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Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures

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Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures

Worldwide: Out now! Check your local game store for details.

System Requirements

Essential Links

Spore Galactic Adventures is the first expansion for Spore, allowing you to create your own missions, and then compete against others players from around the world.


  • Beaming your creature directly down from the UFO
  • Adventure creator – where you can create your whole world and share it over the sporepedia for others to play.
  • Captain Editor – Make your captains with 32 new parts to battle it out in adventures made by Maxis or the community.
  • Planet editor – This is a essential aspect of the adventure creator, where you can fully customize the planet your adventure will take place.
  • Players will be able to choose which flora and fauna they want on a planet using the Adventure creator.
  • When a player wins a mission with a number of points higher than another player has ever scored on that mission,they are rewarded with special badges which are shown on the players MySpore page. Badges can be lost when another player beats your record.
  • Modify the landscape with monuments and buildings and over 1500 Maxis made objects, including grenades, exploding barrels and more.
  • Player’s captains and missions will be shown on their MySpore pages along with information on how they played recent missions. It lists how many missions were won or lost,points earned on missions,rewards the player has earned for reaching a certain score before completing a mission and captain and mission stats.
  • Players can jump onto a moving vehicle and ride it, however you cannot drive the vehicle.
  • Players will be able to beam down only to mission planets.
  • New Achievements – Over 50 new achievements are coming with the expansion pack, but it is yet unknown what they are.
  • Players will be able to add allied creatures from a friendly empire as posse members.
  • Maxis-created adventures.

Latest News:

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Pre-Order Spore Galactic Adventures!

Sites with:

US release on the 23rd June

EB games ($29.99)

Gamestops ($29.99)

Amazon ($29.99)

GameWarZone ($29.99)

UK release on the 26th June

Play.com (UK) (£17.99)

Smyths (Ireland) ) (£29.99)


223 Responses to “Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures”

  1. Aardvark Spangles said

    wow this looks so amazing! will there be any new weapons? Could you maybe mention one or two of them? Is it only space stage stuff included, or is it also other stages? One more thing, is the moleuclar stage and the aquatic-creature stage included? if not when/do you think they will?
    Aardvark Spangles

    • Ketchupmaster said

      i have been looking at this game for months. you get i think 4 new attack 4 new socials and 4 new miscellaneous. it is only for space stage and no other stages are included if their were it would be more than $30. i don’t think the aquatic stage and molecule stage will ever be made i think they were just tests when first creating the game. Hope i helped =).

  2. Klawz, Scion of Darkness said

    wow………best thing that happened to spore since will wright……

  3. FoeDawg said

    Oh my god. I could even recreate the storyline of Destroy All Humans! If I wanted to.

  4. Inglonias said

    Fleeeet…. Where art thou, o fleety fleets?

  5. FoeDawg said

    Thoust noble fleets may appear, so stop asking.

  6. Prey King said

    Spore Left 4 Dead, anyone?

  7. Kokojo said


    This is going to save spore for me.

  8. Doggo said

    Why does it not list when it comes out in Australia? is it not going to?

  9. ballightning said

    No sign of it at Ebgames.com.au yet, i’ll go and talk to there store and see what i can come up with.

  10. Al 434 said

    this epantion looks awesome i’ve already preorded it!!!<:P

  11. Istari said

    I hope they fix some bugs too, like reach the grox planets and galaxi center and when you are stuck in planets for excesive furniture.

    P.D: my english suck i know 😀

  12. ballightning said

    There is an official mod for reaching the grox planets, you can find it here:

  13. Spore has been like a glass of watered down orange juice for the longest time; hopefully this expansion pack will add a bit of pulp to the mix. 😉

  14. Doggo said

    last time i looked for an EBgames website for Australia it was American, then we asked at the shop and they said they don’t have an Australian website. And since i am horrible at this sort of math I’ll ask now, if it will be $30 in America, then what would it cost here?

