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BetterSpore Bugs

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!


Currently known bugs:

———–Bugs with the parts package

– Each tab in the creature editor will have 2 pages for the first page. An example would be the BetterSpore tab

which contains 2 pages of the community made parts, and 1 page of the cell parts and 1 page of the grox parts.

– Some parts do not save, to fix this look in the readme on how to use forcesave.

– Parts in the Creature2Cell editor may have higher than usual prices, it is advised to start in Cell stage

with BetterSpore.

– It may not be possible to find all the parts in the creature stage, please tell us which parts you can find

by commenting below.

———–Other Bugs

– Creatures will not be featured on Spore.com with the parts package installed, also if you use any of the

new parts, your creature will not upload to the sporepedia.

– If your computer has low hardware, you may encounter crashing in the tribal stage.


47 Responses to “BetterSpore Bugs”

  1. […] on a variety of spore gaming platforms, and we have reduced out many of the problems. Go to the Bugs page to see all the current know bugs, and to post new […]

    • Wet Werth said

      Hay can any of you peeps tell me how do you fix the graphics glitch, I can’t seem to read the subtitles on an adventure. I know that the mod is not compatible with GA, but can anyone tell me how to fix the graphics glitch please?

  2. Halfwing said

    “- All the items which you place (eg colonies, spice storage, uber turret etc) now do not need to be bought multiply times, but instead cost sporebucks everytime you use it.”

    ya thats flawed. you get a colony at the begining of space phase and you have to place it to move on. they give you one, and enough money to buy another, but with this mod it just leaves you broke after you place it since it costs you the money for the extra one.

    I’ll list any others I see.

  3. Halfwing said

    looking thru the spore mod index i found that the One stop shop mod would be much more useful then making the items cost money when you use them. there are very few moments when we need more then 99 of an item, and if you don’t have enough for more then 99 you would get the same amount anyway.

  4. Target_acq said

    1) The electrocuters (the ones that zap creatures in Cell) got displaced on all my creatures, they are a centimeter too deep and asymmetrically placed (one is a bit backwards (towards the back of creature) than the other)
    2) The interface got seriously messed up, with most of the icons (the ones in Space Stage) replaced with nonsensical pictograms (e.g. 4 corners and an empty space). I solved this by disavling BetterSpore.graphics package.

    I’m running 1.00 or 1.01. Maybe that’s the problem with my game.

    • drakraseri said

      but this mod is for 1.03 that could make problems

      • Bob said

        Dude what is 1.03? Im just a guy trying to play spore with some mods. SO i go and download this betterspore mod, next thing i know all My icons are F***ed up just like Target_acq said. I removed the .graphics package and nothing happened. Infact the only part of the mod that i can tell actually worked was the Force Save. And call me an idiot but i have no idea what ur talking about with the 1.00 1.01 and 1.03 stuff. Plz help me. How do i get 1.03 and what is it.?

        • Bob said

          NVM that was pretty dumb. lol once i figured out they were patches i was like screw this im getting 1.5 now i come to find i got to get 1.3 for Better Spore to work. Sheesh one problem after another.

  5. Target_acq said

    You should have said…

    • ballightning said

      Ok, maybe we should have (and we will next time) however it is now taken for granted that people have 1.3, as it has been out for about 4 months, and all recent mods require 1.3.

  6. macrixen said

    i am having issues with artifacts. When this mod is installed. The beacon say they are there, however, I cannot see or beam it up into cargo hold. I have 1.3 and creepy and cute installed. I have disabled the mod to see if it was just me, same issue but started a fresh space stage game without mod and no issues(i can see the artifacts). What I can guess is that the books and other artifacts like it are the ones that are affected. The planet sculpting and rocks are not.

  7. Brandon said



    • macrixen said

      saving and going back in works it’s caused when a creature raids your food

      • DioBat said

        Same stupid thing with me COME ON!!! I played 3 games from cell to tribal and that happened everytime!! i destroyed the 3 planets cause i didn’t knew what was going on T-T please get to work and fix this stupid bug cause i really like this mod ok?^^

  8. plateo vs spino said

    This mod is for patch 1.03?Can u tell me where to download patch 1.03 crack.Me currently only got 1.02 version.

  9. Coldzero12 said

    I’m having trouble connecting to the spore server. I’m using Better Spore 1.51 ( I belive its the latest) And my spore version is the latest as of 3-27. The problem started roughly that day, I didn’t record the date. Then I had 1.48 (i belive) or better spore. I can log it, and it says I’m online when I start up. But I have trouble connecting to the spore server when I try to get on sporepedia, it downloads the beginning of the screens, like the list, but nothing beyond that, all white, no preview pictures. My connection is fine, I’m trying to connect tot the spore server at the moment, and without connection, I, obviously can’t post the message here.

    Feedback Appreciated,

  10. GDI said


    I have a problem with the great mod. I can deactivate die gamplaychange in the creature stag and the tribalstage, when I use the NoCreatureandTribalpackage nothing happend. When I play Spore with the NoCreatureandTribalpackage the Creatures in the Nest have the change of the gamplaypackage, what I don’t want. Please help me!

    Sry for my English I’m German…:(

  11. GDI said

    Forget my lasst comment, I had put the gameplay package and the NoCreature package in the datafile.

  12. Axims said

    I’m using BS version 1.5.1. When I go for a swim in the sea, the sea monster doesn’t eat me, but the history says I died 198 times.
    In space stage my colony tool is free. It doesn’t require money or energy to use. I haven’t tried the other tools yet to see if they are the same.

