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Spore Hero

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Spore Hero – Spore Hero Arena

US Release: 6th October

Europe Release: 9th October

spore_hero_arena_logo_sm_jpg_jpgcopy spore_hero_logo_sm_jpg_jpgcopy

Essential Links

Spore Hero Features:

  • Improved version of Spore’s creator stage, with heavy use of motion control.
  • Full creator editor and procedural animation system from the PC version, with the mouse interface remapped for the Wii remote.
  • The Wii remote approach brings in gestures to get “closer” to the action with a range of new abilities and maneuvers. EA want players to feel they have direct control over their creatures.
  • The team is considering Motion Plus, currently looking at including it as an option.
  • There’ll be no connectivity with the PC version, but there’ll still be a similar evolution-based experience.
  • There’s a strong focus on action quests. Evolutionary quests require your creature to meet the needs of other species and guide that beast’s evolution.

Latest News:

(6th September) Spore Hero Preview

(5th September) Lone screenshot from Spore Hero Arena

(5th September) Spore Hero Arena DS – Dangerous Missions


(22nd August) New Spore Hero / Spore Hero Arena screens

(22nd August) Gamespot Spore Hero Hands-on

(22nd August) 2 new Spore Hero – Spore Hero Arena videos

(21st August) New Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena screenshots

(21st August) Gamespot Spore Hero Arena Hands-on

(20th August) VideoGamer: Spore Hero Preview

(20th August) GamesCom IGN: Spore Hero Hands-on

(20th August) GamesCom IGN: Spore Hero Arena Hands-on

(17th August)Spore Hero Arena and Spore Hero Release Dates

(10th August) GameReactorTV’s E3 2009 Spore Hero presentation


(31st July) Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena Fansite Interview

(25th July) ComicCon 09′ – Techzter.com previews Spore Hero Wii

(24th July) Spore Hero Arena – Enter the Arena Trailer

(24th July) Spore Hero – Make Yourself a Hero Trailer HD

(23rd July) Comic Con: Spore Hero Hands-On

(7th July) Accepting Questions for Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena Fansite Interview (+ new exclusive pics)

(7th July) Spore Hero Arena DS – HQ boxart


(26th June) TrueGameHeadz – E3 ‘09: Spore Hero Developer Interview

(16th June) ONM: Spore Hero Wii preview

(16th June) Story Trailer: Spore Hero

(7th June) Cubed3 – Be A Hero With Spore – DS/Wii

(7th June) Spore Hero Arena (DS) – Box art

(4th June5 new Spore Hero screens from Nintendo Wii

(3rd JuneE3 – Spore Hero Arena EA Q&A with Jason Haber

(1st JuneE3 Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena images


(27th MayGamezone Pre-E3 2009: Spore Hero Preview

(27th MayIGN Pre-E3: Spore Hero Update

(27th MayIGN Pre-E3 2009: Spore Hero Arena Preview

(27th MayGamespot: Spore Hero Arena First Look

(27th MayGameSpot – Spore Hero Updated Impressions

(16th MaySpore Hero and Spore Hero Arena hi-res logos

(14th MayGameDaily – Spore Hero preview

(14th MayGoNintendo: Spore Hero details

(14th MayG4TV X-Play – Spore Hero preview

(14th MayGameTrailers – Spore Hero story interview

(13th MaySpore Hero Video Interview by GameSpot

(13th MayEurogamer – Slams Spore Hero

(13th MayVideoGamer.com – Spore Hero First Look preview

(13th MayIGN: Pre-E3 2009 Spore Hero hands-on

(13th MayGameSpot – Spore Hero first look preview

(13th May4 new Spore Hero Arena DS screens

(13th May5 new Spore Hero Wii screens

(13th MaySpore Hero / Spore Hero Arena press release

(12th MaySpore Hero Teaser Trailer

(8th MaySporedum’s Spore Hero Page Announced

(8th May) Spore Hero Uk release date 30th September

(8th MayEA Spring 2009 Showcase – Spore Hero for Wii gameplay footage


(25th April) PocketGamer’s first look at Spore Hero Arena DS

(25th Apri) Spore Hero / Hero Arena appear – September release date

(10th March) Details for Spore Hero (Wii)

(23rd January) Spore Line up for 2009: expansions and more

(17th January) Rumor: ‘Spore Hero’ for Wii, ‘Spore Hero Arena’ for DS?

Pre-Order Spore Heroes!

Sites with:

US release on the 22nd September

Gamestops (Spore Hero) ($49.99)

Gamestops (Spore Hero Arena) ($29.99)

UK release on the 30th September

Amazon (UK): Spore Hero



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