  15. Onasaki said

    I hope it’s great.. I really do. I’m tired of running around spreading my see–I mean, colonizing worlds. <.<

  16. Nibwoddle said

    Looks like it’ll completely save the game.

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  18. Henry said

    Any1 up for a massive Grox home world battle, The last stronghold of the Grox to fall to the free galaxy :D:D:D

  19. Doggo said

    that would be interesting, if you could make the grox, one of their ships would be good to run around on(make a model you can go inside), pet epics and some more important grox, like leaders, that you need to kill… Is it possible to make the epics tame?

  20. ballightning said

    Yes, as shown in one of the videos, you can make epics friendly.

  21. Doggo said

    ok, i could not watch all the videos, my father has put a limit on the internet we can use, and anything that move takes too much.

  22. Henry said

    lol unlucky, i’ve already got some Grox creatures in my sporepedia, just type in Grox in either search online or search sporecasts (i prefer them)not machine parts on them tho, which is a shame but hey they obviously only need the eye on the planets!! As for ships n buildings there’s bound to be someone making them and when the game comes out the amount of people that will want to do the same will be massive lol.

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  24. lolman said


  25. Doggo said

    is there anyway to delete messages or stop a computer from sending comments, because this guy is filling my email box and really annoying me.

  26. ballightning said


  27. Doggo said

    i’m surprised no one else had asked that.

  28. ballightning said

    Most people (theres alot of them, 800 yesterday), don’t look down here to the comments. Thanks for the heads up.

  29. Doggo said

    ah, ok

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  31. AudiDemon said

    Finally. Now to pira-I mean buy it legally. Yeah, that’s right.

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  33. Hitsu123 said

    Uh oh. This expansion is going to make a “I can make a better movie/adventure than you can!”
    I can’t wait for this expansion! I will get it no matter what!!

  34. Henry said

    can u use the grox hack to be able to put the normally unplayable things in the mission if so do they show up in other peoples games cus you can find other peoples games with the grox characters in space stage right now so that should be awesome seen as you can adapt them, you could create a grox leader or a hierachy or w/e and have lots of missions with grox n like i said b4. That would be epic Or perhaps a halo theme seen as you alread have thousands of halo ones out there.

  35. HoboHarry said

    OMFG!!! This Looks So Amazing. Espacially The Part Where You Can Make Things Stretch Across Multiple Planets. You Could Make A Mission That Could Go On For Ages!!!

  36. Henry said

    really? i didnt know it could go across planets!!

  37. Jrrj15 said

    The us is the same as the release in canada right? Ok I think it is

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  41. ben said

    make a way to dig

  42. […] March 10, 2009 It seems to be one of the greastest expansions ever! The basic gameplay seems awesome and the missions where you get out of your spacecraft seem to put Spore on a whole new level. Also the planet and mission creator seem awesome. So far in my opinion (and from what I’ve heard) one of the greatest things about the Planet and Mission creator is that they are very easy to use and not hard to figure out. I also heard (from a trusted source) that you can create cut scenes from your missions and even restrict weapons and abilitys so they don’t make your mission too easy. The release date is uknown however I do know that the release has been delayed all the way to Summer 2009  D-: . Hopefully it’s worth the wait and from what I’ve heard it is. For more info and up-to-date news on Spore:Galactic Adventures go here:  http://sporedum.net/spore-expansion-galactic-adventure/ […]

  43. Chowza said

    Maybe I can recreate the ending of PMD2. That ending made me cry. T-T

  44. doggo said

    whats that?

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  47. bryan said

    release date in june 23 now look here copy and past into the bar at the top http://www.vgreleases.com/PC/ReleaseDate-256594.aspx

  48. ehman said

    man i want it

  49. Hulkwins said

    Did he say master badge 2? THATS IMPOSSIBLE. Why not let people create adventures as soon as they get the ability to leave the planet? Grr. I will never get that Adventure Creator.

  50. doggo said

    hang on, WHAT?! we need master badge 2??? i cant even find out how to get master badge 1!!!! could someone fill me in?

