      @ Kaos: Probably sometime tomorrow. There are still some things i need to fix and test. If you want to get rid of the flying you can create your own package of BetterSpore1.3 and take out he flying. Use Sporemaster and then take our everything that is in this package from the BetterSpore package.


      Ball Lightning

  28. BoogieMan said

    The flight mod that came with Better Spore 1.3 was a seperate package file. Is there one built in as well?

    • ballightning said

      I think there was one built in. I’ll make sure that anything which has any possible adverse effects on the game are in separate packages.

  29. Kaos said

    Thanks. I’ll wait then.

  30. BoogieMan said

    After removing Better Spore 1.3 all together, it fixed my glitching flying problem.

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  32. Ricardovisk said

    Its work with the spore 1.2 patch?

  33. ballightning said

    It may, it was designed around spore patch 1.3. If it doesn’t work probably you can always remove it.

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  35. Jonathanrex1 said

    I downloaded Better Spore V 1.4 & now C&C came uninstalled.I removed the mod and C&C still was uninstalled.I tried to install C&C and nothing.

  36. Gill Kaiser said

    Hey, thanks for fixing the terraforming tool cost problem.

    I’m still getting the “this planet is already claimed” bug, however. If I have bought the system from an ally, or captured the system via conquest, and I then terraform an already colonised planet further, the game won’t let me drop any more colonies onto that planet. This occurs even if I destroy all my colonies on the planet and drop them again… it lets me drop the number that were there when I acquired the system, and then repeats “this planet is claimed”. This bug only occurs when I have Better Spore installed, so I’ve taken to uninstalling the mod, dropping the extra colonies, saving, and then reinstalling the mod. Needless to say, this is getting tedious.

    I really hope you can suss out the cause of the problem. Anyway, thanks again for fixing the terraforming cost.

  37. megazear7 said

    I had some ideas to give creature stage more depth and make it more realistic and more like evolution/natural selection. Thought I’de share.

    1) More animals just roaming about. 60-80% of animals should be out and about not at nest at any given time.(this one is probably unrealistic, but for this mod to work, it is needed)

    2) No more finding skeletons for parts. You get all parts at the start.

    3) Make three 25 dna-cost parts add up to the same ability as a 75 dna part, ect…

    4)Make creatures of all ability levels mixed together, not a progressive game as it is now where you go from weak creatures, mid , to tough. Make them all jumbled together.

    5) Force you to eat way more.

    6) Give dna for eating

    7) all pack member slots available from the start

    no dna for extincting

    9) no dna for socializing with creatures

    And some that probably arent possible::

    10 )Make some animals go by themselves, if they are really advanced(end of creature stage animals). Animals that are weak group up when they leve the nest(beggining of creature stage animals). This is probably not possible

    11) The less other pack members you have the more dna you get(this one is pretty essential for mod to work)

    • The guy who points stuff out. said

      The majority of the things you just listed would make the game LESS realistic, and ruin gameplay, and make evolving too easy, but the rest of the game harder. And if you already have all the parts, what do you need DNA for?

    • The guy who asks stuff said

      Would it be possible to make a MAc version of this? And the Mod that force saves everything?

  38. Jaden ittanenn said

    i dont knpw if you know this or if it’s just my computer but, when i use this mod if desables Galactic Freedom. any resons why?

  39. ballightning said

    Yes it does conflict as BetterSpore has a lesser version of that mod.

  40. Jaden ittanenn said

    Ok just wanted to make sure that it wasnt my compuder mesing mods up again.

  41. Altyrell said

    ok, Ballightning, thank you for going to create a version that we will be able to use the command console to use cheats (such as moremoney,addDNA,etc)

    but, due respect Ball, it is our choice as to whether we cheat using those codes or not, it is unfair for you to make it so the mod “Better Spore” out right disable them in Space Mode, not sure about the lower levels, as it seems that cheating in those stages people are still able to, however once the reach Space Stage, people are unable to. So while yes, it is good that you are making a Version that re-allows people to use the command console to use cheats, but still, Maxis INCLUDED it to be used, disabling that use isn’t right man.

    sorry for the above rant/venting/whatever it might be considered.

  42. Comedyninja said

    Hey, do you think it’s possible to create a version of this mod without the changes to the space stage?

    Most of the changes to space stage I think could be taken out and other mods used in their place…

  43. ballightning said


    That was a mistake and it was only the moremoney cheat which was taken out before. I definitely do realise why they are in the game which is why it is back in 1.4.


    I could make that, but not for sometime as i’m rather busy. In the future each stage will be a seperate package.

  44. Ar91 said

    I’d love to see the cell stage modificated, too. In my opinion it is much too short, right when you finally have some DNA to create a cool creature it’s over already. Could you perhaps simply increase the required DNA gain for each growth of your cell on the path to sentience by 100%?

  45. ballightning said

    Sadly the amount of DNA you need for the cell stage is hard coded.

  46. someone said

    what does the staff of the apocolypse do in spore.

  47. ballightning said

    It is a combination of weapons which is a very powerful weapon.

  48. Ar91 said

    “Sadly the amount of DNA you need for the cell stage is hard coded.”

    awww, sucks.

    Would it then be possible to reduce the DNA cost for cell stage creature parts by about 30-50%?
    This would of course not impact the amount of time needed for the cell stage, but at least we could then create that 20-eyed sea urchin organism we’ve always dreamed of.

  49. ballightning said

    Well as you gain 1 DNA for each creature part it is hard to reduce it as we can’t go into decimal.

    However it may be possible to put new creatures in which aren’t maxis (but not random either, it would just be a change of scenery)

  50. Ar91 said

    No, I meant to reduce the cost of creature parts in the creature editor. Like, you would still get 1 DNA for eating other creatures, but when you call a mate and go to the creature editor, you’d only have to spend 3 instead of 5 DNA for a new eye or whatever.
    The cell stage would still be short, but you’d end up with a more complex creature.

    I’ve always wanted to create a funny looking cell like the one made by maxis, with tons of eyes and flagellae, but there’s never enough DNS for that.

    • Someone else said

      Just press at the same time then write AddDNA and then press enter you could maybe copy it so it would be faster you can close it by pressing enter again.

    • Someone else said

      I mean press Ctrl, Shift and c at the same time

  51. ballightning said

    I’ll look into it. Good idea.



  52. Ar91 said

    I’ll have to thank, if you can wrap this up.

  53. Donzaffi said

    How can I buy the interstellar drive 6 i tried everything an have the requiement to buy tine interstellar drive 5

  54. ballightning said

    Remember you now need 2 separate badges to get it. Make sure you have all the correct badges as it is different from interstellar drive 5.

  55. jashewski said

    Where do you buy the new tools I have every badge and I can’t find an empire that sells any of them.

  56. ballightning said

    It is hard to find them. For most of the tools finding a large warrior empire and going to each of there city will probably reveal a few. If you still don’t get them tell me and i’ll see if theres a bug.

  57. link99912 said

    Well… It’s got some problems I’d like to point out…

    1. Strangly changes all level one items to look like there level 3 counter parts… For instance, mini bomb to mega bomb… Single turret looks like tribble turret… That kind of stuff.

    More importantly, it makes spice storage not work, you can only have a max of 24 spice holding on a planet, kinda gay.

    Also, 864 spice an hour? Kinda… Big. Don’t ya think?

    All weapons such as ultra laser ect need to be bought from a different empire, you can’t find them like you normally can at yours.

    Super happy ray cost about 600k a second.
    Happy ray cost about 200k a second.
    Most things that cost money that are ‘rays’ take about 500k a second+
    Planet buster cost 5million to use, which is MORE then you could buy it singly at your home planet, which is 4 million.
    I can’t seem to find intersteller drive 2, although I did find all the ultra weapons. I would suggest putting the ultra bomb on conquer five though.

  58. link99912 said

    Oops, I meant intersteller drive 6

  59. ballightning said

    Thanks very much for the feedback. There are some bugs like the super happy ray and the spice storage which i’ll be fixing up tomorrow. Ultra weapons are meant to be bought from other empires.
    Planet Buster will be changed to be as cheap as wherever you could buy it cheapest.

    Spice production will be fixed.

    The images where changed, however i might change them back as it was better before.

    Thanks once again for the feedback, as how else do i know if somethings wrong 🙂

  60. Wes said

    Hey, for some reason, after installing this mod set, I can no longer buy Colony Packs… no fun.

  61. ballightning said

    That is because this mod should be played as a new game otherwise some things will not be consistent.

  62. MQDuck said

    In case you hadn’t noticed, it would seem that Uber Turrets, like spice storages, cannot be bought. So hopefully you’ll fix that too. 😀

  63. Jeremy Stein said

    This mod helps me regain some of the joy I felt I was robbed when first playing this game. I’m pleased that there is someone in the community that will take the time to mess with the xml data to hone the gameplay. I think that once Link99912’s buglist gets addressed I can finally utilize all of the tools on a regular basis. I’ve already enjoyed 1.3, and have yet to find time to play 1.4, so thanks for continuing to release new versions as often as you do.

  64. ballightning said

    You will need to start a new game to get uber turrets ect. I am thinking about making a old game friendly version however it may take to long.

    V1.45 should be coming out later today.

  65. ballightning said

    V1.45 is out!

  66. MQDuck said

    Is it going to be the case with every update that a new game must be started?

  67. ballightning said

    You shouldn’t need to start a new game unless a major change comes. I’ll will post above if you need to start a new game for it to work properly. If you have 1.3 or 1.4 before, you don’t need to start a new game.

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  69. MQDuck said

    Thanks for the update. However, while spice storages can be bought and placed, they don’t seem to actually increase a planet’s capacity any.

    (Uber turrets work fine, BTW)

  70. ballightning said

    Try Re-downloading it now.

  71. MQDuck said

    Still have the same problem. Max is still 8 per city.

  72. ballightning said

    Ok, i’ll have a look tomorrow i don’t have much time today.

  73. Henry said

    Since using better spore the range in which i can travel doesn’t work properly and even when i am no-where near the center of the galaxy, on the fringe of the Grox it gives me the same Interstellar range as being right at the center. Also would you be able to make a version of galactic freedom that is compatible with better spore or build it into it because this will make an already awesome mod, just that much better 😀

  74. ballightning said

    It should be incorporated already, i’ll have a look to see whats wrong.

  75. Altyrell said

    umm… i started a new game, using the lastest download, that ocean creature in the Creature stage, is still there and still eats the user.

    just wanted to point that out

  76. ballightning said

    I think i know why. There was a crash on my computer so i had to revert to an old version, that i think is one thing not put back in, i’ll upload it again tomorrow with the correct sea monster begone mod included.

  77. Altyrell said

    ah cool, it’d be funny if you could chase monsters into the ocean to see them get eaten by the sea monster so you could see it… although, it would be better if, during the tribal/city/space levels, you are able to target and see the sea creature, or even see a “washed up” version on the shore

  78. Jeremy Stein said

    The name of the new spore package is “bettersporepackage” instead of “bettersporepackage1.3” so you’ll want to make sure that the old “1.3” spore package is deleted to ensure that spore isn’t using old data. It may be that the older package is loaded after the newer one, overwriting it.

  79. ballightning said

    I found the problem with the spice storage, should be fixed tomorrow.

  80. Altyrell said

    i always make sure i delete the folder “BetterSpore” and the BetterSpore package before placing the folder onto my desktop and the package into the data folder.

    Another problem i found, not sure if it is supposed to work this way, but the items, like the colony, have charges along with cost

  81. ballightning said

    Colony has charges? Does this happen in your new game? So you have to keep buying it?

  82. Henry said

    With old games could you drag the file onto a new one so instead of having to start again you could just load that as a new one. E.g so a new game planet would load as you previous game and would that stop you having to start again? And any word yet on the interstellar travel issue?
    Thank you

  83. Altyrell said

    that is correct, i have to keep buying more colonies in the new game

  84. ballightning said

    Not yet Henry, today is my work day and i should be able to get 1.5 out.

    @Altyrell i’m still looking into it.

  85. Altyrell said


  86. Henry said

    Okay ill have to get that tomorrow time diff n all. Is it possible to make it so that things made in the editors with freedom on are playable in the game rather then just things for show on sporepedia?

