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Posted by ballightning on August 13, 2012

Hey guys!

I haven’t looked at this site in a very long time! Brings back such fond memories of all the fun I had with Spore and the community.

I have been playing minecraft for a long time, but as of late, I have been started a new youtube channel and I’m planning on creating a series of maps based around pvp combat. If you are even slightly interested at all, I would suggest you check out my channel, and subscribe/give advice. I also have a series showing off Minecraft Cinematics.

Sadly I lost interest in Spore a long time ago, and I don’t feel like I will ever have the same passion as I did before. What I had for spore is now driving what I have for minecraft. What Minecraft does differently, are the endless possibilities. It is a truly sandbox game, which just keeps improving. Something that Spore aimed for, but through over-complexity and some bad decisions, it didn’t manage to achieve.

I wish the best to everyone in the future, and if you do want to keep following what I do, head here!


Ball Lightning


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Editorial: Spore GA, success or failure?

Posted by ballightning on September 2, 2009

Welcome to the first Sporedum Editorial! This is a new section where I will put up my thoughts about events and issues in the world of Spore, I hope you enjoy and commenting is most appreciated! We are looking for people who wish to write about events in the spore community so if you are interested please comment below! Please help Sporedum by submitting our post to Digg and Stumble Upon.

It has now been 2 months since the release of the popular first expansion to spore, Galactic Adventures, and in this time, plenty has been said on its merits, and where it failed. Spore Galactic Adventures was built to revive the dream that was partially lost in Spore, by not only enhancing the space stage through the addition of adventures, but allowing players to create their own missions for thousands of others to play.

The lead up to Spore Galactic Adventures was rather large for an expansion, with Maxis teaming up with Robot Chicken to create some exclusive adventures which have become very popular. Another key factor in the run up to the release was the Adventure Camp, which helped, along with the Robot Chicken adventures, to hype Galactic Adventures up to being a game making engine, one which could rejuvenate Spore, and give it the much needed kick it needed.

Yet although the editor in Galactic Adventures was a breakthrough for the fact that it provided a simple yet effective way of creating missions, it did not fix the main concerns people had with the original Spore game. Galactic Adventures was more of a separate game which was occasionally intertwined with the core Spore gameplay, this does not make it bad, but it does not address the problems with Spore.

Connection Problems

Spore was a game which had too much to fill. You can always argue that it was made to be ‘cute’, and to a degree this was true, however the real problem with Spore was that it was trying to do so many different things that no game had done before, and put them all together. This is never a good strategy to go with, and led to the different elements in the game feeling like they didn’t fit in. Spore also had the problem of lacking actual connecting content, yes there was hours of gameplay, and endless creations to make, yet the gameplay in each minigame was quick, painful and in all but a few instances boring. For example in the tribal stage, you win in about 15 minutes on the hardest setting. The lack of connecting also detracts from the more positive elements of the game, and in addition the limited choices you have in each stage hardly effect what happens in the next stage.

The space stage was considered the most fleshed out part of Spore, with a whole galaxy waiting to be conquered, however these tasks quickly became boring, with missions which became extremely repetitive and battles rather boring. Since space stage was the most talked about, Maxis decided after light consultation with the Spore community to start creating an expansion where players could create their own missions to beam down to a planet for others to play. The idea for Galactic Adventures was born.

Galactic Adventure Ideas

The main idea behind the expansion is to allow more interesting missions for people to play as they explore the Spore galaxy, and the ability to create these missions for others to play. One of the most trumpeted aspects of Galactic Adventures was the adventure creator, and in all respects it is one of the best simple game making tool. However for many members of the Spore community, the adventure creation tool was not enough, and did not allow many of the adventures that they envisaged.

Many users had planned on creating epic sagas, with character dependant storylines similar to what can be done in editors like Oblivion and NeverwinterNights. However many critical elements were missing from Galactic Adventures. One feature which was sorely missing was mission and conversation trees, which is a standard part to creating any interactive RPG. Without this, it left the adventures lacking the crucial element of interaction. The main other feature which was missing was scripts, or the ability to have at least simple interactions between characters in the story.

Nonetheless the ability to create adventures which are engaging and interactive is within Galactic Adventures grasp. As shown by some amazing adventures (Whom God Destroys), Galactic Adventures does have the capacity to entertain.

Simple Problems

Yet wasn’t Galactic Adventures built to improve the space stage gameplay, and remove the repetitiveness of missions? Maxis made it so that while playing you could get any mission which did not have a locked captain. That means any mission, no matter how bad. If you had a perfect world and everyone put their time into making their missions, most of the missions would be enjoyable and worth playing.

Yet this is not the case. Often you come across adventures which can’t be won or have no plot and have a simple goal. These can be very frustrating, and the only way to fix this is to make Spore only download buddy adventures, however this will often mean you have access to only hundreds of adventures, in contrast to the hundreds of thousands of adventures out there.

Maxis could have provided a few simple steps to fix these problems. The most basic one would have been to make all creators ‘play’ there adventure beforehand with a basic captain for adventures where you choose your captain. Also they could have allowed players to choose what sort of adventures they can download by choosing how complex they can be, for example i could choose to not have missions which had fewer than 2 goals in them download automatically.

While there are many faults in Galactic Adventures, it can be agreed that Maxis have gone out of their way to create a vast and expansive game which allows the creation of player made gameplay.

Did it fail or succeed?

I’ll leave that up to you, except to say that in the eyes of Maxis, a top 10 ranking last month has made sure that Spore will continue for many years to come.