    • ballightning said

      I’m not aware of this, however it it is true, it means that you would have needed to have at least finished the tutorial in the space stage (ie. if you have played for more then 10 minutes you will be fine).


      • Hulkwins said

        Um, do u get it automatically after the tutorial? What if u have a save game? Will I have too go to my homeworld and buy it?

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  52. Chowza said

    Hm? Master badge? Wuhzat?

  53. doggo said

    oh, im fine then, i’ve been to the centre.

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  55. Chowza said


  56. Hulkwins said

    I found out master badge 2 is the second time you get a higher rank. I also found out there is a new option in the main menu called Galactic Adventures that you get once you install Galactic Adventures that lets you do everything without going in space game and play adventures as well.You will also be able to create a captain in it.

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  59. Getting Ready For Expansion said

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  63. Will there be new creature parts

  64. n said

    Alright, some competition!

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  70. Soren2136 said


  71. Fartoholic said

    twwoooo mooooooooreeee mooooonnntttthhhhsssssssss…… whhhhyyyy mmuuuusssttt i waaaiiiit soooo loooongg…….

  72. PeterG said

    will it delete all memory from normal spore once you download it?

  73. awesomeness said

    du u get 2 play old saves if u get? and wtf is a mastr badger? is it a pet? btw hao du u tame epics can u play as dem?SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY QWESTIONS!!!!!!!! lol sum1 plz reply 😀

    P.S. my inglish is bad 😀

    P.S.S i failed almost evry inlish quiz i took 😀

  74. awesomeness said

    D: 🙂 😦 >:D XD

  75. awesomeness said


  76. doggo said

    I heard about a molecule stage that was cut from the original, but what were you meant to do? all the demonstrations i’ve seen have only had cell, aquatic, creature, tribe, civilisation and space stages

  77. Fartoholic said

    36 mooore daaaaayssssss………

  78. Fartoholic said

    35 mooore daaaaaayyyssssss…….

  79. Fartoholic said

    34 moooore daaaaaayyyysssssss….

  80. vitor sporian said

    More32 more days:( 😦

  81. awesomeness said

    theres an aquatic stage?

  82. awesomeness said


  83. awesomeness said

    so long 2 wait… Y DO DE PROGRAMERS TAKE SO LONG JUST 2 MAKE AN EXPANSION?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  84. Primadog said

    Where is everyone buying the expansion at? Any combo deals with Creepy & Fun pack?

    Also, Sporedum should put in a referal link to get some well-earned ad revenue.

    • ballightning said

      I’ll get around to it sometime 🙂 For now i’m keeping the site fully ad free. Sporedum is going to be getting a look and feel upgrade soon, so i might add some ads on the left/right side bars when that happens.

  85. Doggo said

    @ Awesomeness, The aquatic stage was in the original spore versions, but before release they deleted it, it was a stage that came after cell and before creature, you lived in the water, swam around, and ate things, like cell, but 3d. And if you think it should be ready faster, you should try to add everything they’re adding to it, make sure there are no glitches, and all the other things required, i’m SURE you would take longer.

  86. The Robin said

    I know you can make epic creatures but would you be able to make epic captain like scrolling on them like you do to make epic creatures???

  87. Doggo said

    No, the captains can’t be epics, but you can make epics be your allies, i think, you can put them on teams at least 😛

  88. The Robin said

    i do kind of remember seeing that you could make epics friendly and like you

  89. The Robin said

    I neeeeeeeeeeed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (passes out, and doctor gives me spore galactic adventures) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no it’s only a dream! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. The Robin said

    how long will it take to install?????

  91. Fartoholic said

    stiiiilllllll wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggggg omggggggggggggggg

  92. Fartoholic said

    23 more days…

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  94. Paco said

    I read that you can ride vehicles, will it be able to ride posse creatures?