  87. ballightning said

    Sadly we can’t, as that is hardcoded.

  88. Ok I have a question and a recommendation. Do you know if it is hard coded in the programming to have city’s that are underwater? Like Aquatic city’s? If it is possible please add this in the 1.5 mod. I think it would be awesome. If not maybe someone at Maxis should do it. I am excited about the expansion pack coming out in March. To leave your ship on an alien planet is very cool

    Shannan Rohde – lulu banish wah ne nah…

    p.s. Is it me or when you hear donkeys on TV you think of when you putting a creature on the planet to terraform it. Maybe I am playing to much. LOL

  89. ballightning said

    Sadly that was actually taken out of the game so it isn’t even there to access.

  90. Polcsi said

    Hi! Your mod is really awesome! The only glitch I met so far, is that every description of the tools in space stage is shown twice. For example when I earn a badge, I see this:

    Interstellar Drive 5
    Interstellar Drive 5

    And I play Spore in English.

  91. ballightning said

    Thanks for he feedback. I’m aware of that bug and i don’t really know how to fix it. All the badges now show 2 of every item.

  92. Polcsi said

    I forgot to mentione my ideas for improving your mod:

    1. Every trade route makes some many for you and this money is automatically transferred to you.
    Every trade route adds some spice to your trading planet.

    2. The spice generated by your planets are automatically transferred to your space vessel.

    3. Much more chance to capture a colony instead of destroying it on a T0 planet.

    4. I dont know, if it is possible, but can you make it to get allied space ships not just from your allies, but from your own empire too! It would be cool to make fleet just containing your ships. i think you could try it trough adding a new dialog, or something like that.

    This is all for now.

  93. ballightning said

    Sadly with the current modding tools we have i can only do #3. Which i will consider putting into 1.5 or 1.6.

  94. Polcsi said

    Yeah, this is sad. But it would be cool, if you could make the third.

  95. Polcsi said

    Personally i think and hope that the Space expansion will contain something like the 4.

  96. So they did have an underwater city in the game once but took it out? wow

  97. Altyrell said

    i’ve checked on both the new world and old world, and i am not able to find the “uber equipment” will they be listed as “Uber XYZ” or will it say something different?

  98. Altyrell said

    along with the new wand item, it doesn’t show up either

  99. ballightning said

    Have you got them in earlier versions? Check in the MyCollections page to see if you have all the requirements.

  100. Henry said

    when i tried to buy the ultra auto blaster it just crashed my game and that saved file now no longer works with or without the mod it just crashes to windows. Can i have some help please and is there anyway to get the save file back?
    Thanks Henry

  101. Henry said

    Its not only that game either any space game now crashed mod on or not only pre-space stages work now it just crashes as it tries to load them

  102. Bennett said

    Same as Henry… upon buying the Ultra Auto Blaster, game crashed to desktop with no error message. I can load my previous saves but just can’t buy Ultra Auto Blaster.

    Otherwise great mod!

  103. Henry said

    ur lucky i cant load any space stage games and when i go from civilization to space that crashes to

  104. ballightning said

    I have no idea. That should definitely not happen. I’m going to release a new version today, to work with EA’s mod, and i should fix the problem.

  105. Henry said

    do you reckon that it has saved something (data wise) in the spore directories i could delete, for instance does it save somewhere when i buy items if so, is it possible to delete the uber turret from it; maybe that would help.

  106. Henry said

    o and mine worked with the ea mod it fixed my problem with the built in galatic freedom, but that could of caused it to crash but it still crashes all space stage with or without mods

  107. ballightning said

    I don’t think that mod would have caused the crash. It may save where you save items, but it would be with all your game save stuff etc.

  108. Death+ said

    ballightning i have a problem with better spore because when I play in tribal stage and goes to talk with the cacique of other tribus the game close automatically, please helpme

  109. ballightning said

    I have no idea what the problem is. I’ll have a look but it may not be BetterSpore related, try without the mod doing the exact same thing. If it does work then i’ll a deaper look.

    Thanks for the report Death.


  110. Death+ said

    I deleted better spore, and now dont have this problem

  111. ballightning said

    Ok, i’ll have a look.

  112. ---! said

    Is it possible to mod the creature stage so that creatures can actually roam around instead of stayin at their nests ALL the time… and maybe AI creatures can actually fight and socialize with each other?

  113. Henry said

    Is there anything you reckon I do, n does uninstalling n reinstalling delete saved games?

  114. ballightning said

    @–!: I don’t think so, we’ll so what happens with Galactic Adventures

    @Henry, removing your save games will definitely fix the problem. You can find out how by using this tutorial:

  115. Henry said

    Okay thanks I’ll give that a try in the morning but is there a way of jus deleting that one save that I did it on? Or jus make a fresh galaxy

  116. ballightning said

    You will have to start a fresh galaxy if you want to play another space game as for some reason it infected them all. The auto blaster will be fixed in the next version, i have found out the problem.

  117. Henry said

    Okay then I’ll let u kno if it works LOL 😀 cya

  118. Henry said

    I tried deleting the saved file it happened in and that worked, so it might of infected them all cus it was quite a big empire and it was in all my games so it must of been using data from that save and that could be why it caused all to crash but i can play space now with only deleting the one. bit annoyed but o well. Does this happen with all ultra weapons, and should i stay clear of some of the new items?

  119. ballightning said

    No one else has had any other problems with them yet. The uber auto turret did have a bug which i’m fixing tomorrow.

  120. Henry said

    Also with the staff of apocalypse what is it meant to do; because for me, after just starting space from the galaxy, it does absolutely nothing but make the noise of a laser no visible evidence of anything happening and it drains my energy in about 5 seconds. do i need 2 do some badges to get it to work properly first?

  121. ballightning said

    What version was that with? It should do something but needs many badges. I think i know what is wrong and you can test it out tomorrow when it comes out.

  122. Sikgamer said

    Hi, can you please fix the annoying gliding problem. I’m not talking about the flying feature itself, it’s really fun flying across the planet, but this feature causes other creatures to zoom upwards when they try to fly.
    The AI are not designed to cope with the flying mod, because they already can fly in the original game. Whenever they try to fly they zoom upwards into space and don’t fall back down for several minutes…
    This happens for all the other phases too, which makes the tribal phase almost impossible since when you order your tribe to go somewhere, they try to fly over and as a result shoot off into space where they aren’t seen for several minutes, leaving your hut defenceless. Perhaps make it so the flying only affects your creature and not allies, or just remove it altogether please.

  123. Sikgamer said

    Also he is right about the Apocalypse Staff. At first I thought the gun was broken, but then I found out it kicked into a laser when you targeted something shootable. Is this intended? Also, why is it given at the start of the game? it makes the game way too easy.

  124. Henry said

    I think i’m on vs 1.45 or 1.46 or something like that but for me the staff doesn’t change to laser on something targettable. Also what is the latest version out jus so I’m clear on that. Thanks

  125. Sikgamer said

    The latest version is 1.46 as far as I know. For me when I start a game on Space phase (from the galaxy), I start with the Staff of the Apocalypse unlocked, with the gun costing no energy and does nothing unless I target something e.g. a ship or building or creature.

  126. Henry said

    Okay thanks ill dl the link at top jus imcase but wether I target anythin or not it don’t work LOL

  127. Sikgamer said

    I’m having my own problems trying to remove the flight mod from this… When I try to unpack the BetterSpore package it comes up with some weird hash error. So I’m stuck with either no BetterSpore, or no chance of passing Tribal phase.

  128. Henry said

    LOL I used level -unlock let’s me
    Go straight to space with no joker badge, I have the prob with flying creatures in space to try and abduct em and um um m away they go LOL I thought the mod for that was INS
    a seperate thing like the older ones LOL can’t wait untill galactic adventures tho

  129. Sikgamer said

    I tried deleting and downloading betterspore again, no improvement (the flight mod stopped when I deleted betterspore just to let you know) and when I try to unpack betterspore I get this error:

    System.Exception: property files has keys out of order: 43DD7F6B, 00000000
    at Gibbed.Spore.Properties.PropertyFile.Read(Stream input)
    at SporeMaster.PackageUnpack.writePropFile(Byte[] data, String fn)
    at SporeMaster.PackageUnpack.ctor(Stream[] packageFiles, String destinationFolder, PleaseWait progress)
    at SporeMaster.MainWindow.Unpack_Mod_Click(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

  130. Henry said

    ask balllightning when he gets back i have no idea bout that stuff lol its seemed to have stopped for me in space stage haven’t tried in tribal though, he might be on in a few hours, o well Gl with that still got a few probs with the SoA. When u dl it tho for the first time click extract all then put in the better spore.package only thats what i do n its norm fine.

  131. Sikgamer said

    That’s what I did. I didn’t extract the better_glide.package but I still have the gliding problem.

  132. Henry said

    yh mines started again ha! lol have you got the better_glide.package in the data folder as well?

  133. ballightning said

    I think the gliding was accidentally put back into v1.46 when my computer crashed. It will be out in 1.48.

    I’ll fix the staff of the apocalypse.

  134. Henry said

    cool sounds good do you know when that could be coming? also can you make it so when you for instance far away from your homeworld perhaps on the other side of the galaxy it doesn’t ask you to run over there for an eco disaster then come up every 2 mins when you ignore it cus its so far away. So things like eco disasters, pirates, grox only appear within a certain distance to you.

  135. ballightning said

    That may not be possible.

    1.48 should be out later today.

  136. Henry said

    okay sounds good thanks, + keep up the good work 😀

  137. speeder290 said

    In tribal stage i right click on another tribe to attack and for some reason it crashed i tried restarting but it still happened

  138. ballightning said

    I know that is a problem (same with social), it should be fixed in 1.48.

  139. Altyrell said

    ok, i looked at the tools page and the Ultra Weapons, ISD 6, and the SoA doesn’t appear

  140. ballightning said

    Well that page works for me, that is the MyCollections page right?

    Well try out 1.48 when it comes.

  141. same with me.

  142. ballightning said

    Well it should be fixed in 1.48.

  143. Altyrell said

    ok, hopefully things will be better in 1.48

  144. Sikgamer said

    Also, is it supposed to be that you have to spend Sporebucks AND energy while using interstellar travel (i.e. moving to another star)? I would profer if it stayed as just energy.

  145. ballightning said

    That is already fixed in v1.48.

  146. Sikgamer said

    Ah, great.

  147. ballightning said

    If you want to try out the alpha test please post below and read this thread and i will email you on how to download it and test it:

  148. ballightning said

    BetterSpore v1.48 is OUT!

  149. groogahkah said

    how do u get those new items?

  150. ballightning said

    Look it up in the MyCollections tab, it should tell you what badges you need for the ultra weapons. If it has a “?” then i’ll tell you that they each need 3-4 badges at level 5.

  151. groogahkah said

    i have all the badges.

  152. Haninozuka said

    I was wondering how you get the Staff of Apocalypse?

  153. ballightning said

    You have to find it in allies which have 5 stars, and its hard to find them. Try looking in military empires for the weapons.

  154. Henry said

    Why get rid of the complexity booster that was a great idea because we could actually play with complicated creatures rather just having to make the with the freedom cheat and not be able to play with them.

  155. Henry said

    also do i need to start new game for this version (started new one with last version).

  156. Henry said

    Just one other thing honest! lol, with the spore package do we need the other one that says bettersporev1.48nocreature.package+what is it?

  157. Polcsi said

    Do you fixed the double description of the tools when earning a badge?

  158. Polcsi said

    The fact is Henry, that I did not notice any complexity boost with that modification.

  159. Henry said

    i did by quite alot i compared it with creatures i had made without the mod n with n i had quite a bit more

  160. Altyrell said

    um, i agree with henry… what is the package “BetterSporev1.48NoCreature.package” cause in the ReadMe it saids:

    “BetterSpore1.48NoCreature: This removes the extended creature stage”

    What extended creature stage?

  161. ballightning said

    The creature stage is extended

    “- Longer Creature Stage, requires more DNA for each brain level”

    There is a separate package which if you use removes that if you don’t want it extended, sorry for the confusion.

