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Galactic Adventures FAQ

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!


So we all know that Galactic Adventures is coming out in March the 17th in the US, but many of us do not know exactly what it entails. Here is our ever expanding FAQ for the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures, the first real spore expansion.

Do you have a question? Comment below and we will answer it or send it onto the unofficial questions thread.

For the current list of Unanswered questions that we at the sporums have put to Maxis can be found here.

Q What will this expansion require, does it need Creepy and Cute? 

A: You do not need any other expansion or part packs for Galactic Adventures to work, just your original spore game.

Q Can you decide what planet your adventure occurs on?

A: You cannot choose the location of your planet or planets, hoever you can choose what type of planet your adventure is on, for example you can choose where the continents are, you can place trees and plants where you want them, and you can also choose how hot or cold and how much atmosphere your planet has.

Q Will these occur in the Space Phase, a seperate game, or both?

A: You can play it both ways,  you can play it during the space stage, or you may play it straight from the menu

Q Can you use vehicles?

A: In Galactic Adventures you can drive a land vehicle, knowledge about the other vehicles is currently un-avaible.

Q How are creations used in the Adventure Editor?

A: You can use your creations in the adventure editor which will be uploaded with your adventure, you may also use other peoples creations.

Q When playing in the space stage how do i get a adventure?

A: You can get a adventure assigned to you by another empire, you then will have to go of to a planet which another creator (or yourself) has made, however that planet is in a random position in the galaxy.

Q How large can an adventure be?

A: Each Adventure will consist of up to 5 acts, each of these will most likely contain a number of missions which have a complexity meter on them.

Q What are all the new items/abilities?

A: There are many new items, most have not be released, however the most talked about item is the Jetpack which allows your creature to fly for a short time. Others include a claw like hand, various armor like objects, some headgear and much more.

Q Will a creator be able to restrict items?

A: You can restrict items so as not to break your adventure.

Q What type of effects do items have?

A: Currently we don’t know to much about the items, however they all have some form of effect, many of which are new to the game. To look at the screen shot of the Equipment editor go here.

Q Will we be able to create cutscenes for our adventures?

A: You can create cutscenes for your adventure

Q Is there really a flora creator?

A: There is no flora creator in this expansion.

Q Can i make my own fleet?

A: The core gameplay of the space stage has not changed, you still have your ship with more ships from your allies.

Q Can we enter buildings?

A: Yes you can enter buildings, it was confirmed by MaxisCactus on the official forums.


39 Responses to “Galactic Adventures FAQ”

  1. Onasaki said

    Interesting. I can’t wait.

  2. Bib-lost said

    I hope this one will improve A LOT of stuff. While this will be great, I’m still sure that Maxis made this before Spore was released. They just didn’t put it in the original game, so they could earn even more money with this expansion. It was the same with both “The Sims” and “The Sims 2”.

    The good part is, however, that it only costs $29.90 at the release date. And as this price will most likely lower in about a month, I think I could get it for $24.90, which isn’t that much.

  3. Mythalinear said

    Thank you for making an official Q&A. I have a few questions that I would very much love to see added and answered.

    1) Will there be the ability for users to use scripting in the adventure editor? (triggers, booleans, if/thens)

    2) Will users be able to script creature behavior for cut scene purposes (dancing, jumping, raising of right hand)

    3) Will users be able to allow for pre-determined dialogue with other creatures, similar to talking with them in space.

    4) Will users be able to program several dialogue responses. Example:
    Martian says, “Halt, who goes there!”
    You choose one of the following,
    “Greetings, my name is [insert name] and I come in peace.”
    “You’re worst nightmare!”
    “Who me?”

    5) Will we be able to interact with buildings?

    6) Will we be able to ‘link’ buildings together? (make an enormous temple complex by putting ten buildings side by side to make them appear to be as one)

    7) Will life be restricted to T score planets, or can we have a fully populated adventure on a volcanic world?

    8) Could we get a list of all the adventure making tools? (objective options, scripting options, cut scene options, etc)

    9) How can we help MAXIS make this adventure editor a hit?

  4. mrmonster said

    what kind of adventures can we make?

  5. Matty Smith said

    All I want to know is where the complexity meter caps out.

    If the core Spore game is any indication, then it will cap out well before anyone can construct a decently enthralling adventure.

  6. ballightning said

    There is a complexity meter, just look at the images.

  7. sunstone said

    Just want to know . Will it be able for me to do an adventure quest on my other saved planets?

    Will i be able to just beam myself down into my saved planet or other planet and wander about ?

  8. ballightning said

    “Just want to know . Will it be able for me to do an adventure quest on my other saved planets?”

    Yes you can do that.

    The other part we just don’t know yet.

  9. elmacwado said

    if you are allied with the grox and you take them on a mission with you will they be as awesome as they are with ships or will they suck??

    • Titanoverlord said

      if the editor lets you outfit your grew in this case a Grox you can make them awesome but if you cant they will suck attack wise
      (the Grox have medium social abiltys but sucky attacks)

  10. sunstone said

    is there anyone there who can answer my question?

  11. ballightning said

    We just don’t know yet about beaming yourself down. Your answer to your first question is yes.

  12. sunstone said

    Ballingtning ~ What else you know ? How do you get the answer ~? can you get more ?