  95. […] mod and much more! There is currently no release date for BS1.6, however it will be released after Galactic Adventures, and will be made to work with […]

  96. Fartoholic said

    17 more days…

  97. Fartoholic said

    16 more days…

  98. Fartoholic said

    15 more days…

  99. Melonlord said

    Can’t wait for it to come out. Cool new features. 16 more days I believe.

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  101. MagicMagician said

    Only 14 more days…

  102. vitor sporian said

    only 13 more days!!!!!!!!!!
    It looks like a day has 240 hours!!!!!!!!

  103. awesomeness said


    (btw in da meen time ive been playin spore and i fownd da grox how cum dey only live on t0? if u terra score up dey die! dey r like androids 2… weird…)

  104. awesomeness said

    … plays paddleball… goes to park… flys kites… wears down patience…

  105. awesomeness said


  106. awesomeness said

  107. awesomeness said


  108. Can’t wait till it comes out!I had my birthday the other day..So June is the best month EVA!

  109. Fartoholic said


  110. Fartoholic said

    10 mooore daayssssssss

  111. Fartoholic said

    9 mooore daaaayyyyssssssss

  112. icefire said

    theres only nine more days to go and i’m dying of anxiety.This game is meant to be the ULTIMATE UPGRADE. i waited 3 months after i got the game for christmas (lol, thanks santa!) hoping, ever waiting, that SPORE (and i didnt forget you EA GAMES! lol) would create something to out do itself. and back in march i got word from a friend(and fellow SPORE fan)that SPORE GA would be coming out in ’09. well, i went home and searched the ‘net, and found he wasn’t lying. i cried each time that the game was delayed ( may there never be another delay! if another delay comes about, check the news, i swear there will be an all SPORE fans of america riot) and now 9 days left! this game (well, add on, extension, thingie)is supposed to have everything i’ve wanted. you can have total planetary climate control. terraform planets easily (without having to wait for star ship tools to recharge), you can create cities with your creations(buildings, cars, and inhabitants all!).you can create epic wars, or minor brawls.you can be GOD! the galaxy is now a lump of clay to be molded by each of us, and we may do so with pride. we can send our creations on diplomatic missions of peace, assassination missions of agility and secrecy, lethal missions of armies destructions, or merely to find the needle in the haystack (both figuratively and , possibly, literally) once we’ve finished being stuck up gods creating peril and misfortune for planets to complete missions upon, then comes the next step of fun, completeing what we began. We become the creature. Slip into your gear (a soldiers armor if going to war, or an elegant robe to be diplomatic), arm ourselves (with guns if to war, with glasses to look intellectual at an appointment) then we go forth and do what we made.

    I really want to make an epic battle. (please read the following war story)P.S. (Doctor Who fans will find specific words from the Series, tell me what you find)