    Also i removed the complexity mod as i did not want it compulsory, however i should have added it in as a separate package, to get it go here:



  162. Dalek333 said

    Tactical Nuke! Where in Spore do you find that?

  163. Altyrell said

    ah ok, that makes sense now, thanks BL

  164. Henry said

    cool thanks for that BL, with the SoA however my mega laser is more powerful then it, with the terra weps mod, can u make it so it increases the power of that if possible?

  165. Altyrell said

    um, the sea creature is still there

  166. ballightning said

    So have the terra tools be faster?

    Also i’ll probably make the mega laser less powerful.

    @ Altyrell, i don’t know what your problem is… You are on patch 1.03 right? As other have had it work fine.. (any other mods)

  167. Henry said

    well it certainly makes laser more powerful and some diff with proton missiles and bombs, don’t have the ultra laser yet so cant compare but, but what you mean by ‘so have the terra tools be faster’ i think they reload quicker not too sure if that’s what you mean, some are slow like mega pulse. Also whether this is an issue with the mod or its compatibility with better spore the atmosphere rays such as heating…ect are grosley to powerful you tap it and it goes from when end to the other with no hope of control lol. makes a few things free to

  168. ballightning said

    So terraform tools are going to fast?

  169. Henry said

    by far in that mod yes

  170. ballightning said

    Ok, i’ll have a look at them tomorrow. Which ones? the placing ones or the permanent ones?

  171. Altyrell said

    only mod is the Better Spore mod, and yes i am on the latest patch

  172. ballightning said

    K, i’ll have a look tomorrow.

  173. Dice said

    Just passing through as i’m getting bored of some games =). Mods like this make everything more interesting =D, and gets me back abit. TY!

  174. bob said

    help me cant download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. ballightning said

    I’ve added a Mirror download.

  176. Sikgamer said

    What is the ‘Grow Reachable’ Mod? is that a typo for the Grox Reachable mod?

  177. ballightning said

    Sorry, it is meant to be the Grox reachable mod.

  178. Sikgamer said

    Also there is a slight (actually not so slight) problem with the Tactical Nuke. If you use one on a planet it sends the heat up to the maximum (to the right). If you use a nuke on a planet then use any atmospheric tool, the planet’s status gets updated and, as a result, instantly turns into a molten planet. This is funny to watch, but shouldn’t happen with a nuke. Also make it so the nuke costs energy and has a higher cooldown. You shouldn’t be able to fire a nuke a second with no cost in energy or cash :P.

  179. Sikgamer said

    Another couple of things I should point out. The Mind Erase (Haven’t tried Global Mind Erase, so it could apply to that too) tool drains your cash because it costs 10’000 per ‘shot’ and since the Mind Erase tool is a beam, it constantly drains 10’000 away, making it cost a fortune to use.

  180. Wailwulf said

    Just registared to down load the mod. I have one question and sugestion from after reading the FAQ.

    I have two installs of SPORE on my computer (Did a copy and paste into a different folder). It runs fine and I have used it to try the cell and Flora editor. Now if I put the mod into this folder, will the mod affect my other game in any way? Two reasons, One SPORE likes to connect to SPORE.com, will being connected cause problems? Two, I was still able to see all my creations in my new copy, so would creations/creatures I create in the Mod affect my stock game/connection to SPORE.com?

    My suggestion after just reading the FAQ is for tribal, 100 food seems to be a lot. Food has not been a major problem in the game for me yet, though there are times I have run low. And is there at least a way I could lower the intial starting food with out too much trouble?

    PS. the suggestion to lower the cost of parts in Cell stage I would agree with if it is not possible to lengthen th Cell Stage.

    Otherwise, this mod seems to address most of my critiques of the stock game. Thanks.

  181. ballightning said

    Your creations should not be effected by this mod.

    We are completely re working BetterSpore, so all the current bugs will not be included later.

  182. sdfhsdf said


  183. Somebody said

    This mod fucked up my game and now my creature is screwed… Thanks alot for fucking up my game.

  184. ballightning said

    I’m sorry it did that, but for the 500 other people who have played it, it didn’t. I do want to fix your situation, if you just provided more info instead of swearing then i could help you out.

  185. Whoever said

    I installed the mod the way the Read Me said and it wouldn’t work. I am using XP. Please help.

  186. ballightning said

    Make sure it is a .package file, you need to unzip it.

  187. SearingWolfe said

    i have all the badges and stuff, but i cant find all the new weapons you added, no one sells them. where are they

  188. Black rhino ranger said

    I don’t mind the crashing in the game

  189. ballightning said

    5 Star Ally Empires is where you find the items, however you will still sometimes not find them.

  190. Noah Body said

    Mod looks awsome.

    Shame I can’t downlaod it from any of the choices you have provided.

  191. ballightning said

    Why not, make sure you click on the download button. Ad ModDB, just click on the download button then from which place you want to download it.

  192. SearingWolfe said

    Ballightning are you sure you can buy the new items, ive looked all over the galaxy for 5-star empires and not one o them has the new weapons.

  193. ballightning said

    Make sure they are your allies. Also i know you can as others have found them..

  194. SearingWolfe said

    found some! thanks ballightning

  195. Whoever said


    Don’t know what’s going on. I’ve unzipped and placed the packages in the right data directory but they’re not working. Is anyone using these on a Mac running Bootcamp? I’m using them on the PC side.

  196. ballightning said

    Can you get a screenshot and upload it to image shack then link it here?

  197. Sikgamer said

    I have another suggestion (sorry for bombarding you with them :P). Can you remove the appearance of items which you used to have to buy as a quantity but now cost money to use? E.g. The spice storage and monolith all need money to use now and have infinite charges, yet they still sell at empires even though you don’t need ot buy them there. Can you remove them from sale once these items are bought permanently?

  198. Orion1989 said

    can u guys make a better cell stage where its is longer, but you get parts from the hidden cell editor

  199. […] e um vídeo mostrando as novas partes, que irão ser incluídas nas próximas versões do BetterSpore. Confira os vídeos e […]

  200. Black rhino ranger said

    Thanks to your mod, it made my creatures blank and stopped me from going online in the game

  201. Flexinian said

    hey does this still allow you to use the internet on the game to download other peoples creations…

    (just woundering for before download)

  202. ballightning said

    It will not effect downloading creatures, or uploading.

  203. Eric said

    What would be nice is if when 1.5 came out, there was a separate package called something like, “extrapartsonly” or something, which only gave you the extra parts, new items, etc. Sort of like the separate package that doesn’t modify the creature stage that is out now. The reason I bring this up is because most of us have our game the way we like it – it would be nice to control what parts of BetterSpore we want in our game. Note this, BallLightning.

  204. ballightning said

    We plan to have a separate package for tools and parts, however these will not be compatible with other mods which edit these areas.

  205. Vaseran said

    I’m new to this use of mods in Spore. Before I go trying this one out, I just want to know one thing: Will using this mod (or just about any other) count as cheating to the game and result in the loss of achievements?

  206. Henry said

    no it wont affect achievments at all it might just make some harder or easier to get though!! it just basically changes the core game without codes or any type of cheating so your safe there

  207. Eric said

    You should make the hidden Grox parts. I mean, the mechanical hands and arms and stuff. We could put it on our creatures using asymmetry. It would be an even easier way to hack spore without having to use the grox hack over at sporebase and doing all the t-search hacking. And then we could choose the creatures we want to put it on, too.


  208. Eric said

    You should make the hidden Grox parts. I mean, the mechanical hands and arms and stuff. We could put it on our creatures using asymmetry. It would be an even easier way to hack spore without having to use the grox hack over at sporebase and doing all the t-search hacking. And then we could choose the creatures we want to put it on, too.

  209. ballightning said

    Yes, we are considering it.

  210. AMartinez said

    I have a few suggestions. I dont much about modding so i dont know if the the space stage suggestions are possible

    During Space is it possible to mod so that you can, during a time of war, place a colony on planet thats on the same solar system as the on you are fighting for? Next idea is similar, is it possible to place a colony on the same planet? And from the there the battles take place like a Civ mode battle?

    Also can you make Civ a little longer and make it a little more “strategic” and slowing the pace down a little, meaning, Spice gathering should take a little longer thus delaying attacks and make you take care of your vehicles more instead of spamming them. Maybe add “blindside” and “flank” damage, height advantage etc.

  211. Flexinian said

    hey lightning what software did you use and where did you i am trying to make my own mods for other games and stuff?

  212. Flexinian said

    what program did you use to make this mod because was thinking of making my own mods for other games 🙂

  213. ballightning said

    Spore uses Sporemaster, however other games use their own editing tools. What games are you thinking off?

  214. Nicsta50 said

    Hey um.. havn’t tried the mod yet but sounds great
    just a quik question is it posible to use the floa editor and the extra upgraded cell parts i have benn wondering where they went as a have seen old interves with Will Wright talking about them

    if that is posible can you please tell me how to use them


  215. Spiritleech said

    what does the wand of life does and how strong it is? not to overpowered I hope

  216. ballightning said

    The wand of life is just a buyable version of the staff of life and it has unlimited charges, however it costs 3 million each time to use.

  217. Omochi said

    Your file won’t upload on mine i downloaded it but it says it won’t to find the appropriote program and i can’tuse it.

  218. Henry said

    what the mod?? you put it into your data folder in your spore directory, u don’t load it straight off, u just place it in that folder n then play. There should be a guide on the site somewhere to show you how to install spore mods (probs under the spore mods index)

  219. ROFLCOPTER said

    hi i am new to spore but when i actully got into the game and found so much promised stuff missind i was sad so i was wondering the so thing as Nicsta50 WHERE ARE THE HIDDEN EDITORS????

  220. ballightning said

    Here is a page about the hidden editors:


  221. Nicsta50 said

    Thanks soo much

  222. ROFLCOPTER said

    thanks is there a hidden planet editor aswell??
    also i cannot downlowd better spore is this me or a bug?

  223. ballightning said

    You’ll have to wait for Galactic Adventures for a planet editor, have you tried both links?

    What is your exact problem with downloading?

  224. Spiritleech said

    i downloaded the mod and i had a spore-crash-report
    and spore crashed afterwards could this be because off the mod?

    oh another question to prevent double post:
    if u can’t remove better spore if u have a new artifact then how can you download a newer version of betterspore
    because u have to remove in order to reinstall right?
    wow that was much XD

  225. ROFLCOPTER said

    yes i have tried both links but it wont alow the download to start i have turned of all my secrety stuff aswell and still dont ork so not sure?

  226. Spiritleech said

    u did the stuff the read me file says?
    oh and i stil don’t know how the better spore patching works
    and roflcopter u have to unzip the files and copy the 1.48 in your spore database

  227. Flexinian said

    i was thinking of making my own mod on… oblivion ect.

  228. eSPee said

    Make a torrent with this file so ppl can use bittorrent to download it. With your permission I’ll start a torrent.

  229. eSPee said

    Oh. Forgot to say. Make it compatible for version 1.00

  230. ballightning said

    @ Spiritleech, you can remove the mod if you don’t have any of the new artifacts on you when you remove the mod.

    @ ROFLCOPTER, go to the mediafire link, then click on the “start your download” button. If it still doesn’t work try a different browser.

    @ ESPee, I don’t want it to be put on a torrent, if they want to download it they can do it from here, the only official sources are here and any others may have viruses or bugs, also i can’t make it 1.00 compatible as i don’t have that any more so i can’t do it. And you really should get the patches.

  231. eSPee said

    I can’t. I have only 2 GB free and the patches require 10 GB to install…

  232. Henry said

    for the mod??? or an official patch the mods like 100 or 200kb or sommin

  233. ballightning said

    Each patch is under 100mb and the mod is under 1mb.

  234. Henrik said

    I have installed the Better Spore mod 1.48 and played a bit in creature stage and I think I found a bug. In the test drive mode in the Creature Editor the ground is gone. The circular area you can walk on is invisible and you only see a dark void. I can move the creature as usual and the problem is the same in all the “test backgrounds”.

    I use the macversion of spore, have the latest patch and I have no other mods installed exept for the offical mod to reach the Grox.

    If I delete “Better spore” it works again.

    Anyone else got this problem.