  13. sunstone said

    Ok …just wanna know . For the galactic adventure , is there new achievement or badge?
    For the game i have used cheat , will i still be able to get the achievement or do i have to start a new game?

  14. ballightning said

    There will be more achievements, however you won’t need to start a new game.

  15. michael said

    i have a few questions.

    will you have to install a disk to play galactic adventures or is it an access code?

    will you need the extra memory like you need it for patches?

  16. jdunn94 said

    I think buildings can be placed in any position or arrangement you want

  17. jdunn94 said

    also, will GA affect any other stages?

  18. hal said

    Can we make only a limited number of buildings? Or can we place as many as we want?

  19. jdunn94 said

    Will we be able to make our creatures use other creatures as mounts?

  20. Pierce said

    I think this expansion will be a LOT of fun, considering how boring space stage can get.

    * *

  21. Chowza said

    How far can you swim without being eaten?

  22. biblibobop said

    Can I have life on a lava or frozen planet , or does it still matter what the T score is

  23. […] of all the best creations. -MC And here is some more info from Ball Lighting and his cronies: Galactic Adventures FAQ Sporedum __________________ Water stage for spore […]

  24. ak said

    ive got questions

    is this expansion pack come with other things besides adventure creator

    i thought the due date got moved up so we gotta wait

    will there be more ex packs like water stage and flora stage

    will there be more acheivements with the new creater such as “create 20 adventures” or “have your adventure viewed by 20 people”

    can you make veicles or spaceships attack you

    can you make epics allies

    • ballightning said

      1: This expansion will probably only be the adventure creator, which has a planet and mission creator in it.

      2: The due date is now officially June.

      3: There will very likely be more expansion packs.

      4: There are 50 new achievements.

      5: Not sure about this.

      6: Yes, your allies can be epic!


  25. darkil said

    i hope u can write dialogue, thats gonna be vital, also, it really stinks u cant pick certain planets, i wanted to pimp out my home star, and the inability to do one mission on multhple planets is really gonna make my final stand against the grox idea hard, also can u set the rewards u get for the mission? and can u have space ships hover in orbit, cause theirs an awesomd grox carrier i made specifically for a mission

    • Feld0 said

      I don’t think you can actually place a spaceship in orbit around a planet, but on the Community Interview over at Spore.com, they say that you can build a “spaceship” in the building creator, press Ctrl, and move it up that way to make it look like an orbiting station or something. In fact, that’s how they got the mothership in “Mothership Down” up there. (seen in the interview on Youtube)

      And by the way, you can have up to 8 acts in an adventure, not 5.

  26. JD said

    Some of this stuff is wrong

  27. Zachary said

    Could this be played if already part way through the space stage or would the space stage have to be restarted?

  28. Jorge said

    Do you have to have a spore online account to play?

  29. Jorge said

    Do you have to have a spore online account to play galactic adventures?

  30. This is outdated beyond what I thought was possible!

    First, there are 8 acts with up to 3 goals in each. The complexity meter is for the entire thing.

    2nd, you cannot “drive” any vehicle. You can stand on them and appear to ride them but you can’t get in and drive.

    3rd, you can’t enter buildings without subterfuge. There are teleporters and such, and they can be disguised as buidlings or doors. Or made invisible and placed on the “door.” Either way, when you touch the door, you will be teleported somewhere very far away that LOOKS LIKE the inside.

    4th, the “effects” tab do not do anyting but can be overlain with Energy Walls that are set to invisible to create a chain fence, for example.

    5th, you can’t MAKE cutscenes. However, when you use the Goal “Talk to…” then it will enter a cutscene where the object will sit there and talk or do nothing if it’s a vehicle. When it’s done gameplay resumes.

    6th, you can set objects to stay still, have them move around, have them patrol, have them go to a special spot and stay there, and have them follow. They can be set to Territory (orange face), Agressive (red face), Peaceful (cross between blue face and scared face), Mindless (no face), and Neutral (yellow face). Vehicles don’t have a face but they can be set to agressive to have them shoot you.

    Buildings can be DESTROYED by the player.

    There are 32 new outfiter parts that actually do something. I.E. Missle Launchers, Laser Guns, Health Boosts, WORKING Jetpacks…

    The player can choose whether to use a locked captain, where it will NOT be pollinated, or to use any captain, where it can be pollinated.

    Capatains have ranks that unlock their new parts. Each archtype has a different name for its ranks, such as the Zealot Beliver, and the Scientist Intern, the Wanderer Vagabond, and the Ecologist Gardner.

    There are 9-10 in-game only adventures which cannot be edited. They are:

    The Ruins of Doom – Find a Golden Llama for Traders!
    Delicate Negotiations – Spore version of Romeo and Juliet that Diplomats give out.
    TX-5000 Super Weapon – Scientists will give you a spy mission to blow up a big robot.
    Infestation – Warriors ask you to destroy a Grox Probe with help from Barbaros!
    Shamans can give you an adventure to “walk the spirit path.”
    Ecologists can give you and adventure to investigate a crash site on an ice planet.



    Anyways, maybe the idiot who made this shouldn’t be saying any **** about the E3 Trailer!

    God, learn to play before you review or make a FAQ!

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