    ” i, a mere civilian at the time, decided to join the Skettian Army. We Skettians,the people of the planet Skaro of the Dalek System, had enjoyed a long time of peace and prosperity. i joined the army not for a chance to fight, (in fact, i believed war would never come in my lifetime). no, i joined for the elite training.but, 6 months later, a squadron of elite Jadoon assassins killed our Leader, the maagnificent Jar Evastor. I, having joined the army, was one of many sent to be in the first battlion to attack. For that reason, i knew i was doomed.first battalion members never came back in one piece. and if they did, it was one piece…..severed form the rest. On the day of battle i went through a systems check, ( for the battle would start as a space attack, and end, hopefully, in the capture of the large trading city of Santoom). Flight stabalizers (check), plasma cannons (check), ECT… Then came the battle. The Starcruisers came out of hyperspace .2569824236895692 angstroms from the outer defense of the Jadoon planet Gallifrey. The bay doors of all 21 star cruisers of our fleet opened, and out came a swarm of triangular starfighters, our tardis(s).I was Gold Leader and made a squadron check, everyone was in position. then, out of nowhere came bursts of fiery explosions. The enemies had spotted us!!! “evasive action! enemy ion cannons are hot! repeat enemy ion cannons are firing!” with that first burst i’d lost Gold 1 and 9. the battle that took place was an insanity of nuclear bursts and plasma blasts, finally, we won! but the cost was devastating. we lost 11 starcruisers and 2/3 of our starfighters. the remaining starfighters returned to the cruisers, where their pilots jumped into awaiting transports to the surface. in 20 minutes, 128 transports with 20 troopers each were flying towards the planet’s surface. we encountered ion cannons here too. we were forced to land the remaining 97 transports .25 miles from the target. from the transports surged our men. i loaded my laser rifle. it was an X-IV, the best of the X class guns. I rushed out with my fellows into a hail of laser fire from Jadoon militia. I ran for the nearest cover. i jumped behind a boulder with my squadron. “all right, heres the plan. we’ll run along this rocky path, taking cover when needed. then with silence we sneak into the city along with the other squads rushing about out there” i gestured toward the masacre beyond our boulder. then my team sprinted down the path. ‘safety off’, ‘charge primed’, ‘gun set’. (i went through the steps in my head as i ran.) when we took cover, i fiddled with my gun. when we ran again, i was officialy lethal. all of a sudden, a rain of red laser shots fell on my men and i. Cody was shot through the heart, the flesh still glowing fiery red and burning from the super heated shot. James fell next with a hole seared through his head. the 8 of us left began firing at the source of the shots. i took aim and… ZZZAAAPPP, let off a shot. a Jadoon then fell screaming from a tree and landed smoldering on the ground. after 10 minutes of mayhem, all 15 of the Jaddon lay helter skelter and i was left in command of 3 strong, 1 injured, and ( may their spirits be at peace) 6 dead. when ran again…. and soon the city loomed over our heads…. and to our left and right approximately 1400 men, which means we had lost about 500 men in this dash (how’d i get the numbers, 97 transports with 20 men each is 1940 men. don’t believe me? get a calculator and work it out yourself)……BOOM!!!!!BOOM!!! BOOM!!!explosions were going off everywhere as rockets from the enemy’s defenses rained down.( a lot of rain today, isn’t there)we opened fire and destroyed the gunners. 998 men rushed through the city’s front gate, and 57 died from a wall of Jadoon firing their first round. We got into formation and demolished the wall. we lost 103 strong with this manuever. then we split into one-man teams to take out the police and complete our victory. at the end of the day, 398 soldiers were left in control of the city to await the Starcruisers’ landing with reinforcements. I was promoted to Admiral that day. by the way, my name is James Wavier”

    James Wavier
    Born 15/345/909785
    Died 07/218/909807
    Cause Of Death- laser to the head during the battle of Karoom

    • Fartoholic said

      That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone write more than 1000 words for a comment.

      • ballightning said

        I’ve had some posts which are as long, its always good having some in-depth discussion. Thanks for your thoughts of GA icefire.

        • icefire said

          thanks for the compliment. How’d you like the story? What were you’re thoughts?
          (P.S.» I think you’re the best Spore fan here.your posts are always the best, an you found many screenshots ECT…)

    • awesomeness said

      Holy crap, that story is awesome!

      P.S. Lets go Daleks!

  113. icefire said

    ‘sup dudes? sorry about the REALLY long omment with that story, but i had an undeniable inspiration and need to type. but now i’ma normal fool again. now, you gott listento what i just found on the net.it blew my mind. it was awesome. all right, so, here the new….
    -there will be use of objects (possibly to be engine start keys for vehicles)
    -there will be 1500+ new objects
    – creatures will be placed on planets. when you do that, you an shape their personality with ease. you choose their sphere of awareness ( how far away they know something is there). and you can tell it stuff like “ignore creature until it picks up______(some item)
    -you have a teleport machine. it can disguised as anything. (one game tester made a snow globe teleport, that takes you to a place, and makes it seem like you’re in the snow globe)
    -you can have large armies and cities
    -you upgrade equipment as you earn experience ( 10 lvls of upgrade)
    -can go inside buildings/ caves/ECT…
    – can make creatures interact certain ways to other creatures (even speak to each other)

    and the site promised this and so much more!!!!!

    now i’m dying to play the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. doggo said

    I’m pretty sure some of that isnt Exactly true, the new items bit is, but they are things like rocks and trees, the inside buildings bit CAN be, but only if the maker builds the inside, then puts walls around it, the use of items IS true, Maxis has mentioned it, the npc creature nit is true, you can talk to npc’s, but i dont think they can interact with eachother except killing.you also forgot being able to make ncp’s epics, and change their alliance too(you can make epics friends). there may be more i haven’t thought of yet.