  235. Henrik said

    I have been tried different setups with different mods. Now I am back with only Better Spore 1.48 + Grox Reacheble and now I do not have the grafical glitch I had before. I really can’t explain why it’s working know but it does. Sorry for meantion this when it probably wasn’t realative to Better Spore.

    Thanks for good mod.

  236. bogus1 said


    My only mod is betterspore 1.48

    super powers don’t like it.

    Raider Rally causes crash when you purchase it. repeated process several times with same results.

    fanatical frenzy and soothing song (maybe others too) are removed from my inventory (after saved) when restarting the game.
    I found and bought fanatical frenzy and soothing song, then saved the game, exited out, shut down, came back next day and they were not in my inventory anymore. This has happened twice.

    otherwise its been fun.

  237. mephiles said

    when will 1.5 be released?

  238. ballightning said

    Most likely in March.

  239. […] Better Spore […]

  240. […] Better Spore […]

  241. […] a página do BetterSpore no Sporedum, para mais […]

  242. […] amazing work has been done by the Sporedum people on modding spore, resulting in the community made Better Spore mod. Check out their trailer for version […]

  243. Eggly said

    While playing Spore I found that I could buy Archetype’s superpowers, which were expensive, glitchy and lasted as long as I played. Why is this so?

  244. Tartarian said

    Suggestions for the Cell Stage (most of these are probably not possible though 😦

    New Stats

    1. Proteins: DNA +10 for each level (max 5)
    2. Energy: All available stats +1
    3. Storage: Fill the bar faster

    New Parts

    4. Nucleolus- Proteins 1 (limit: 1)
    5. Ribosomes- Proteins 1 (limit: 1)
    6. Endoplasmic Reticulum- Proteins 1 (limit: 1)

    7. Mitochondria- Speed 1 (smooth, cost: 17)

    8. Chloroplast- Energy 1, Herbivorous
    9. Lysosome- Energy 1, Carnivorous/Omnivorous

    10. Golgi Body- Storage 1
    11. Vacuoles- Storage 1

    12. Centrioles- Health 1, Carnivorous/Omnivorous
    13. Cell Wall- Health 2, Herbivorous

    New Editor Stuff

    14. Add the parts from the hidden editor
    15. To have herbivorous or carnivorous/omnivorous parts, cells must have that kind of mouth

    New Gameplay

    16. You can play in “survival mode” in which you have time limits to get enough DNA and lose (and are forced to start over) if you don’t succeed in the time limit or if you are killed.
    17. It takes longer for the bar to fill up, increasing the time it takes to play the cell stage

  245. Cody said

    I just downloaded it and nothing happened. And this is the first mod I’ve ever downloaded.

  246. mephiles said

    did you put it in the right folder?

  247. Verihyyp said

    How i Can Get Staff Of Apocalypse and wand of life

  248. mephiles said

    wand of life not sure but staff of apocalypse is a rare to find on a planet

  249. L3X1 said

    What Eggly said.. repair plx xD

  250. L3X1 said

    Also change Crop Circles & Mind Erase back to energy only.

  251. L3X1 said

    …also… put in a feature to turn off auto-save or remove it.. I don’t enjoy the mod saving when I go to the homeworld, enter a continuous crash circle, and have to delete my save ^.^

  252. kolton said

    Um does it NORMALLY not allow you to delete this mod because i want to try it bu i dont know if i will keep it

    • ballightning said

      The best way to use the mod is to have a “special save” for BetterSpore, this means you play that save only when this mod is in, and don’t play any other saves with this mod.

  253. enigmaticblogger90 said

    How do you join the betterspore team?

  254. blud4cash said

    uuuuh a question before i dowload it wil it replace my old spore? and can i get my old spore back if it does replace it

  255. blud4cash said

    sorry about the copies my email was wrong plz reply to the questions

  256. TheVolpesDK said

    Will work with GA and perhaps other expansions

  257. verihyypp said

    how i can get staff of apocalypse

  258. asaf said

    there is bug when you buy weppons from anther jobs(warrior,knight,scientist…)
    after you saving, log out, and go back to play, the weppons gone !
    and the money is missing !

  259. mephiles said

    in the trailer it said it would be released in march now it is march but when will it come? sorry if im irritating you by asking again =P

  260. Stuart said

    When will Better Spore 1.5 be released?

  261. SomeFella1 said

    Would it be possible to be able to collect spice just by flying to the star, rather than going into the system and flying to each indiviual planet? Or maybe you could contact your race while over the star and ‘buy’ your free spice from your colonies instead?

  262. […] March 8, 2009 If you play Spore you’ve probably heard of Better Spore. If you haven’t Better Spore is a mod for Spore that aims towards making Spore a better game. It does this by making the game harder or longer at certain parts and in the space stage there are more tools and a wider travel radius. For more info on Better Spore go here: http://sporedum.net/better-spore/ […]

  263. Titanoverlord said

    ball you said that better spore 1.5 would be released in early march BUT its get close to the middle of march tell me why you haven’t put up a download link yet.

  264. mephiles said

    beacuse there is still some bugs to iron out.

  265. Grimbot said

    The only thing I don’t get is: Why fewer large empires? I’d actually like to see an occasional REALLY large empire. The largest I’ve ever seen maxes out at about 8 stars. As a player you can colonize 8 stars in no time. And nobody else but the Grox has any expansionist dreams?

    • mephiles said

      well the less big empires could be beacuse on hard there is sometimes gigantic empires that make out 15 starsand more

  266. ZZGashi said

    A couple of things I have noticed with the new version.

    1.) The outer rings on the colonies that help determine placement seem to have gotten larger, so it makes it difficult to place three colonies on a world.

    2.) It said in the changes that you fixed the problem were it still cost money to travel from star system to star system. Does that mean you reduced the amount of money it takes, or were you trying to eliminate it altogether? Since it still takes some money dependening on the distance you are traveling.

  267. austin said

    if i use this mod will my spore game suck?

  268. austin said

    ok thx by the way i pput modes in the my spore creations area right???

  269. Alex said

    How long do we have to wait for better spore 1.5

  270. Will said

    Well I downloaded BetterSpore, Un-zipped it using Winrar then placed it in the DATA directory of Spore. I checked and it is a .package File. My question though is why is it not working?? It dosen’t skip the opening scene or do anything like it says it should.
    (Also I have updated to 1.03 and I started a new game)

  271. Alex said

    ballightning do you have a spore account like what’s your youser

    • ballightning said

      I wouldn’t add my spore account, as i use it mainly for modded creations they are not up there. And i had a problem of it auto uploading many of the creations it automatically uploaded, so there is alot of random stuff there.


  272. Alex said

    How it going like is it looking good

  273. Titanoverlord said

    OMG ALREADY ITS NOT EVEN THE WEEKEND YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. Titanoverlord said

    NO the force save does NOT WORK on mac ;(

  275. […] Space stages, changes to the Tribal and Civilization stage and a new GUI!  Check out the official BetterSpore website to download your copy […]

  276. ballightning said

    Wait… So you can save all the parts? And not use the editor hack, or can you use the editor hack?

  277. Chaossupersonic said

    This looks good, but I’m not sure whether I should download it. Why? I can’t be bothered. 😀
    OK, to real things now, I might get it, but here are a few suggestions:

    Cell stage: (yes I know it’s really hard to edit, but you can always try some of these)
    *Spine extension [meaning that you can change the length of the spine].
    *Creature parts in the editor. Yes, that includes the Grox parts if you can.

    Creature stage:
    *Basically what everyone else has said.
    *Different spice on your planet (so it isn’t always red spice, this also applies to civ and space stage.
    *You can have all mouths, so if your a carnivore, you can still get omnivore and herbivore mouths.

    Tribal stage:
    *More tribes coming into the game, and more huts needed to win the stage.
    *Maybe some new food?
    *Try and change the powers from the cards that you get(history and timeline cards, you know, the red, green and blue ones). What I mean is that you should try and change what they look like, and what they do.
    *No spaceships abducting your pets!

    Civ stage:
    *Ummmmm, nothing here really, apart from what others have said

    Space stage:
    *Stop the Joker badge from appearing when you cheat, meaning that you can still get achievments. Do this for all stages.
    *This would be very hard to do, but try and allow some CPU empires to have the Grox archtype, for this you would have to make text and stuff appear, and also allow it that you could also do a change archtype mission from them. You would have to create a consequence ability for it, something like KO chaos, where you could get empires to attack each other. I dunno how you would do it, but if you could, it would be great!

    That’s about it…

  278. Will said

    Yay It works 😀
    I haven’t actually tried playing the game yet but the skip opening movie mod works perfectly.
    I’ll leave a comment if i find any bugs 🙂

    Thank you BallLightning 😀

  279. Mark Henderson said

    THe link to download isnot working. When I click on ‘click here to download this file’ i just get directed to ‘this page does not exist’

  280. Mark Henderson said

    oops – never mind, I waited 10 minutes and tried again andnow it is working – probably too much traffic – lol

  281. Frigo said

    I hate the force save, first time it saved, later, it said cant find offset, then errors….I’m using windows xp…

  282. Will said

    Right I think i may of found some bugs?
    Firstly i have only played on spore for about and hour and a half and twice it has stoopped working due to unexpected error.
    Also, lots of creatures on the game are the exact same colour even if they are supposed to be different.
    I’m just wondering if these are bugs or if there is any way to stop this happening. Thanks

  283. Verihyypp said

    I don’t have new your made parts.

  284. Mark Henderson said

    I may have found a couple of small bugs. (inly in creature stage so far..)

    In creature stage one group of creatures seemed to have spawned incorrectly. They all ran around in groups of three. Each group of three were ‘linked’ together and so close together, side by side, they were touching, almost like holding hands. Each group of three all did the same thing at the same time, they were synchronised – right down to animations.

    Also in creature stage when a storm came I got a large dark cloud witha line through it, almost as though the graphic textures ended abruptly.

    This never happened before the mod.

  285. Mark Henderson said

    I may have found a couple of small bugs. (inly in creature stage so far..)

    In creature stage one group of creatures seemed to have spawned incorrectly. They all ran around in groups of three. Each group of three were ‘linked’ together and so close together, side by side, they were touching, almost like holding hands. Each group of three all did the same thing at the same time, they were synchronised – right down to animations.

    Also in creature stage when a storm came I got a large dark cloud witha line through it, almost as though the graphic textures ended abruptly.

    This never happened before the mod.

    But still – great mod!!!

  286. Titanoverlord said

    I have a question how do i unlock the grox/cell parts in the creature stage?

  287. Enthernaler said

    nooo i cant DL betterspore:(

  288. Tornjinx said

    I am having the same problem as Enthernaler. Whenever I try to download the BetterSpore package, it always fails saying it can’t connect to the server. While I am sure this is Mediafire’s fault, it would be appreciated if you could also put the download on another site such as MegaUpload or another downloading site, or finding some way to fix the download.


  289. Lord Sugino said

    Yeah, the download is down. Just when I found it too.

  290. alan said

    download works now. :D!!!!!

  291. ballightning said

    We will upload it to ModDB later today, also please keep posting all your bugs as we are listening, there is just so much to look over.

    Ball Lightning

  292. Hiya,

    Michlo here from the Nexus. I’m finally trying your mod but I’m also having trouble downloading it. I even registered a free account at MediaFire and I just keep getting spam ads flying up and “your download is starting”. Ugh.


  293. Matt said

    i have the pack but i cant find Interstellar drive 6 or any of the tools why is this ?

  294. plateo vs spino said

    why i cannot download it,the internet keep cannot display the page when i click start download.

  295. plateo vs spino said

    nevermind, it works now.Yeepe, i cant wait to play

  296. […] March 15, 2009 the legendary Better Spore that I told everyone about has been released! The custom made parts were not included for it did not meet the Better Spore team’s standards however the Grox Parts and Hidden Cell editor parts were included, aswell as all the other extras included. There are some other perks that weren’t told to anyone before the release such as a new GUI (menus and stuff look different). Anyway if you want to learn more about Better Spore 1.5 go here: http://sporedum.net/better-spore/ […]

  297. Enthernaler said

    btw i got problems with the force hack…it wont NEVER work…

    It would be better if EA finaly released SGA(Spore Galactic Adventures).

