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Spore: Flora Editor And Hidden Cell Editor

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!


NOTE: The new spore expansion will not feature a flora editor but will features a planet editor, for more visit our Galactic Adventures page.

We have discovered that there is a in-built flora editor in Spore, and to help you get to it, we have created the most comprehensive guide on how to use the Flora Guide.

The Flora Guide uses a state:editor which changes what happens when you boot the game. It involves changing the SporeApp.exe file name. This will then make the game load the flora editor instead of the normal game. Just change it back by reverting to the old extension.

See some of my Artwork on Deviant art now!

Activating the Flora Editor

  • Right Click on the Spore Icon on your Desktop, click on “properties”, and go to the target field. (or find the SporeApp.exe in the address below)
  • Add the following to the end of the target:
    • -State:floraeditor (there should be a space before the -state:)
    • So that it looks like this:
    • “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:floraeditor (different operating systems will need different names, for XP if should just be: SporebinSporeApp.exe-state:floraeditor while XP will be the one above.)
    • Make sure that you have it exactly as above and no spaces in the name, copy the Underlined part, including the ” at the beginning.
  • This will then boot your game in the Flora Editor.

Removing the Flora Editor

  • To remove the Flora editor, simply remove the-state:floraeditor which you have previously added.

You can still enter the normal game from the Flora Editor, all it requires is for you to quit it with the red cross, just like it was for the creature creator in Spore Creature Creator.

Warning: This editor is really buggy due to it being an artifact and is not meant for use, we take no responsibility for this screwing up your spore game in any way.

Activating the Flora Editor for Mac

Just open the config file located at ~/Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/config (where ~ is your user directory) using TextEdit. Then scroll down to the end of that file and you should see a line that looks like this:
“cmdlineadd” = “-f”

Here is a list of what I know you can change this line to:
“cmdlineadd” = “-state:floraeditor”

To get it back to just start up normally, just change the line back to:
“cmdlineadd” = “-f”

Other Spore States

WARNING: We take no responsibility for your spore game crashing from one of the following states.

Replace floraeditor with the desired state:

CellEditor  –  This is the hidden cell editor

CelltoCreatureEditor  –  This is the normal editor

CreatureEditor  –  This is the normal editor

BuildingEditor  –  This is the normal editor

VehicleEditor  – This is the normal editor

VehicleLandEditor  –  This is the normal editor

VehicleAirEditor  –  This is the normal editor

VehicleWaterEditor  –  This is the normal editor

UFOEditor  –  This is the normal editor

TribalAccessoriesEditor  –  This is the normal editor







































More to come.

BenJee9 from the official spore forums has found a way to create flora using the flora editor, and then place it into your game, and use it in Galactic Adventures.

Well, I was messing around with the flora editor this morning, and I decided to come up with a little guide to creating a plant and using it on a GA planet.

First of all, this may only apply to Spore after patch 1.04 and GA. I have not tested it otherwise. Also, certain pieces may cause spore to crash, as of yet though it has never caused any damage to my SPore.

Use the flora editor at your own risk 

FIrst of all, here’s a picture of the flora editor:

The background of the editor is black, thank you GA. 

Also, you will notice that when you move your mouse over the plant’s base, the blue ‘limb’ orbs appear. You can move these about, but do NOT EVER resize them unless you want ‘exception raised – do you wish to debug it?’.

There is one FATAL part that must NEVER be used. See that 3 pronged one? On the bottom row? There’s a ‘hidden’ part next to it. It will become visible once you mouse over it, but don’t be fooled. USe it and Spore’ll die on you.

This is a picture of the detail section.

The only two parts that are usable here are the first two on the second row. They look nothing like the detail images and one’s invisible.

Paint mode is tricky. I haven’t done much research into it, so I’ll post more detail no that later.

Paint mode screenshot:

Special keys:

CTRL click: this works like ctrl click in the building editor, but only user on a part that is not attached to anything and has nothing attached to it. Otherwise you have a crash on your hands.

Shift click: this is a bit of an unknown, because it has crashed Spore a couple of times. I do know that it does something with only one plant segment.