    • icefire said

      thanks for the comment pessimist. you know, its always so nice to have your posted dreams/ideas/discoveries denied. its even better when the one being negative is wrong.

      i got the above info from a site written by a games tester (name wasn’t included) who played Spore GA (or ‘SAGA’,lol)

      So, thanks Mr.Wrong, but i think i know what i’m talking about

      • icefire said

        sorry,i,got mad. it wasn’t nice to pint blank say someone else is wrong. you might have said i was possibly misinformed. in fact, i might have been. that tester i mentioned
        1.) didn’t include his name
        2.) wasn’t part of an official site (i forget the site now)
        3.) may have been a stuck up jokester trying to seem knowing

        • ballightning said

          If its from this site (check the GA Adventure Camp post) then it is reliable.

          Most of your points are correct, however you actually have to make your buildings hollow in the editors to have an inside. You can create an illusion of going inside a building through a door by making it like Oblivion and having the door a teleport to an inside space you made. Just wait until GA comes out before you start making finished inside spaces.


        • Doggo said

          Ah, did i leave out the misinformed bit? sorry bout that, i never meant to accuse you directly of being wrong, i just havent seen all of what you said on the official spore forum,i was doubting it. sorry if i insulted you.

  115. Fartoholic said

    I’m totally gay for this game.

  116. […] Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures […]

  117. blackhart said

    it is supposed to be wicked awesome

  118. Fartoholic said

    8 more days.

  119. Enthernaler said

    if they wont release it in that time,then ill gonna kill out EA

  120. vitorsporian said

    I hope it was here right now??
    I hope it was here February!!!!!
    Anoter delay and I will put EA in planet Vermilion where I created a milion of supersized creatures with 20 in atack and social and 23 in abilities and 5 in defense and speed and 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 of health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. vitor sporian said

    Only 6 more days!!
    (Ps: Up there in Vitorsporian was suposed to be Vitor sporian)

  122. vitor sporian said

    I forget!!!!
    I live in europe!!!! MAN!!!!!!!!!

  123. Fartoholic said

    5 moooredayyysssssss

  124. spikedude said

    how do you use props i mean like how do you make a prop work how you want it to is there a button or do you put the prop on top of the actual object you want it to be?

    • doggo said

      I’m expecting it to be a simple scripting thing, simple like the creator that is, is might have basic things you select, then move into the object, like you choose an item and then there are things like: “When picked up, unlock (colour/name) door/portal/gate”, “When picked up, be attacked by(creature)”, “When touched, teleport to(location/object)”, etc. Where the brackets are, you have to input name of object, and object needs a script like: “when (object with teleport script) is touched, teleport to (object this script is in). it’s complicated when i explain it isnt it? Its like creator, but you choose scripts, and instead of moving pivot points like elbows/knees, you change what it interacts with.

  125. spikedude said

    i can’t wait for GA

  126. Fartoholic said


  127. Quinish said



    • Fartoholic said


  128. The Robin said

    Why the F*** does it take so long to release a made game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >:(aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggghhh>:( I hate EA and maxis but at the same time I love them

    • Doggo said

      Like i’ve said before, try making a game of this quality(not graphically), check for bugs, add in all the new things to go on captains, add more scripts(they might be why its taking to long) and then say it shouldn’t take so long! even pros can have trouble,things can backfire, a script might stop working because of something else so the have to change one of them. (or crazy spore fans could swarm the studios and crush everything+everyone)

  129. Fartoholic said


  130. Quinish said

    Its me. Here is my story.