  298. Titanoverlord said

    HMMMM i wonder when the creature stage fix comes out?

  299. Will said

    Right, every time I try and talk to one of the creatures in my nest to get them in my pack after the rest have migrated, Spore ALWAYS crashes and says it has stopped working due to some unexpected error :S
    Please can someone elaborate on this?
    It seems to crash alot and i really don’t know why, it is updated fully to 1.03.

    I have Windows Vista aswell

  300. SuperWeb said

    I’m having a few promblems. Epics travel in groups, all tribes have a max of 24 members in the beggining. I don’t like the fireball mod in it, it seems like cheating in tribe. Spike gives you Strike Level 3. I played a whole creature game and I never got any betterspore parts. Please fix these, I don’t want to go back to 1.48.

    • drakraseri said

      of what i know there should be some epic groups but there is still some epics tarvelling alone too

    • nineballfool said

      I set the epics up kinda like a pack…at the time i created the mod this was the only way i knew how to do it…after much more studying of the files,i think there may be other ways….so i changed it to 4 epics to a pack instead of 1…which could possibly give you a total of 8 epics(which is why i reduced the hitpoints of the epics)

      after testing this i found that the game seems to randomize how it picks/spawns the epics…it may pick 4 of the same kind…or only two and the rest are different

  301. Will said

    God this is really really REALLY annoying me that i can’t speak to anyone in my nest without it crashing it crashes regularly WHY is this happening!! 😥


    • drakraseri said

      it happens to me to but if you want to fix this instead of double-clicking on a creature in your nest click one time then use any social skill and you will still be able to add them to your pack

  302. jeff said

    umm did you put a cell editor for the main editors that arent in the game?
    like at the main screen? i downloaded it this morning and installed it, but i had to go to school:(

  303. […] More information at Sporedum […]

  304. Creeperella said

    I have only played through to space once previously, so bear with me for not knowing names/stats of everything, but I will be as clear as possible, regardless. I added this mod this morning, so I assume it is the latest version. It’s a legal copy, Vista 64, English, on Normal setting. Still in creature stage currently. We will start here.

    Some things I am having issues with:
    1. Can’t seem to acquire BFF
    2. Have been playing about 4-5 hours, and have only encountered one group of epics, which seem to always be in the same small area.
    3. (this one might be my ignorance of the mod specifics)I began at creature stage, there were two items in the “better spore” tab for creature creation. This has not changed. Should there be more by now?
    4. It stops telling me after a point which pieces I am gaining from befriending alphas and digging skeletons. I just thought I wasn’t getting them until I returned to the nest after much frustration looking for them!
    5. Still missing an eye, which I feel I should have found by now. First Column, third row. Whatever eye that is.
    6. When I began there were many groups of rogues (rogues which had “normal” creature versions as well). I befriended them as I came across them, and added them to my pack. As they died off, the group of rogues they came from seem to have disappeared, and only the normal version could be found. Now I am not encountering any more rogues at all. It seemed like they were more frequent before the mod. Is this on purpose?

    I know that’s a lot, my apologies. Thanks for your time, though!

    • nineballfool said


      i have done some of the modding in the creature stage of BetterSpore 1.5…i have also done testing of it before and after release….i have done 12 runs through the creature stage with new creatures from the start…

      1.) i have not had an issue getting the BFF achievement at all….after i ally with 20 different creature types i got it

      2.) i increased the amount of epics that “could” spawn to eight…some games you may only see 1 or 2…some games you may see 4 of the same kind….it seems the game randomizes how it picks them…i have after, making the mod, found that there are other ways to spawn more epics…which i hope to release at a later date

      4.) depending what level part the creature gives out…you may have already gotten all of them from that level…thus you may not get anything

      5.) it’s there…i thought the same thing…mouse over it….a description will pop up and you can use it

      6.) in all the testing i have done with allying with rogues this issue has not come up for me…maybe the rogues got killed off or abducted?…i really can’t give you a good answer

      • Creeperella said

        Thank you, dear. My rogues came back after I nested… maybe just a hiccup. Still never got bff, even after 30 some comrades. In the end, it didn’t matter because of another little glitch I keep having. You see, I really should have saved my progress… something I have learned (or so I thought) the hard way over many games/hours/work lost gaming. Alas, no. I didn’t save. I started Tribal stage, and when I clicked on a neighboring tribe to bring gifts and/or attack… my game froze. I tried again, with the same result. Is it just me? Right now I am uninstalling the mod so I can move forward. The main thing I wanted was to avoid “babysitting” my planets and allies in space-stage, as it becomes an irritating grind-fest with no reward after a short time. Maybe I’ll just jump ahead.

        • nineballfool said

          I am sorry the BFF achievement is not working for you…i have not had an issue with it…. and most of the creatures i tested with in the creature stage were social ones due to the changes i had made for the socializing bonus

          i have also not come across the tribal problem where the game freezes…when my game freezes it is usually in the space stage when trying to exit a planet(which is a known problem with the unmodded Spore game)

          i have some questions…

          1.) which BetterSpore packages are you using?(gameplay,graphics,guide,tools,parts,all)
          2.) are you using any of the complexity mods from the extras folder?
          3.) are you using the sporehack program?
          4.) are you using any mods/packages other than the ones from BetterSpore?

          this info might help me in determining what is causing your problems.

          most of the testing i have done for BetterSpore 1.5 was done on the easy level,no other mods other than the BetterSpore ones….no complexity mods from the extras folder and no sporehack program


  305. Dear friend. You did a very good mod, but after installing the language game has changed. He ceased to be Russian, and became English. How can I turn these changes.

    And one more question. I have 3d max. I could draw additional details for the creatures, if you explain on what basis. We could make an additional addon to SPORE as “Creepy & Cute Parts Pack”

    Otvette to my e-mail. C faithfully, not knowing English and using a translator google, Paul Hobbot.

  306. Enthernaler said

    i found a bug in space stage.when i want to buy Epic Warz then i buy it,go out of the trading menu and out of the main menu out to the galaxy,open the panel where should Epic Warz be,BUT there are any Epic Warz,i look at my achieved tools,and it says i have to buy it.

  307. timboiscool said

    please help!!!!! i don’t know how you need to do it!!!
    please make a tut on youtube please!!!

  308. Will said

    I found a bug in Tribal Stage that after destroying 1 other village my Tribe Members collect their food but they don’t add it to the pile. They also refuse to eat and just stand in a line.
    Fix soon please 🙂

    • Will said

      I had the same things. It’s actually kind of funny. But I realized I just have to restart spore to fix it. Hope it works 😀

  309. Joebob97 said

    I try downloading the mod but it says “OOps this link appears to be broken. Plz help me

  310. Paul said

    I am having a small problem with creature stage as while every other creature has 50 hitpoints, me and my group have the normal amount of 7-49. this makes it impossible to fight anything. I am using a mac and I need help.

  311. Altyrell said

    holy $#!* thats a GIANT @$$ change *faints*

  312. […] Better Spore […]

  313. […] 1.5.1 We have had a massive amount of feedback from last weekend when we released BetterSpore 1.5.0. Much of it was positive, but with any game or mod there are bugs, and we have done our best to get […]

  314. wes said

    my game says there is not enough memory to use this how do i fix that or is that not fix able? please help

  315. Lucas Câmara said

    This Better Spore’s version isn’t compatible with the parts pack Creepy & Cute! I ask them to correct this problem!

  316. Titanoverlord said


    • ballightning said

      I know that, and we are still working on it. But we do not have access to the hardcode for spore, and therefore can not do certain things, be thankful for what you have.

  317. […] stages, changes to the Tribal and Civilization stage and a new GUI!  Check out the official BetterSpore website to download the mod […]

  318. sullyman said

    is this compatable with the sandbox mod if not please fix this problem

  319. […] parts and gameplay improvements are very useful. If you want to use this mod yourself, visit the Official Page to download […]

  320. adouchebag said

    Quick question, it’s pretty much covered in the readme but I just want some quick clarification. If I install this mod, but leave out the extra weapons, parts, and complexity mods, it won’t in any way affect the online aspects of the game? I will still be able to upload my creations and download others, and they will still properly show up in game just like they do now? Basically, what do I need to leave out to keep the online aspect of Spore intact?

    • ballightning said

      Correct, all your creatures should still load up with the tools package. It is only the parts and the complexity packages which should effect upload.

  321. Black rhino ranger said

    I don’t think installing GA will give us problems to our this

  322. Alex said

    I downloaded the improved complexity mods in to the spore folder and it was working yet i took it out so i could put one of my creations online but it keeps saying it is deleted from the server this is only happening for the creature editor

  323. Nekyon said

    I have a problem, whenever I copy all of the files to Spore, the graphics are messed up. HELP!

  324. Well, you can always editto files to allow the parts to be allowed without using spore hack

  325. wes said

    it says i dont have memory to download it to the spore data file can someone please help me

  326. Alien said

    When I try to buy Epic WARZ, i don’t get the item and the money is wasted. Can you please try and fix this? 😀

  327. shaun said

    Ok mr sir sir. How do I use the extra cell parts in cell stage? I can only use extra cell parts in a creature editor but then I couldn’t use him in Cell stage! HELP!

    • ballightning said

      The new parts are only for the creature stage as we cannot code them for the cell stage correctly at the moment.

  328. shaun said

    ok sorry again lol. new problem! I just made it out of cell stage and now in creature stage. I just met a new species and it said ‘you’ve found a new species yada yada’. Then I choose the socialise button and click on the creautre.


    Every time I try it crashes. So yah.. just thought I’d report that.

    • shaun said

      ok i can confirm it only happens if I actually CLICK on the creature when I chose the socialise skill section. if I just click the skills it wont crash but clicking the creature crashes it.. ye…

  329. sporeguy said

    I cant seem to unlock any of the secret parts on creature stage but I’m able to(barley) on space stage.

  330. sullyman said

    some of the parts are incompatible with the sand box why??

  331. How many bones do you have to feed in order to domesticate the animals

  332. Kyukyoku said

    Ok I started a game from cell and worked my way up to space and now I can’t go to any other star i’m stuck at my homestar, basically it seems to think that all the other star are to far away to travel to any idea on how to leave my home star?

    • Kyukyoku said

      Nevermind it was on my end all the planets were just too crowded in the area and it couldn’t start that tutorial mission thing. great mod btw!

  333. […] Better Spore […]

  334. Love Dahlberg said

    Im running 1.3 of spore. In space stage i cant buy EPIC WARZ… i think this is a bug.

  335. Tyler said

    When I play with the cell parts and the grox parts from 1.5 there are 3 tabs for every section and the third tab is always the exact same thing as the first or second tab. I have the cute and creepy pack, could that have anything to do with this. How do I fix this. Also is it possible to use the new the cell parts in the cell stage and do you think that you could work with maxis to allow us to share the new parts to the sporpedia. Sorry I have too many questions but when do you think you’ll be able to release the new spore parts.

  336. SuperWeb said

    Hello, you may or may not know me, I’m SuperWeb on the forums and very much enjoy your mod. I just want to let you know when I upload creations it doesn’t always work, but I deleted the parts pack and it works fine. Here are some suggestions:

    1. In civ, you could change the cost of vehicles, maybe bring them up for some stages?
    2. In creature, the epic health is too low. However, 1000 is too high. 500 or 750 may work.
    3. Could you increase the reward price for missions by a little? Not too much though.

    • SuperWeb said

      And another thing. Could you please put in the guide what the tools do? And should you combine this betterspore with others?

  337. steelrainwarrior said

    when I use the tool package there isn’t any healing tools am I missing something?

  338. GDI said

    I use the NoCreature.package, Gamplay.package, Graphics.package, Guid.package, Parts.package, tools.package and the Complexy100.package, and I put the files in the data ordner, but I didn’t find nothing new part in the CreatureStage and can’t save Creatures with new part. What is my mistake?

  339. GDI said

    Damn right thank you.

  340. I am worried about reinstalling because it might wipe out my patch 3

  341. kyle said

    it says i cant download things in the zip file because it dosnt know where they came from….or something like that….it gives me the choice to select it from a list of programs. so if i cant figure that out….what program should i open it up in?