None of the ‘leaves’ or ‘fruits’ parts work.

You can only save with this mod.

When you have saved, Spore loads as normal. For some reason, the plant is always saved under your computer name.

You can use these plants in GA, and you will probably find them in game. Remember, there is no plant tab on ‘my creations’ section, so you have to find the plant in ‘everything’.

My plant in GA:

Up-close view from the ground:

Video (click it) (when the screen goes black at the end I’m in paint mode):

New screenshots:

If you find anything new, please post here 


146 Responses to “Spore: Flora Editor And Hidden Cell Editor”

  1. Jake Brooks said

    ive been wanting to try this but i copied and pasted that address into the target panel but it said the the name of my c drive was invalid 😥

  2. lolman said

    it says it stop working halp!!

  3. ballightning said

    Please make sure that the file name is this:
    SporeApp.exe-State:floraeditor (this is for windows xp, on vista it should work if you do this: [SporeApp.exe-State:floraeditor])
    If it is not EXACTLY that it will not work.
    However as it is very buggy, it may not work due to something on your computer or from your spore game.

  4. Bobbilytus Choppenstantz said

    Yeah, got it to work… It is extremely difficult to use effectively however, and I’m looking forward to seeing a more sophisticated version in the future.

  5. Myroc said

    Got one problem renaming the file, you cant have : in the filename.

  6. austinite04 said

    I got it to load but, the thing isn’t very easy to use, the mouse wheel does nothing in the editor. the objects wanted to stick to the floor but under the platform that was there. I’m somewhat disappointed that EA hadn’t made the Flora Editor somewhat better at least give us what you used EA!! I think the Flora Editor needs alot of work, but when it does come out it should be a free patch update for Spore Full Game users only. That would encourage people to buy the game right??? I’m not at this point willing to pay for the flora editor. If they come out with 10 billion varieties of objects and ways to make plants then I might buy it.

  7. Anonymous said

    Any way to do this on a Mac? I’m pretty sure the way you described won’t work for me, but I really want to try out the plant editor!

  8. Hey there,
    I don’t know how interesting any of you are in this but someone mentioned the inability to zoom in – you can zoom in 😀 All you do is hold down the + key on your keyboard, and use your – key to zoom out again – simple! Just thought you’d like to know. In all I found that out in five seconds of messing around – I think you can do more than meets the eye with this, it’ll just take some creativity.

    Hope that was somewhat useful

    p.S I think it is possible to do this on the mac – in fact i’m certain. I’ll have a look and get back to you on that. I have a mac so i’ll check. Also of course *doh* you can also change the zoom with the ‘zoom’ buttons at the bottom … genius.

  9. Pie said

    You can also access this really big cell editor with 5 pages of stuff o:!
    Yeah, uhm, creds to whoever found out about it. I found it off a video 🙂

  10. Hey Pie, you got a link for that? I’m not usually interested in the cell stage but that could be good fun.

  11. ballightning said

    Here is a YouTube video on how to access the cell editor:

  12. Pie said

    Now… how do you get this flora editor to work O_O…

  13. Pie said

    Omg. Wtf. Can someone be more specific on how to get on to the flora editor. I really want to make a plant which is named after my DOMINANT species – Gavins (

  14. Pie said

    Here’s the link for gavins: http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=usr-Hyperaxe1%7C2265441948%3Asast-500099422518%3Apg-20

  15. ballightning said

    Are you using a mac or windows, and if you are using windows is it vista or XP?

  16. Pie said

    I’m using a windows on XP. It says you can’t use colons….

    • Nicklas said

      Not the shortcut. Right-click the shortcut, select properties, and go where it says SporebinSporeApp.exe and change it to SporebinSporeApp.exe-state:floraeditor. That should do it.

  17. ballightning said

    Try making a short cut on your desktop and change the shortcuts name to {SporeApp.exe” -state:floraeditor}.

  18. Setho said

    use a lowercase s on state!!!!

    also replace FloraEditor with CellEditor for 5 pages of more cell parts!!!