  131. Quinish said

    Its me. Here is my story.

    It was the dead of night and my squad was behind me, pondering our next move into the grox territory. There were afraid that the grox could take them hostage and feed them to the wild animals. Everybody was moving very slowly and finaly I broke our akward scilence. “Maybe we should wait for regiment 1121 to come. They are good.” Park 101-R was seconed in command (I was first) and I thik he peed himself. I was going to laugh but then a heard a sound that I never had heard before. Then, an explosion. It was behind me and I heard after a second or two somebody shout “Holy @#$! Boss, you’re bleeding like crazy!” I wished I didn’t here that, but I did.
    CHAPTER 2.

    I touched the back of my head to find out that he was right! My hand came back and I found blood all over… wait that didn’t feel like blood, it hardly smelt like it either. What I did next was probably stupid, but I tasted it…
    It turned out to ketchup! Oh, my, GOD! I had just been hit by a @#$!ing ketchup bomb! I was just about to laugh (again) when I heard another explosion. I felt some pain and more ketchup came… only this time wasn’t ketchup. It was red, and you can probably guess what is was. That’s right, musturd!
    CHAPTER 3.
    Wait no, I am just kittin’. But im #@&!ing serious that we are in trouble. “Take cover!” I screamed. Everybody was not gonna argue with that. We all took cover and finally we were calm. Then, another bomb struck us. This time it was very powerful. It was the grox trade-marked bomb, the plasma ray bomb. Uh oh.
    CHAPTER 4.

    Then, George Washington killed us all. #@%! that.

  132. Fartoholic said


  133. serban said

    a few more days

  134. serban said

    Two MoRe DAys god dam it i hate that i have long dreams recently so its felt likke 9999999999 days ARGh

  135. MagicMagician said

    I’m getting so impatient… The adventures on Sporepedia are taunting me.

  136. serban said

    the time is messed up i wish it was 22 wtf

  137. Fartoholic said


  138. RyanKoopa said

    One more day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. vitor sporian said

    You are lucky!!!!!!
    Today is the day!!!!!FOR YOU!!!!!
    3 more days for my!!!!!

  140. muruks said

    can i download the game from the ea downloader on the 23th juny (20 minits from now) when i have prebought it? i live in europe so i wonder if the 23th is global for those who have pre bought it from ea store.

  141. Quinish said

    One more day! I cant take it much longer. Gamestop has it at noon. I am waiting till, but sadly I dont have my divers license yet and I don’t even know where gamestop is. So I have to wait till the afternoon till my dad is readdy to drive me there. I am going to have to convince my parents to let me go there sooner. My mom is going to downtown Chicago, 45 minute drive and my dad just works for like 6 hours a day. I hope I can get it sooner and everything will be allright. Why does spore GA have to come out tommorow anyway? Why can’t I have it today? I hope I dont die waiting. My story, Scincerly Quinish, maker of Alfa Romera, Quonish Taco Man, Aldranian, Atlas, and Saeedyer. USER NAME: bearsal1121.


  142. Quinish said

    AHHHH! I am dieing waiting!


  143. Quinish said


  144. spikedude said

    1 more day

  145. Fartoholic said

    0 more days!

  146. Doggo said

    for you, i cant even find where it says the date for australia!

  147. Doggo said

    o_0 nvm, i just found it, 25th of June, in giant print at the top! how did i miss it?!?!

  148. serban said

    Its out THE GAME IS OUT yeS FINALy check amazon and other websites they say in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Quinish said


  150. MagicMagician said

    Darn. Still waiting for the download to appear.

  151. vitor sporian said

    lucky for you the game is released but NOT in Azores where I live!!!!
    (3 more days)

  152. Owen said

    The download isn’t there,and i am in USA….