  342. Olof_ragnarok said

    When i´ve downloaded it i don´t know how to start it. I don´t understand how to start it. It just shows a LOT of files in “documents” and i don´t know what to next. Does it automaticly starts in spore?
    By the way i bought the normal spore. And it works great, but i downloaded “betterSpore” from this page. and when it´s done a window pops up and says “allow/don´t allow” and i click “allow”. And then the documents shows up with a lot of weird files. So i clicked on some file and a big text shows up. I dont understand it so i click it down.


  343. […] a link for it on its own but it can be downloaded as part of BetterSpore, the link can be found here […]

  344. pheibos said

    Is there supposed to be more parts than just extra cell parts and the grox parts, because I’ve been looking through all the parts and there’s only:

    1 page for cell parts
    2 pages for grox parts
    2 pages for normal parts (but you said this in the readme).
    but it also says there are supposed to be community-made parts, or are they not “released” yet?

  345. Tobias said

    i don’t have any grox parts and i can’t seem to change the UI……

    • ballightning said

      Make sure you are placing the BetterSpore1.5.1_Graphics into your data folder for the UI.

      • Tobias said

        i am it just doesn’t change

        • ballightning said

          Odd. So the other elements of the mod work? (about the grox parts, make sure you actually look through the “BetterSpore” tab in the editor, there are 2 pages of cell parts).

        • Tobias said

          the BetterSpore tab just has 2 pages of the same stuff….. all the cell parts, also how do you use the force save hack on a mac

        • Tobias said

          acually, just checked again, there’s only one page of cell parts but still no grox parts

        • ballightning said

          Just check the BetterSpore tab again, and press the arrow twice. If it still doesn’t appear then i have no idea whats happening, as they are there for everyone else.

          You can’t use force save, however you can just use this:



        • ballightning said

          See we had a problem that their are 2 identical cell pages, and then the grox page, so it seems that there is only one page.

  346. Tobias said

    thanks for the force save thing, but there’s no arrow on the betterspore tab…hav i installed it wrong or something?

    • ballightning said

      If you have the cell parts it is installed right. By arrow, i mean the ones down the bottom of the Parts page.

      • Tobias said

        yea, i kno wat u mean, but it’s not there……sorry for being such a pain about this

        • ballightning said

          Well i don’t really know then. If you could, uploading a in-game screenshot to imageshack or a like site would be good to work out the problem.


  347. Owner of Grax said

    I have seen that wen u download you get tbhese cool exo-skeleton-like arms and legs.But i didnt get em’.

    • Owner of Grax said

      Note:What I said above is what I SAW in a vid.

      • ballightning said

        It was in a video, but it was cut from this version due to it not being up to our expectations, it will be in a future version. The only new parts are the grox and the cell parts. Please actually read the post above, as it mentions it.


  348. Snuggles674 said

    ok help please when i try to socialize with creatures in creture stage it crashes my game please help!

  349. 3Dpaper said

    Why Hallo Thar!
    It’s 3Dpaper from the Sporebase forums, just come to say i LOVE the Grox Parts!

  350. travis said

    does this work with creature creator trial?

  351. Wardino388 said

    hi, i have a problem with the creature creator, i have made an awesum creature, but i cannot save it, i have had this problems when i tried to hack my game before, can i have some help, also i uninstalled the GUI because it screwed up my game, i will try and redownload it

  352. Spitfire said

    I tried it and every time i am in the tribe stage i try to attack or socialize with other tribes and it closes. i tried to reinstall and i didn’t delete player data. do you know how to fix? should i delete player data next time?

  353. Spitfire said

    Closes = the send error report thing

  354. newhalo123 said

    i cant buy epic warz, each time i do it takes the money away but doesnt actually give me the weapon…

    plz help

  355. Spitfire said

    Do you have to put in the extras and in the space stage the bottom panels are all distorted. it also happens in the main menu. HELP!!!!

  356. Golden97 said

    I have a few requests to you fancy, experianced modders out there, please tell me if this is possible

    1. you should be able to start the creature stage underwater, where its in a 3d Environment, but you are underwater, with other cretures without feet, will be floating around ready to fight you if you get near them, 2. Wen i go to a planet with even red water i go underwater in the cell stage, and it turns blue, if you can fix that, that would be awsome. Also ball Lightning, the Epic warz and planet buster, (witch i really dont use, the neuclear death cloud owns that tool) Dont show up wen i buy them, i just lose money, just like spice market.

  357. Axel said

    In regards to the planet scaling mod that I read you guys were planning to integrate;
    Rather than making planets bigger, as this makes homeworlds too small, make the creature scale smaller. By shrinking the world size of creatures, plants, and everything else, it gives the illusion of a larger world.

  358. Hirnsausen said

    My suggestion for Better Spore:

    Add a small program which can create a mod for the game’s GUI based on user-made graphics, and add a small manual or instruction sheet what the frame conditions for the GUI graphics are. If we all could create our own GUIs, that would be nice!



  359. CricoMax said

    I just installed v1.5.1 and my Energy Packs disapeared…even when i try to buy new ones i can do that but they do not appear in my inventory…is that normal?? and some other itens (like Restore Packs) are there but just changed their place…


  360. SporeMaster- Extrenzor Mastor said

    Hallo There Is there someone who can help me?

    When i try to pack a mod with sporemaster and it contains: “ce_details_SOMETHING.prop.xml”
    It wont let me pack it.. i Get this Sh** error and i hate it.. 😦

    So if there is someone who can help me So please gime me a answer..

  361. How come the new shapping thing for Betterspore parts were removed

  362. N/A said

    Can it work with Nineballfool’s Epic Mod?

  363. Golden97 said

    can you make a version where creatures travel in moving herds and your species nest is where only your mate is, also you should be able to walk around as a baby. When you grow up you just get bigger out of the random. Babies move faster but are weaker, (social higher) and there mating call annoys other creatures (makes creature back up and growl)Finnaly babies can do a level 2 jump no matter the foot.

  364. Spitfire said

    Epic Warz Not able to buy!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. Spitfire said

    Does 1.51 work with the Epic creature mod?

  366. CricoMax said


  367. Yosa Fang said

    Hey!! better spore is better than core spore standart, but i’can’t play online, be’coz my spore cd key is use with another person. can i have 1 cd key for play online??

    • ZZ'Gashi said

      This is not the place to request something like that. Besides, any key that you would find would most likely not be able to play online anyway. So, my suggestion is to contact Electronic Arts and ask them for a new one, that is if you purchased spore to begin with.

  368. Enthernaler said

    omg the Epic Warz is still bugged(cant buy it)maybe a mod causes it…

  369. That One Guy said

    The UI in the tool section in the space stage is all screwed up.

  370. Axims said

    bugs using BS 1.5.1.

    When I go for a swim in the sea, the sea monster doesn’t eat me, but the history says I died 198 times.
    In space stage all of the colonization tools are free, colonies, spice storage, loyalty booster, ect..
    In the space stage sometimes herds of creatures will vanish as I’m about to abduct them.
    Grox background image is messed up.
    Some of the artifacts on planets are invisible, and can’t be picked up. (please fix this soon it’s really annoying)
    A blue spice planet gave me green spice. (not sure if this was because of BS, or just Spore)
    In creature game sometimes my pack members disappear. The grass still moves where they are walking, but they are invisible.
    In space stage only 5 planets show up on the quick list when I hover the mouse over a star, even though the system has 7 planets.
    Oceans do strange things when terraforming (I’m pretty sure this was a regular Spore bug)

    Better Spore is awesome!!!

    Some things I would change:

    I was using Kittanis_Space_Tools_Mod_V1.1 and thought it had a great balance for the cost to use the space tools, and there was no ammo required for them.
    It would also be nice if the recharge time on terrain tools was shorter as in the sculptistsdream mod.
    It seems like the view distance in space has been shortened or changed. All of the information about stars disappears if they aren’t within my immediate travel radius. Makes it hard to keep track of my galactic empire and exploration.

  371. Golden97 said

    Thankyou for replying itsd good to know people like my ideas, i personnaly think that the gameplay would be a whole lot better.

  372. Golden97 said

    Another idea, go to “Youtube” and search the term “spore (old version) watre stage” and see if you can make THAT possible

  373. Golden97 said

    I know pplz are bizy nd dnt want 2 go around on a majikal search but can somebody teach me how to mabey change the sounds mouths make in spore, i could have some fun with that Editor…

  374. Golden97 said


  375. Golden97 said

    About my heards mod idea, in better spore rouges travel in packs, so how about you make all creatues rouge, make there abilities equal to normal creatures, and get rid of all the nests, or make every single creature including your species wander around the planet. On second thought look up spore 2006 version and see if you can make the game identical or have a GUI like it.

  376. Skipp376 said

    When I try to use the increase size, thing it crashes.

  377. Maki said

    I cant get in the better spore 1.5.1 the epic warz i buy them and they do not show up in my command panels

  378. Bad idea having extra 3 animals to impress because that also cause the player feed the player 6 bones in tribe stage before that can domesticate

  379. Southerkun said

    Well it worked but i don’t know how to work it T-T

  380. tj said

    so what i would love is a mod that would allow me to build fighters to defend my systems.
    just let them cost a lot os spise, but let me build those fighters that every other entity in the game seems to have.
    maybe even for a attack use

    • Asterisk said

      Hell yes, those would be great, thats one thing i deffinitly want, also, be able to have deplomacy with your own nation… but not like ally and stuff… i mean like telling them to attack one place… also the homewrod is very screwed up… once you get to space stage it should get the same amount of spice as other coloneys do… and the same turrets… maybe cost the normal price of around 1000 since it is your homeword… But i wouldnt mind pushing the cost up to like the normal price buildings cost on worlds…

      • Asterisk said

        Also being able to set the trade routs up with yourself… (rather than the line things) and be able to divert teh spice flow and be able to get a lot more money…

        • Asterisk said

          woops… lol… forgot to add:

          Either the spice would sell less to yourself or just dont include this idea 😛

  381. Skipp said

    I’ll be a tester.

  382. Maki said

    the EPIC WARZ doesn’t work!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦

  383. Awful said

    The walk-around in the creature creator is bugged to hell. Oh, and this mod is hot stinking poo poo.


  384. DaFrawgz524 said

    You should make better planet creating tools, Like Lazer River, You shoot a Lazer and a River appears wear the lazer is shot. And Mountain Lazer, and shit like that

    And You should be able to go to a planet and make it able to be a home planet for a Saved game.

    Thats all Id like to see in one of the patches 🙂

    And My friend says “Hi”

    • Asterisks said


      Those terraforming tools are aleady there….

      And the planet thing would be good but its impossible frankly…

      • DaFrawgz524 said

        Noooo, Like a lazer… Uh.. Like your weapon Lazer, you shoot it and it attacks. but instead of attacks water appears where the lazer shoots.

        • Asterisk said


          tf (wtf without the w)

          yea i dont think that will happen… the reason terraforming tools are the way they are is for a reason :P, they wanted to make it random n shit

  385. AimonLynx said

    Download isn’t working >.< but mod sounds pretty interesting.

  386. AimonLynx said

    Nevermind lol works now

  387. tdtfghuhug said

    When I by the Epic Warz it takes my money but I get nothing, what’s it supposed to do?

  388. Kiwimaster23 said

    When is the next version of better spore coming out?

    There are lots of bugs in this one:
    -some Artifacts not visible and cant pick up
    -grapics dont wont on space stage (might be because my resolution) but the other stages worked fine
    -some parts dont attach right in creator

    thats all i can think of now. ill post the rest later.

    • Asterisks said

      I have all those problems

      The gui problem is not because of the resolution, i tried changing it ot no effect…

  389. Poor Siritrix said

    Erm yeah, epic warz doesn’t seem to work for me aswell.

    And I also have a big problem in tribal stage – at any game difficulty my tribe’s starting number of members is 6, hut’s health is ~1500 and food is ~30, while other tribes already have 24 members and ~2400 hut’s health.

    It’s kinda hard to play like that!