  19. YeTwoTongue said

    You can’t use colons (“:”s) in XP names so you can’t type “SporeApp.exe-State:floraeditor” because you can’t type this–> :

    • Yen said

      It’s not the name, it’s the target address!
      You could name it Barney the Purple Dinosaur as far as the game cares!!!!!!!!!!

  20. YeTwoTongue said

    Oh…, I get it now. 🙂

    MUCH more glitchy than I expected though.

  21. jose said

    I’m sorry but i don’t get it.

  22. Bob said

    I’m using vista, and it says “the name in the target box is not valid”… what should i do?

  23. Neronix17 said

    Its really simple the problem everyone is having, they havent stated it clear enough tho, right click on the spore desktop shortcut, it has a box with where the actual program file is, just type “-state:floraeditor” after the programs file name, many many mods in games use this to use their mod but create and rename a copy shortcut for it, which i suggest doing to save time removing it if you just want to use vanilla spore. hope that helps, if you cant get it to work after reading this then step away from the computer, go to the top of the highest building you can find and jump off.

  24. Wizwing said

    I believe some of you are missing the fact that you must place the -state:floraeditor or -state:celleditor after the quotes –> “” I hope this helps. 🙂

  25. Your directions on how to use the flora creator were perfect… and I got the creator immediately……

    Unfortunately, it IS mega buggy and I’ve never successfully created and saved a plant! 😦

  26. Colin said

    First of all (this might just be for vista) it helps if there is a space right before the -state. also, everytime I open the cell or the flora things, it says the data directory is missing or corrupt and it crashes.

  27. Josh said

    Be sure to put a space between the quotation marks and the -state:FloraEditor so it looks like this:

    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:FloraEditor

    It worked for me in windows XP and I’m guessing it is the same for Vista.

    Good Luck!

  28. ballightning said

    Mac walkthough now added.

    Also fixed the space josh.

  29. robbbxswim said

    I bought and downloaded Spore online through Steam, and my target reads this:
    "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 17390

    Is there any way I can use the full cell editor, or am I out of luck?

  30. ballightning said

    I don’t know of anyway. Maybe try posting over at the official forums:

  31. Brucethemoose said

    Anyone successfully use some of the other states besides cell and flora editor, like level editor and terrain editor?

  32. scififan2715 said

    Can someone explain what some of the other states do and if anyone has had any success activating them, and if so, how?

  33. yogurttoad said

    You all that are complain’n about the editors don’t work or C drive ain’t valid. You need a “space”.
    Cell Editor:”C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -State:CellEditor
    Copy the whole thing into the target box. (Even the Quotes””).
    Flora Editor:”C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -State:FloraEditor
    Remember, you need the whole thing, but not the “Flora Editor:” or “Cell Editor:” at the beginning of my lines.
    Just copy what’s in the quotes with the quotes. You don’t need to Rename the file with a colon on your desktop.
    There! I’ve solved the mystery of why you can’t use the Editors.

  34. Scififan2715 said

    I can use the flora editor and the cell editor without a problem, but when I try to use the other states it dosn’t work.

  35. Vireg1996 said

    I’ve tried it but i can t make a: “:”
    can you help me i’ve just got a computer with vista.
    Please help me!!

  36. Vireg1996 said

    Yeaz! i just didn´t found target but when i was watching on youtube i´ve found it only the floraeditor was not possible.
    thanks Lads!

  37. scififan2715 said

    For vista follow these steps:
    1. go to the sporeapp.exe and right-click properties
    2.copy the path
    3.go to the start menu ant type cmd and open
    4.type cd and rightclick paste
    5. type sporeapp.exe -state:floraeditor

  38. Enthernaler said

    how to use the terrain editor?and what should level editor do?

  39. MR. Lumolk said

    I’m read this guide also many other places, but this is only where I found guide to Mac!

    And sorry from bad english, I’m from Finland.

  40. SILENTnoob said

    Hey, This is kind of cool, but has anyone found yet if there is a way to edit turrets or city walls?
    That would be kind of nice too (Yay for BA looking aliens with little pink sissy turrets 😀 )

  41. IslamicofSpore said

    This editor was a pretty cool edition to the things i have created, thanks!