  153. Quinish said

    My friend, Teddy, hates spore.y

  154. Quinish said

    My friend, Teddy, wants to buy spore. But he cant, he is poor

  155. Quinish said

    Buy it at amazon.com. It is cheap!
    It is in stock today!

  156. Quinish said

    I own it i am installing it right now!!!!

  157. doggo said

    It’s out today! unfortunately, i was at school all day, and the shops will be closed by now:`( oh well, i’ll be trying to get it tomorrow, first day of holidays!!

  158. vitor sporian said

    Does spore GA comes with the exosqueletal part(sorry if I don’t write exosqueletal well because I’m don’t speak English)

  159. The Robin said

    i preordered it and its been posted(yesterday) and i didnt get it today :_(

  160. doggo said

    @ vitor sporian, no, it doesnt come with the exoskeleton parts, they are a patch you can download for free.

  161. Miko83 said

    When you add achievments??
    [Did i write this message correct?:)]

  162. Doggo said

    we don’t know if there will be achievements for GA

  163. TheRobin said


  164. Doggo said

    did you pre-order it? if not, just go to a store, like JB Hi-Fi, if there’s one near you.

  165. The Robin said

    i preordered it

  166. The Robin said

    have about 20,000 ideas for adventures and i have to wait till monday 4 it now so im suing play.com 😛

  167. vitor sporian said

    Here’s an ideia for an adventure!
    I was triyng to defeat the grox when I receive a message from the tiberian sons taht live in desert and are made of fire.When I go to their planet I found lots and lots of Ice!!
    I beam down from the sky and talk to a T.S. vilager and he says thhat the Glizzards have constructed a factory that turns hot into cold so the T.S are diyng in cold.
    I go to the factory with my fire sword and because it was turned an Ice sword they becomed bigger after any hit.
    I go to shop in a glizzard suit and tried to find the glizzards weak point but they don´t telled me anithing and I had to buy an ice sword.
    Next day I was atacked by the glizzards and I used the Ice sword in OFF mode because I know that Ice makes them strongerbut my finger sliped to ON and I gave them a fatal blow.I remembered about the factory and that id does works backwards so I teled everybody about this and they build Ice swords to kill the Glizzards.
    the glizzards died and I destroy the Factory to save all the T.S.
    The end!

  168. Doggo said

    problems vitor, 1. you cant have ice/fire swords, 2. weapons dont turn on/off 3. unless you make it kill them as mission, then next act u uncloak a bigger one, growth wont work.

  169. vitor sporian said

    In spore galactic adventures can you make a mission like« destroy the dragons OR befriend the dragons»??

  170. Doggo said

    no, that doesn’t work vitor, you would have to have EITHER destory or befriend not both.

  171. Bikeinaor said

    hey this game is great but can you get adventures without conecting to the internet

  172. doggo said

    no bike, you can’t play without internet connection

  173. Bikeinator said

    I ment to downlode Created Adventures For Galactic Adventures because my computers internet port is broken and cant conect until i get the money for a PCI replacement.

  174. […] Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures […]

  175. Bikeinator said

    Q is it posible to bp load to a site so people without internet capibilitys can download peoples home created Adventures for Galactic Adventures

  176. Bikeinator said

    i mean upload to a site so people without internet capibilitys can download peoples home created Adventures for Galactic Adventures because i love the game but cant conect to the internet with the computer that supports it.

  177. does anyone no how to make creatures emote in a level. ps besides yurself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pss i do the marks so people notice me

  178. aaaaa9 said

    Hey Lightning, can help me with my GA game, It works fine only I am not conected online and any thing made in GA I can’t share. I can get adventures but not the Robot chicken ones or Maxis made ones. Any Help?

  179. vitor sporian said

    I finaly have GA and I play-it 19/20 and How can we create an adventure that gives more than 10 points?

  180. awesomeness said

    y is it that whenever i try to log in to online it says “u do not have required spore.com priviliges” or somthing like that?

  181. awesomeness said


  182. And Then God said

    that spore was awesome.

  183. […] Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures […]

  184. […] Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures […]

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