  390. tiny thomas said


  391. eiy said

    I like the fact that you can ‘pay at the time of use’ for items like Spice Storage and Uber Turrets. However, what if I purchased some, anyways? Does it store my purchases and use them before charging for new ones? Or does it ignore the purchases? Since there are no longer counts for these items I can’t tell.

    When I start head out for the center of the galaxy I like to really stock up before heading out. It would be important that I can purchase things in advance so that I am not limited to my cash reserve.

    • Asterisk said

      ignores it.

      • eiy said

        Really? So all the purchases are just wasting money? That’s terrible. Considering you still can’t hold more than 99,999,999 sporebucks. This really limits one’s ability to well prepared for taking on the Grox…. 😦

  392. eiy said

    I used to get credit towards Body Guard badge when defending my own colony against pirates. This doesn’t seem to be happening with the mod. Is this intended?

  393. eiy said

    The ‘preview’ of a solar system doesn’t always match the actual system. Example: when I hover over a system I see 5 planets with yellow spices. However, once I get into the system I see 7 planets, where 2 of them having green spices.

    • Poor Siritrix said

      I guess that’s just ‘cus the maximum number of SHOWED planets is 5. And really there can be even 100 of ’em (with some other mods that alter the number of planets per star system maybe. I think that was made on purpose ‘cus just imagine that all of these lists of planets covers all your view… it’s more comfortable to fly there and look what’s there.

  394. Asterisk said

    sooo… can we get a hint when the next version will be out…?

    or will it be some time after galactic adventures will be out since it would be anoying to find out that the patch you did becomes null due to some changes…

  395. Sausage said

    So, playing in the space stage, it seems that add-on buildings, spice storage, loyalty booster, happiness booster, etc. disappear as soon as I leave a planet. I did a test using a spice storage and the building actually DISAPPEARS when you leave, not just turn invisible, they are gone completely along with all effects. As you can plainly tell this is gamebreaking stuff.

  396. Eilwood75 said

    Ok, here’s some of MY suggestions:

    I always wanted to have more gameplay length. I can get from cell stage to space stage in a matter of 2 hours. I wanted it so that you:

    Need to eat more to finish Cell Stage

    Have to get more DNA to finish Creature Stage

    Have to conquer at least 2 more tribes in Tribal to advance

    Have to actually GET all the cities in Civ, and your allies don’t ask to band together

    In space, I want it so that there is a decent amount of time before you meet the Grox.

    I also wanted to see weapons:

    A deployable Uber-Uber turret, which is basically a fast-firing version of the Uber Turret (fires three times as fast, every bullet is half-normal damage to keep things considerate) and costs about 1.5 million Sporebucks per use. It is ammo weapon.

    A newer version of a weapon I saw, it is called Orbital Napalm. it is a fired weapon that is fired at the ground. Once it hits, it sets up and then fires a napalm blast at the sky, which fissures and turns into multiple bombs that leave behind blue lightning as they streak toward the planet. They detonate with the force of 750 damage.

    SO yeah.

    • Loto said

      You’re going into so much detail, maybe you should make these mods yourself so they’ll be exactly as you want them

  397. Purslow said

    Hey ummm i dno if anyone else has this problem but on tribal stage theres only a certain amount of time in which i can actually put collect food and store it and after a while usually wen the second lot of villages appear i am unable to a) store food and b) take the food out of storage to eat. anyone else got these problems if not anyone know what is wrong??????

  398. majent said

    i installed better spore and its working. But wen i make a creature using the better spore parts i cant edit it wen i’m done. it just says “This creation uses Spore parts that are not installed” can someone help me please

  399. majent said

    i installed better spore and its working. But wen i make a creature using the better spore parts i cant edit it wen i’m done. it just says “This creation uses Spore parts that are not installed” can someone help me PLEASE :]

  400. dotcomx23 said

    I have problems with the GUI on the space stage. Help

  401. Evan said

    I try to open betterspore, and it says “windows cannot find the publisher and requires that information to run”, or something like that. how can I correct this problem??

  402. CreatureFeature2 said

    LOVE the new mods and parts, TOTALLY COOL! just one problem though: Anytime I go to the “Test Drive” option in the Creature Creator, the emote, environment, and baby options are all… glitchy. they kinda look like TV static.

    Any thoughts on what I can do to fix it?

  403. Titanoverlord said

    i have an idea replace the normal CC backround with the space Creature Creator/tweeker backround

  404. Geoffrey said

    After downloading this do I put the entire folder into the spore folder or do I have to go in and take out everything one by one?

  405. Problemmaker said

    Hi! I tried to download this Mod, and the download itself worked, but eventhough I put the .package files in the correct spore folder, it still has no in-game effect. Could someone please tell me step-by-step what file I need to place where in what order?


    1. I have Windows Vista. Is it normal that Betterspore doesn’t work on Vista?

    2. The computer never lets me write to my Program files folder, which only contains files supporting the Windows System itself. Instead, all of my games and other Programs are stored in a folder named “Program Files (x86)”. Is this normal (for Vista) ? All of my Spore folders are here as well (except for My Spore Creations, of course…)

    3. I would like to have every effect the Mod offers, plus the maximum complexity it supports.

    I really hop anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance!

  406. nuvalord222 said

    I have a Mac OS X and when i go into the space stage with your mod, the button (colonization, weapons, etc.) and the planet terrascore is a mess of graphics. I can use my tools because when I roll over them they show what they are, but I can’t terraform. Plz fix!

  407. aaaaa9 said

    Balllighting, can you help me with something, I took out my asym hack while in the editor and now its stuck, can you make a hack to revert it?

    PM me at tgreen894@gmail.com

    • ballightning said

      There is not really anyway to fix it, especially as i don’t really know what is going on. The best advice i can give is keep trying out different things, tell me what the exact problem is or re-install.

  408. Baldlightning said

    Hello, first off i would like to applaud you guy for what you did to spore second it does not work anymore due to the recent 1.04 patch. Only certain packages of your mod work the others cause BAD_DATA throughout the game.

  409. thetimanator said

    Does 1.5 build on previous versions or does it include everything from prevoius versions of betterspore??

  410. Logan said

    For some reason when i start it is fine but as soon as i am about to mate or create a creature it stops working can you help me?

  411. ouadi said

    the mega pack don’t work

  412. Mike Spree said

    I don’t know where else to put these, but here are my problems:

    1. I’m pretty sure someone has already put this up – In Creature and Tribal, it is the AI which only gets the “improvements” from the mod (higher health, etc.). For instance, you start with 10HP in creature whilst the others get 50HP.

    2. In Space, you can use the colony pack, happiness booster, etc., an infinite number of times WITHOUT any deductions to your sporebucks (again, someone probably has pointed this out already).

    3. In addition to the above-mentioned problem, the following items remains perishable or limited (that is, you still have to buy them): (a) Repair Mega, (b) AOE Repair, (c) Energy. On the other hand, the following seems to have disappeared and remains so even when bought: (a) Energy Mega, (b) Repair.

    4. The mod description says the the Staff of Life can now be bought. I can’t seem to do such.

    5. I absolutely love the “Ultra” version weapons. But as for the other relatively new weapons, well, they’re just too “goofy” for me. Maybe you could separate the Ultra Weapons from the others.

    6. Pirate attacks and Ecodisaster rates remains the same.

    The only other mod I am using is the improvedinterstellar drive mod.

    Oh, and I have Vista (I know, I know. Confound me.). 64-Bit.

  413. Haydn2613 said

    Where do all my creations go after i download this i go into the section saying i have 152 creations but they wont show up wats goin on?

  414. Darklord said

    off-set 3 for spore hack has disapeard. could u pleas tell me wat it is

  415. Shugwar said

    I recently downloaded Galactic Adventures, and was thoroughly annoyed by the fact that my old nemesis the complexity meter wanted me to remove like 3 parts from my space captain before it would let me equip my first weapon. A friend informed me of the Improved Complexity mod included with BetterSpore, and I promptly added Complexity100 to my data folder. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. Is the mod not compatible with the latest patch/expansion, or am I missing something?

  416. SPOREST said

    the mod doesnt work…
    the sea monster still shows up, in creature stage i started once on sea, and when i tried to go to land, i’d die, in space stage its exactly the same as it was before…i cant find any new parts, and spore hack doesnt work…
    WATS GOING ON?? plz help me 😀

  417. shadowbot said

    very nice mods, just downloaded, very very nice, no trouble installing

  418. SPOREST said

    well, i found out the problem.. but in space stage, the menu bar is fuzzy, i cant figure out anything! is it the graphics causing this?

    other than that, it is going very smoothly!

  419. SPOREST said

    i found another bug…
    when i try to add one creature to my group in creature stage, the game crashes… fix this, please!!!

    • SPOREST said

      the bug seems to be fixed once you emigrate… until then, the game crashes when i try to add a friend to my group.

      another annoying bug, in tribal stage, i cant attack my st enemy. then how am i suppossed to keep on playing?!?!
      help aprriciated, thx

  420. mzx1029384756 said

    i am never downloading this mod (mabye when you fix it and i mean fix it perfectly) but until then im not downloading this ok

  421. shadowball31 said

    i cant save my creatures using this. i did everthing the readme said and it doesnt work help…i worked hard on my creature and don want to quit PLEASE help me and tell me what to do hopefully the method you say does not involve me quitting…

  422. SPOREST said

    Tru using force save… if it still doesnt work, sorry

  423. h man said

    when is 1.6 comin out it is awile after ga

  424. SPOREST said

    what big virus? ive already told you to leave the wine…

  425. svend said

    HOW DO I START IT? 🙂 🙂

  426. Goober said

    i have a few bugs that need fixing and a few solutions to problems.

    1: when you run the game, a message sometimes pops up say “please insert spore(galactic adventures) CD. This can be fixed by taking out the CD and then re inserting it but it would be great if this would not happen in the first place.

    2: Sometimes cutscenes in the space stage wont show or will only partially show. This leads to planets that claim to have artifacts or something valuable on them but turn out to have nothing at all.

    3: This isnt really a bug but i cant get force save to work. i dont mind but i would like to get some cool creature parts.

    Svend, all you do is put in the regular CD and run the game. if you put the modded packages in the right spot the game will be altered. hope this helps.

  427. Goober said

    oh i have another bug.

    sometimes when you earn newby badges like warmonger 1, it says you unlock all this great stuff like xionic singularity missiles but of course your not supposed to unlock it that easily. if you could fix the badge descriptions that would help a bit 🙂

  428. Me said

    Im also having a problem 😦 i start it it starts no crashes but no betterspore! evrythings exactly the same! Help plz:(

  429. Me said

    This is what my page looks like


  430. Me said

    now no 2 5 or 10 complexity

  431. Bob said

    It works but no grox parts just one page of cell parts please help me 😦 (i know people have already posted something like this)

  432. Exo said

    “There was a Javascript error in this process, try another browser or contacting support” I get this when I try to go to the download page, and have tried on Internet Explorer and Firefox. I use Vista.

  433. Heelooe said

    Hi is this only for galtic adventures or can it be used with the normal one?

  434. rashid said


  435. 2fast(313) said

    that glasses part deletes grox parts I keeped grox parts

  436. Oldewindmill said

    Okay, so I’m a bit confused:
    Most of the time I do this stuff with hacks, but I’m looking into modding. I’m a n00b at this. I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Some Questions that I think would be good if someone that can tolerate my n00bishness could please answer:
    *How do I install the mod?
    *Is the mod, like, permanent, of can you switch it on and off it you want to? if so, how?
    *I’ve heard some talk that it’s a “virus”, but all you guys seem to be doing okay with it. I bet the talk’s because someone’s computer and the mod weren’t compatible or something (remember, I am a n00b with mods), which makes me wonder if the mod has system requirements. If so, what are they?
    *How do patches affect the mod? do both still work fine? Because I don’t want to sacrifice my exoskeleton limbs from Patch 3 or my Asymmetrical editing from Patch 5.
    *Do the Console commands still work?
    *Someone posted a comment that they did not like the new menus, and someone responded that they could “disable the Graphics Package” or something like that. huh? is the mod customizable? if so, how do you tell it what you want changed and what you want untouched?
    *Does this mod affect RamonZ’s hacking program or hacking with T-search?
    Someone, please answer me! I want all these questions answered before I install this glorious-looking extension of Spore!