  42. Axel said

    Any word on a way to save?

  43. Scififan2715 said

    How do I access the other editors?

  44. Genius said

    Those of you with XP who can’t get this to work. Listen carefully. Or read carefully. Whatever. Copy the Spore shortcut next to itself on your desktop. Right-click and select properties. Go to the “Start-in” box under the “Shortcut” tab. After all of the rubbish already in there, placing your cursor directly next to the closing quotation mark, delete anything after that. Do the following EXACTLY:

    Press “space”
    Press the dash key (no spaces at all after this)
    Type this EXACTLY: state:floraeditor

  45. fillfellin said

    does someone know how to save in the flora editor?

  46. Icytriforc said

    Heh, mine works…Really buggy, but still.
    However, I couldn’t save. I opened the Sporepedia while in the editor, looked at one of Maxis’ plants, closed that, then tried saving again. Then, it actually didn’t stop me, but it then went to the way Spore usually starts.

  47. Nicsta50 said

    yeah i am wondering how to make 2+ things in 1 session coz 1nce a save it it goes to normal start and i can accses it with out restarting spore is this normal???

  48. fillfellin said

    and abain how am i able to save without this shit problems?

  49. Shutup1231234124 said

    i dont trust this, they even said Warning: This editor is really buggy due to it being an artifact and is not meant for use, we take NO RESPONSIBILITY for this screwing up your spore game in any way.

    i do not feel like trusting them. i like my spore to much to have screwed up

  50. K00L said

    Is there a planet editor too?

  51. ballightning said

    No, but one is coming in the new expansion:

  52. ... said

    i cant find the thing you edit wtf

  53. seth said

    I really dont think ani of you get it! In Windows(xp,vista,me,2000 or wtf ever) you CANNOT OR RATHER ARE NOT ALLOWED to use the following in renaming anything / ” : * ? |
    So WTF! I cant get as far as typing the thing, let alone use it to see if it works! If im just plain blonde and dumb help me out! Please

  54. seth said

    and that thing with cmd doesnt work either. Its a lynax or syntax or wtf eva eror.

  55. Lucy said

    The Target comes up as Grey and Unclickable, I Have Vista, Help?

  56. Marluxia Kyoshu said


    No one said anything about renaming…

  57. Stuart said

    There is no plant editor coming up in Galactic Adventures! There’s a planet editor where you can place 50 species of plants, but you can’t create plants. And the save problem can be solved with spore hack. Get it here: http://www.sporebase.com/Downloads.ht

  58. Abashiri said

    Can you add the Flora Editor with a mod?

  59. ballightning said

    It may be possible, we’ll look into it after Better Spore 1.5 comes out.

  60. bardia said

    my flora and cell editor work but my level and terrain editor dosen’t work

  61. bardia said

    the game was crash

  62. DudeMan said

    I tried it and it worked! I also looked around the advanced readme and found five more. Here are all six I know (copy EXACTLY):
    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:FloraEditor
    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:CellEditor
    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:PlanetEditor
    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:HutEditor
    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:Regeneration
    “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Sporebin\SporeApp.exe” -state:GodMode

    The one that says: “GodMode”; automatically begins the game at the last stage, the god stage (right after the space stage).

    Does that help? 🙂

  63. FlipStick said

    Hey, Snowraptor, I tried them all and they all work! 😀
    P.S. DudeMan, what exactly is regeneration?

  64. DudeMan said

    Reneration is when you regenerate (regrow or reserect) a spores lost limb or it’s life if it gets attacked. If you didn’t know what it was, how’d you know thei all work?

  65. FlipStick said

    I just knew. 😦

  66. Snowraptor said

    is the advanced readme online? I looked through my spore folder, with hidden folders showing, and I just found the normal readme.

  67. lolpop said

    Hey…. i cant do it because the box you type in is blocked AND i downloaded it so im scared it might be because of that. 😦

  68. lolpop said

    soz for all that… i was testing…. 🙂

  69. FlipStick said

    I finally got regeneration 2 work! 😦 🙂 😀

  70. DudeMan said

    Hey, Snowraptor, I have the Galactic adition, Creepy and Cute and Creature Creator. I don’t know if the advanced readme is on that or on one of the patches I downloaded.