    • takbir said

      Same here with the colony tool. And I need to buy those 1-time-tools to increase/decrease atmosphere/temperature from the trademenu after every use

  13. Kaiskm said

    All new parts seems unavailble when playing through stages. They are not obtainable in the game world.

    Great mod btw.

  14. Marcus Söderberg said

    Well I’m Swedish and I want to download it but it seams like I most buy!

    Do I most to pay for it, so plzz answer me so fast as poseble!

  15. Bubonic said

    Found a bug. I keep on getting false artifact readings from my radar in game.

    1: A planet will show up with the yellow waves around it.
    2: I’ll go to the planet and follow my radar to where the artifact, or terra-forming tool should be.
    3: But is not there. My radar will just point at the ground.

    I am also crashing to desktop quite regularly. It happens usually in Galaxy to Solar system or Solar system to planet transitions. I have also had it crash when I initiate contact with another race.

    – Spore 1.03
    – Creepy & Cute pack
    – Betterspore1.5.1_Gameplay – NoCreatureAndTribal.package
    – Betterspore1.5.1_guide.package
    – Betterspore1.5.1_tools.package

  16. Asterisk said

    I also found a bug with false artifact readings in my game…

    same thing with bubonic… really anoying as you cant remove it and it stays there forever and you cant tell if its there or not…

    Only diff between me and bub is the things we’re using… i think its a mod prob…

    Im using: spore 1.00 and all better spore(i dont mean like creatures removed and all that just betterspore1.5.1_gamplay)

  17. Asterisk said

    Oh, yea, also the GUI is fucked up on mine… lol… its fine in everythign except in space… then it goes all screwey… ild provide a screenshot but im too lazy…

    And another thing… The crashing with tribe mode…

    Thing is its not only with tribe mode… its interacting with ANY tribe mode in either tribe or civilisation stage… sucks… plz fix it =/

  18. Asterisk said

    Also, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find the paint things… i think thats the supposid “False artifact readings”…

  19. Bubonic said

    Epic Warz weapon does not show up in the weapons menu. You can buy it, you spend your money and get nothing. You can buy it over and over again and still get nothing.

  20. Maki said

    The epic warz doesnt work, i mean its in te buy menu but when i buy it it doesn’t show up at that weapons or socialization panel 😥

  21. Pink Mist said

    I’ve noticed something about the force-save feature.

    Force-save mouthless creature = OK. I am able to edit it.
    Force-save grox-part creature = OK. I am able to edit it.
    Force-save hidden cell part creature = UNABLE TO EDIT.

    This, of course, is quite a problem if I want to clothe the creatures.

    Can someone give me a link to the SporeHack guys so I can relay this information?

  22. don said

    the epic warz thing does not work

  23. AngryDad said

    How do I get this damn mod off my kids computer completely? Spore worked fine on our Q6600 with an ATi 4850, 3Gb RAM and Win XP SP2. Now it always crashes in Space stage after 10-20 minutes. We uninstalled/reinstalled and loaded his backed up games, but it still crashes. Is there any way to get rid of this buggy mod without losing his saved games and achievements?

  24. Enthernaler said

    i want the more creatures needed to acomplish extinction/befriending removed in another version…

  25. Deathlord said

    first of somthing happend to spore hack off-set 3. second i cant get new better spore parts. also, when i buy EPIC WARZ i dont get it. PLEASE HELP ME.

  26. Viltord said

    Please fix the bugs, especially that:
    “Creatures will not be featured on Spore.com with the parts package installed, also if you use any of the new parts, your creature will not upload to the sporepedia.”
    I think that can be in BetterSpore 1.6.

  27. 2fast(313) said

    any force save does not work in GA

  28. Dakota said

    Am I the only person that is stunned with all these reports of bugs on vital features I am waiting for a version of better spore that does not have a chance of killing my system or deletng my har drive or something that serious.(No if tht happens I won’t sue anyone its happened before my computer got messed up and I had to gt a new one luckly I was able to move all my files into the new one.

    • ballightning said

      Could you please actually point to someone who can prove that their computer was ‘killed’ by the mod?

      We tell people quite clearly that it is a risk to download and use, and even more clearly we state that it is made for a none GA, 1.3 version of Spore, and if you install it on anything else, any major problems can only be blamed you on.

      There are always bugs, there are bugs in the actual game and we did our best to remove most of those bugs.


      Ball Lightning

  29. G said

    How do you fix the Better Spore Toolbar bug its really annoying, everytime i want to click on something its all messed up.

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  31. Drew said

    My game crases during tribal stage using this mod, my game version is
    so how do you apply this mod? install fresh game, allow eadm which is now Origin.com (for EA download updates/patches) to apply patches to get to 1.03 how can i get 1.03 when i have… enjoying the mod but not the very vauge installation requirments in readme, when explaining things you need to explain to one as though they are an alien.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work, where can one follow progress of betterspore seems things gone quiet since 2008-2009

  32. maltliquor said

    for some reason i have 2 pages of duplicates for each part type.

    for example, mouths. i have only the standard mouths and i have 2 pages of them. same with eyes, limbs, hands, et. all

  33. Wet Werth said

    Hay can any of you peeps tell me how do you fix the graphics glitch, I can’t seem to read the subtitles on an adventure. I know that the mod is not compatible with GA, but can anyone tell me how to fix the graphics glitch please?

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