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Sporedum – Spore Artwork 1

Posted by ballightning on July 28, 2009

For some time have have been playing around with Photoshop, and i had an urge today to create some artwork showing off spore. After a long search for one of the best creations for what i intended to do, i choose Himmelslaub’s Spiralia as my base creation.

I hope you enjoy the image i rendered up below, and feedback is most welcome!


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And i’m back…

Posted by ballightning on July 15, 2009

Well i’ve been going around Papua New Guinea for the last 2 weeks and i got back to the airport at 1am on Monday morning. The trip was definitely the best experience i have had and i do plan to go back to PNG in the future (mainly to complete the whole Kokoda track).

Thanks very much to Judson (from SporePrograms) for keeping up with the spore news while i was away, he did a fantastic job and our sites will continue to support each other into the future.

I am very busy with everything because i have so much to catch up on, and therefore i will be mainly focusing on improving Sporedum and its news service. This will also include a new section called the Sporedum Editorial which will look at issues revolving around the world of Spore, whether it is DRM, gameplay, sporn or whatever else turns up.

As i have less time, BetterSpore and modding will not be high in my list of things to do, and as BetterSpore works relatively well with Galactic Advenutures there is no rush to bring out a newer version. I will first install GA (i haven’t done so yet), and then i will play around with it before i even start modding. So do not expect any mods from me in the near future. If you are impatient, mod it yourself.

Once again, thank you for being loyal readers to Sporedum, as without you, this site would not exist.


Ball Lightning

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Site status

Posted by judhudson on July 5, 2009

Hey Guys,

I’ve been trying to keep up with your comments.  I would like to mention once again that Ballightning is currently on a trip and he won’t be back until July 12.  While I’d love to give everyone a helping hand solving their spore problems – whether it’s the patch or the mods not working with Galactic Adventures, I can’t really do so.  Ball is the expert when it comes to Spore – I’m mostly a news guy.  So if you can, I’d really appreciate it if you can give each other advice if needed.  Thank you.  And Happy 4th of July to those in the US 🙂


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Creation of the Day – Spore Mario Kart

Posted by judhudson on June 27, 2009

This is insane! The talented Fotosynthesis literally created a Mario Kart race track using Spore Galactic Adventures! You too can enjoy the fun and excitement – download it here!

Technically with Ballightning taking off for two weeks, I’m going to label this as ‘Creation of the Day’. This downright rocks!

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7/6: Creations of the Day

Posted by ballightning on June 7, 2009

We are now going to feature more then one creation everday, because there are just so many awesome creations made, enjoy and feel free to comment! And make sure you uprate the creations.

Deadman’s Comedy

By jesidani


By shattari

Fel Marsh Root

By Spartan150

DAC Gate Keeper

By Rebecca1208

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BetterSpore Milestone: 10,000 downloads – Parts Pack on its way

Posted by ballightning on June 2, 2009

It is been 3 months since the stunning release of BetterSpore 1.5. Since the 14th of March, there has been over 10,000 downloads from our official server, and up to 20,000 from across the internet, making BetterSpore the most popular mod for Spore. It has been featured in magazines, and we even had Maxis talking to us about how we balanced the gameplay (I can’t really say to much more about that though 🙂 )

So what has been happening the last few months? I have been gathering bits and pieces from some of the other modding greats to start building BetterSpore 1.6. As celebration for passing the 10,000 download mark, we are going to be releasing 6 completely new fan made parts this month.

More details on the new parts later on, but where are we heading for BS 1.6?

Well first off all, here are some of the new mods to be incorporated (partially or fully) in:

  • Cell parts extended 
  • 43 new planet decoration mod 
  • Bigger Planets 
  • Popy’s Fantastic Voyage
  • ForceSave mod
  • Star Fleet Epic Battle Mod

That is not all;, BS1.6 will include many features made especially for it, new parts, a BetterSpore compatible Epic mod and much more! There is currently no release date for BS1.6, however it will be released after Galactic Adventures, and will be made to work with GA. 

We are always looking for new modders to help us out, and anyone is welcome, just send off an email to BalLightning@gmail.com, telling us how you can help make BetterSpore better, what skills you have (sporemaster, modeling etc) and a portfolio of your work.

Keep watch on Sporedum for more information.

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30/5: Creation of the Day

Posted by ballightning on May 30, 2009

Square-Topsail Schooner

By maxine21

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Voting: Uber Creation Contest – Buildings

Posted by ballightning on May 28, 2009

Well we have finally come to the crunch time in the competition. The Judges have selected there top 10 in each category and now it is time for you to vote for the most Uber Creation of all! 

Now that the Poll cheating bug has been fixed on the official forums, we felt that it would be best to host the voting over on the Sporums

 The Creatures and spaceships have already been voted on, and it is now time to vote for the most stunning Buildings! As with the previous vote, this one will last for 3 days.

The creator of the creation which gets the most votes will receive a free copy of Galactic Adventures. The winning creation of by a creature was 20 votes. Beat that to get your copy of GA today!

We are sorry if any creation did not make it, as there were some amazing creations which did not make the cut, thanks to everyone who entered!

Vote Now!

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Follow Sporedum on Twitter

Posted by ballightning on May 24, 2009

Can’t get enough of Sporedum? Well now we are posting links to all our articles up on the sporedum twitter homepage

So follow us on Twitter for all the latest Spore news.

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24/5: Creation of the Day

Posted by ballightning on May 24, 2009

Starkimarm Orbital Shuttle

By Eppendix










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23/5: Creation of the Day

Posted by ballightning on May 23, 2009


By scooterdog










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22/5: Creation of the Day

Posted by ballightning on May 22, 2009


By The88










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20/5: Creation of the Day

Posted by ballightning on May 20, 2009


By Rantalia










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