    P.S. did you get hut and godmode to work yet? I’m experiencing a bit of trouble with that my self. 😦

  71. Teriderol said


    sorry about that but i am a die hard rpg gamer and though spore is fun, i miss something.
    it is cool to make your creature and walk around, even it is not based on reality, i miss the detailed work. Ok you can choose from many different parts, but you are never able to construct one of your own.
    Besides that, i dont want to go to space fase, i wanna stay in medieval and perform magic and get nice items or make them myself from shells, twigs and stones. I know it is not the purpose of them game, but you can do amazing things with it. (talk to blizzard)
    And make a real online game, even if the ppl you meet is based on ping.

    (with this you can many players play the game, while one is making a village as a king and others are running around and performing quests for the king.)

  72. DudeMan said

    I think I’ll try that. You know if you get to the centre of the galaxy in space stage, this god thing with an extreme makeover voice gives you god powers. You then go to the god stage in witch you can use you newly aquiered abilities, aswell as taggle through ALL SIX stages.

  73. Snowraptor said

    The galactic adventures hasn’t been released in North America yet, that may be why its not working.

  74. Enthernaler said

    those arent god powers,only 1 little staff of life that got 42 uses…lier there are ONLY 5 stages ok?

  75. DudeMan said

    Yah, that’s probebly it.

  76. DudeMan said

    Sory about that. I’m busy playing Spore right now on the computer in my room. A meteor just obliterated my planet!
    I’ve never seen this before, have any of you?

  77. Snowraptor said

    no… and I find it odd that a space empire as strong as any decent players is, died from a meteor they would’ve known about for decades, if not centuries…

  78. DudeMan said

    I’m playing on creature stage.

    • DudeMan said

      My Sporepedia name is also DudeMan. My Crowning jewels are the Hyperraptor and the Neosapien.

      • Snowraptor said

        and my sporepdeia name is also Snowraptor and I’m most proud of my Raklaw (at least 5 of them thus far) species and my space age Cutter creature as well as my Squiddor.

  79. bardia said

    where is advanced redame i dont find it can you write it adrres

  80. Benjee9 said

    I tried the mac hack for the flora editor and it didn’t work. Please HELP!

  81. mirella said

    how do you do it for vista?

  82. Snowraptor said

    on a vista open the games folder from the start menu and right click on the spore icon and select properties or something like that (writing this on an XP right now). A menu should open up with 4 tings to select click on spore and eslect edit, the other 3 space are all blank. Thats what it takes to open the properties section an XP user takes for granted to put in the codes.

  83. DudeMan said

    Hey everybody! I’m back! It’s been a wile. Wow Snowraptor! You made the Raklaw?! An epic version of that keeps on oblitirating my new creature, the Dragoraptor! I also head that EA is releasing mods for EVERY creator thus far created. The old creature creator is realy cool.

  84. Snowraptor said

    ok that is… bizarre to say the least. My raklaws so far are the pince, aqua, snow, plant, and spindle(its name is a bit screwed up I think, spinderaptor but it was the base design for the raklaws). Another thing, the first creature I played spore with was the Dragonraptor. I considered it flawed so when I created my spore ccount I never uploaded it… something creepy is going on…

  85. anubi_sarin said

    whenever i use a hack it plays the game normally, i have vista, so maybe thats it…

  86. DudeMan said

    There must be more than 1 Dragoraptor then. I wouldn’t be surprised, over a million people playing Spore, you would expect more than 1 to come up with a cool name like Dragoraptor. I’ve also made 2 new creatures, the Coberog and the Timmy. Timmy is unbelivably funny when it’s an epic (until he eats you, atleast).

  87. Alien said

    Is there anyone who got the planet editor to work? I can’t get it to work. It just loads normal spore. :*( x23 )*:

  88. bardia said

    Snowraptor please wheeere is advanced redame

  89. hulkwins said

    whats the Level Editor?