    • ASter said

      Patchs work…
      Also there should be a thing about all your questions…
      Consol commands still work unless they made a mod so they cant… (should still work)
      Not a virus, would be retarded if it was.
      System req should be same as spore.
      Mod should be custimizable, just dont put the gui in the mod place…
      Not sure about the last one…
      Mod isnt permanent… for the files you have created a new game with it sorta is… best not to continue playing with accounts you have disabled mods on and put some in and all that, switching them around, just keep it constant… (make a new game if you put mods in for the best…)

      Turning them off isnt like what you think…
      You have to remove them from the folder you put them in…

      Now to tell you how to install them…
      go to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data
      (dont know where the hell it is on vista, this is for xp..)
      Now, place all the .package you want in there, the .package are the mods, now if you dont wnat a certain mod or you want to remove it, simply remove it from the place where it is…

    • ballightning said

      Nearly all the information you want is found in the Readme.txt which is provided with the download.

  437. […] the site get updated when it becomes available? Better Spore If you look down at "Latest news" you will see the updates that have been released, and […]

  438. page693 said

    Hello. Do you have a “No Space gameplay changes” gameplay package file? I would like it. Thank you!

  439. Goober said

    BallLightning is right.

    if you read the readme.txt, the solutions to most of the problems are right in there.

    hopefully you might be able to fix the artifact bug balllightning? its wicked annoying and makes it hard to find artifacts.

  440. BeTa77 said

    This mod doesn’t seem to be working properly for me. I have the package files installed in the data folder correctly, but when I start up spore, the gameplay changes don’t take effect. I get the new tools and parts and they work just fine; but the gameplay changes don’t work at all for some reason.
    If it matters I have the latest patch and I don’t have GA or creepy and cute.

  441. Matronex said

    I have been playing spore for a while and have been researching this mod and it seems quite good but the only thing that is stopping me from getting it is that i have some saved planets which have finnished the game with over 100 solar systems in their posession and i also have creepy and cute and i am getting glactic adventures, will my saved games be lost and is it compatible with my expansion packs?

  442. Jadenittaenn said

    ok, matronex. as far as I know no, they will not mess up your saves. but i would still back them up, becuase like I said i’m not sure.

    BeTa77. you have to put the files in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_EP1\Data. if you did that, then I dont know why its not working.

  443. Goober said

    Jade he doesn’t have GA

    Ok instead put them in here:

    C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Spore/Data

    Also it might be because you have the newest patch and no GA that it doesn’t work.

  444. BeTa77 said

    Yeah it’s installed there(or at least the vista version of that location), so it must be the patch or something.

  445. Goober said

    Then just get Galactic Adventures, transfer mod packages to the data section of GA, then run GA, and it should work.

    Nyahaha Xionic omega device is so ridiculous :):):):):):) Wipes out everything on a planet with destroyin the planet. awesome, but ridiculous at the same time….-spaces out-

    haha i just figured out you can hack ammo with cheat engine. infinite Staff of Life FTW!!! Let the Green Revolution begin! i plan to make the ENTIRE GALAXY T3!!! Current Progress- .0001%

  446. DocDave said


    I just starting using GA (after needing to do a re-install of Spore for computer related reasons). I am also using Better Spore 1.5.1. I have my new Captain with the max. number of points, and as Ultimate Being. I am trying to get to the galactic core to get the Staff of Life and to kill Grox. Well I can’t! The closet I can come is about 40 pcs. This is using both Drive 5 and Drive 6 (Better Spore). The radius of action for each drive is only about 3 pcs. I hoped that Drive 6 would let me get closer to the core, but no. What does Drive 6 do? All the other Better Spore tools I am using work.

    The Better Spore files are in directory \Eletronic Arts\SPORE_EP1\Data. Is my issue a probelm with Better SPore or Spore itself? I am also using the lasted patch 1.05.001. Any help and a work around would be helpful.

    This was posted on Spore MODs. Still ho answer. I am ready to quit spore because of this problem and others I am finding with game play. When I first play at the start of 2009, everythin AOK. MODs worked. I could get to the core. So, please help.

  447. These mods don’t seem to be working for me either. Please post the correct file structure. Could it be 64 bit version?

  448. sean said

    Thanks works great

  449. sean said

    Where would the in game guide be located?

  450. John said

    i just installed the new better spore and everything is working exepet that on the readme it says theres 10 new grox parts but i cant fined them enywere so please help

  451. Sven said


    I recognize the old version of “Better Spore” I have is not compatible with Spore after Patch 5. Is the new version of “Better Spore” compatible with Spore Patch 5?

    Our own game, Evolutions!, will have a very different gameplay! Please visit our website and forum:
    http://Evolutions.Jamaica-Focus.com .

    Greetings to everyone.

  452. firedemon7 said

    THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t play in tribal stage any more even though i installed the gameplay no tribal version!
    Why i get into tribal stage my creatures freeze up! They just stop moving and after thehow to move camera tutorial i cant even access the outfit and tribe planner! 👿
    Oh and half the mods on this site have download links that just take you to the home page or beter spore page. Oh and i thought you said creature stage was longer! Well i seems the same to me. I want it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer.

  453. DASC said

    I heard about Grox Parts. Unless it’s another mod, where is it?

  454. firedemon7 said

    I didn’t install the parts mod.
    And where is the guide mean’t to be? I installed it and and i haven’t seen it.

  455. firedemon7 said

    Why won’t you help me!?!?!?!?!?!?

  456. John said

    i looked in the creature editore but theres only the cell parts no grox parts

  457. firedemon7 said

    Ha! you ppl are useless. I figured out how to get into tribal stage anyway. I mean you still post yet this mod is un updated since i first downloaded it before i had reinstall windows vista. And i haven’t seen you reply to anything.

    • ballightning said

      If you actually read the page, we explain that the current mod was made for a none GA, 1.3 version of Spore. And as i do not have the time to make a new version at the moment for the new expansion and patches, we told people that it is untested and most likely will not work and will cause issues with it.

      Kind Regards

      Ball Lightning

      • firedemon7 said

        I didn’t say i wanted one for the patches. I don’t use any patches at all. You could at least make tribe and civilization stage longer.

        Oh and you highly recomend the new UI. Well it doesn’t work. The spore UI conflicts with your UI meaning the button placement and stuff is all messed up.

  458. Dakota said

    Ok will this harm my computer I want to know if no I will download it.

  459. firedemon7 said

    It won’t dmg your computer.
    Might dmg your game though.

  460. Xglp said

    hey man wen i’l the putt the better spore and i want a that i dont now and i clik on the dobo cube it showed out BAD_DATA so please do somting aubotet and grox parts show up in the creature creator. i tel i’l just haw windows xp

  461. Xglp said

    hey man wen i’l the putt the better spore and i want a that i dont now and i clik on the dobo cube it showed out BAD_DATA so please do somting aubotet and grox parts show up in the creature creator. i tel i’l just haw windows xp 😦

  462. SanityDeprivedLunatic said

    It appears to me that nobody is leaving good comments about this mod. So I’m not going to download it. If only I were more sure that it would work, I might. Feel free to email me if you have something to share.

    • ballightning said

      The reason why many of the more recent comments have been negative is that people are installing it on the wrong version of Spore. This mod is for v1.3 of spore, with no Galactic Adventures, and installing it on any other configurations may be harmful.

  463. Xglp said

    hey man the better spore work’s on patch 1.0?

    • ballightning said

      From what we heard it worked moderately ok, but only a few people tried that and therefore there are probably many bugs if you run it with Spore 1.0

      It was made for 1.3 and if you use it for any other versions we cannot take any blame for any problems with your Spore game.


  464. Necror said

    fix the flora editor a bit you can add tabs so you must be able to fix them to

  465. Xglp said

    i’l want to now the better spore work’s on patch 1.5? please make sure the frola and cell creator wil gived in the better spore 1.6 bekaus i’l have onli windows xp and my mother and my fahter dont let me instal the windows vista.

  466. Xglp said

    my name in spore is Xglp012.

  467. firedemon7 said

    The mod is awesome when combined with the “A tech tree” mod in space stage. Pretty much useless to all other stages. Changing what stats parts give isnt that good. I’m sure they don’t show up on sporepedia in the browser. Though stages should be made even longer me thinks. Mods work equal on versions of windows.(i think)

  468. firedemon7 said

    Why do ppl call spore old? The orignal game is only a year old. People love res’ evil even though its decades old. I mean spore does have patches and hundreds of mods.(even though some one really should make a good old fashion no recharge + Ammmo for EVERYTHING!) And if you don’t have time to update to mod 1.6 please get some people to help. Eh… no one even listens to me anyway…When i ask for help no one listens…stupid ppl…YOUR AS BAD AS GROX…Well almost… You can’t ally with grox if you want staff of life without mod to make grox like normal empires becuase the hate you the more to travel to the center of the universe.

  469. Gameghost20000 said

    could i uninstall the mod if something gos wrong

  470. Jack said

    Yeah, can we uninstall the mod if it goes a bit kooky?

  471. Jack said

    And are you making a version that will work with GA and patch 5?

  472. Andhell said

    Does anyone know if the mod works for direc2drive version? I copied the files to program files/electronic arts/ spore/data, started a new game, finished the cell stage but still see no changes up to the creature stage, the sea monster was still there etc.

  473. braden said

    u big fat nerds ( my better spore wont work )

  474. stop leaving coments

  475. jules said

    does this work if you don’t have any patches?

  476. What happens when you have Spore Galactic Adventures plus the latest patch and download it? I need to know.

  477. alex said

    i did what this says but the game is NORMAL and when i got to the detailed data it says the mod is NOT A PACKAGE! is that ok?well ive restarted my computer and have tried EVERYTHING!!!!!! ugh is it supposed to be so hard to get the damn cell and grox parts? 😦

  478. anthony said

    whenever i go to tribal stage, i can’t collect food!

  479. Soulnova said

    Hey, is there another link I can use to get 1.5.1? the Mediafire link is broken. T_T

  480. […] BetterSpore Homepage […]

  481. TheMejicano said

    I think link is broken heeelp!!! does anyone has the same problem?? it says that “sporedum domain has expired” and has been removed in mediafire!!! whyy god!! WHY!!!! 😦

  482. Kento said

    Gosh, I hope you get your website back. I would very much like to try this mod!

  483. hahajodog said

    How do you uninstall betterspore? Please reply!

  484. Luigilord222 said

    You should really make one for patches 1.0.4 and above and the newer GA patches and you should renew your website domain.

  485. Colby said

    Please help me.
    I have GA, and I installed it in the GA folder. When I run GA, it doesnt work, I also have it installed in regular spore folder. I try to play GA or Spore, its the same. And Im sure I have in right places…. Please HELP!!!

  486. bobiscool said

    when i click the link to download it the site what u download it from says it was deleted

  487. Spartan1221 said

    Does anyone know if this mod works with patch 1.05? I have some other mods but they don’t seem to work. I have also heard that this patch kills all mods, is this true? I also don’t have GA if that makes any difference.

  488. jaylow said


    Invalid or Deleted File.

    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.
    If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact

  489. notlad900 said

    pls some one tell me how to play better spore mod on a spore game that is from steam

  490. notlad900 said

    and what does it mean when it ses its missing offsets

  491. PalaC said

    is this mod dead? 😦

  492. Grzesiu said

    Chce grać.

  493. Grzesiu said

    Czy mogę zagrać

  494. Ecto said

    This mod is dead. :c

  495. Worm said

    Link for the mod is Dead

  496. […] Better Spore […]

  497. Russell said

    It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this fantastic blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this site
    with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  498. Armando said

    Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other users that they will assist, so here it occurs.

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    website and keep checking for new details about once per week.
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    problems. When I take a look at your web site in
    Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer,
    it has some overlapping issues. I simply wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!
    Aside from that, fantastic website!

  502. Analisa said

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  505. Derpy said

    why has the download been removed?

  506. Unknown said

    Make a mirror download please… i really want that fireball spit mod.

  507. […] Ball Lightning was in charge of the project, I was in charge of new parts at that time. To find out more and see a full list of credits, visit the official site: SPOREDUM […]

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