  90. DRAZiACH said

    I tried to open the flora editor, (I used the Command Prompt, and I’m using vista) and two seperate pop up boxes said
    “Could not find the default preferences. The data directory is missing or corrupt. [1004]”
    “Could not find a needed package. The data directory is missing or corrupt. [1004]”

  91. smischmal said

    I tried exactly as I was told so many times but it still doesn’t work.
    It Says and I quote…

    Problem with Shortcut
    The name “C:\Program’ specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.

  92. Me said

    could someone compile all the working states into a mod please?

  93. For some reason I do not have the ‘Spore preferences’ folder in anywere on my computer. It makes no sense!

  94. Upgradefrea said

    If you cannot change it to flora editor through the sporebin try using the properties on the desktop icon. It worked for me

  95. Midtown said

    Ahvena said he was working on fixing it! I hope he releases it soon.

  96. Maninora said

    Hey, thats pretty interesting. Once you get the hang of it, its kinda simple.

  97. Bazziebanaan said

    I tried to use the Flore and Advanced Cell Editors on my Mac, but they won’t work.
    I changed the config, but if I launch Spore, it’s nothing else than just Spore.

    • Benjee9 said

      I managed to make it work, I have a mac. Did you edit the file inside the spore package, or in the computers’ library? It makes a lot of differance. Please tell me EXACTLY what you did.

  98. I pwn said

    what does the level editor do?

  99. Geoffrey said

    what if you have spore for steam can it still be done the target field is different can I just add it anyway I dont want to mess up my game.

  100. milotig said

    ok! now for win xp you create a shortcut from “SoreApp.exe” in the folder “SporeBin” and in the Target section you put in the editor directory. i don’t have vista or a mac, and if you do i suggest Google or a spore forum. also i have searched high and low and have not found the so-called “advanced readme”i don’t think it’s there. i have to boot spore from a weird place so you people have it easy!

  101. milotig said

    and i have no idea how to do it from steam.

  102. CalexAndAllie said

    Can you use flora you make in this editor in planets made with Galactic Adventures?

  103. woross said

    It’s fun! but its true… realy buggy.

  104. Scraby said

    Hey i cant acess the hut editor with galactic adventures please help it goes to me like this D:\Maki\SPORE_EP1\SporebinEP1\SporeApp.exe -locale:en-us

  105. […] Spore: Flora Editor And Hidden Cell Editor […]

  106. Sax said

    The link to save the flora does not go!

  107. The creator of life said

    Hi, I know I should not be doing this but I do need to bring the point out clearly to all of us. We are all frustrated about how this version of spore is lacking mostly everything, excluding some bits here and there. With two days of researching and looking at various sites, I finally conclude that a large porportion of people are having the same problem. There must be some way to persuade EA/Maxis of making a anouther spore or expansion if possible, we also might look at other companies like Seirra. I was just watching a video on this, spore released vs spore from ’05’ comparison, I advise you to watch these striking differences, the video is on one of the forums on spore.

    I understand that this is a game, but so, lots of things can be changed.
    if we don’t act now there will be no difference

    With kind regards

    The creator of life

  108. […] […]

  109. lachie said



  110. JuddMan said

    To do it in steam, on your steam games list:

    right click Spore: Galactic Adventures, then choose properties.
    on the General tab, click the button “Set launch options…”

    in the text box, put -State:floraeditor

    then press ok.
    then start the game as normal.

    • JuddMan said

      Also works for regular spore. In fact it works better for regular spore than it does for GA, because you can see the background and base. I couldn’t get anything in the flora editor to work in GA, but the normal spore shortcut in steam worked fine.

  111. Necror said

    some work
    some make my game crash
    some do nothing
    i’ve got 1.4+GA

  112. Firedemon7 said

    The ones without descriptions don’t work.

  113. bubblefish4 said

    There is a new expansion pack to use floral editor in 2011.

  114. Stuart98 said

    There is not.

  115. m said

    It will work if you change “Start In:” to

  116. Killereel said

    How do I get the level editors to work?

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  119. CriticalCritter said

    hmm… There appears not to be a Spore Preferences on my mac. I have C&C, GA and my mac is Yosemite (i think.) Ledleedleedlee, old forum 😛

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