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Spore Modding – The Ultimate Modding Resource

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!





Welcome to Sporedum’s Spore Modding Resource, one of the most comprehensive modding lists on the internet. Don’t like the way the game works? Try out some of the mods below! We also have the most recent spore modding tool called SporeMaster, read the full tutorial below and start modding spore!

Play as an Epic!

This is probably one of the best mods ever made which allows you to play the creature game as a true “uber” epic. You can now effectively be an epic. Have fun!



The largest and most popular mod for Spore. Over 5000 people have downloaded it.



Void at Sporemods has released a modding program for spore, in collaboration with others, called SporeMaster.


Sporedum Mod Index

Read here for all the mods created by Sporedum.


Spore Mod Index

The largest list of community made mods, this does not include Sporedum Mods.


How to install mods

Spore is one of the easiest games to install mods for.



New Sporemods.org website.

Sign up now!


Spore Modding Tutorials

Spore modding is not very hard, here are some tutorials for you.


Spore Hacks

A great collection of hacks for spore!



Our partner in modding.



86 Responses to “Spore Modding – The Ultimate Modding Resource”

  1. Peter said

    what we need my friend is a mod that will allow us to be able to create our own creatures for planets

    so that we can create a creature then in the space stage use that creature to inhabit a planet

    i would love to be able to have a water planet i have captured to have the crocodiles i have created there and sort of make it a crocodile planet that i control ofcourse.

  2. Albion said

    there need be no mod my friend, its called the species creator, you will find it later

  3. Mark Warren said

    Here’s a little tip for those of us using Mac OS X and wish to use the mods. The location to place the package files is as follows – based on a default install of Spore:


    The Spore.app is an application package, so you’ll need to control/right click on it and select “Show Package Contents” from the contextual pop-up menu, which will then open a window where you will then see the “Contents” folder, so navigate the rest of the path mentioned above.

    I’ve tried the “No Galactic Center Limit” mod as a test and it does work, which isn’t surprising as the Mac version is, I believe using Cider to essentially run the PC version of the game, so Mac and PC are the same.

  4. Mark Warren said

    Whoops! Slight screw-up in my post above, the full path to the location where you need to place the files is:


    Sorry about that.

  5. ballightning said

    Thanks very much Mark Warren, i’ll be adding that into the info above.


    Ball Lightning

  6. The supar weapons mod does not work D: Other then that the mods are cool.

  7. beasteven2 said

    some of these mods have an extension of .7z – how do i get these to work? (Frelancing, Santa Maria, Spore_Mayflower_mod, etc) I put them in the main data folder, but do not notice anything different in the game. Thanks

  8. THA Spore Guru said

    u need to download 7zip its like winrar and winzip just google 7zip ^^

  9. beasteven2 said

    Thank you very much, i did google it and found the utility. I appriciate the response.

  10. somini said

    just an off topic
    where does the game stores the downloaded creatures?

    please help me

  11. ballightning said

    It should be stored in:


    thats for creatures, they are stored as PNG’s.

  12. somini said


    that folder stores your creations
    i want to know where it stores all the other creatures

  13. linkman9596 said

    i bet the mods would be great if they worked and didnt stop my game from running!!!

  14. midtown123 said

    anybody know the hash or name for the file with the sea monster enabler/disable or something to delete it? “sporemaster” I cannot find it for the life of me! I have searched creature, creaturegame, sea, seamonster, sea monster, sea_monster andmonster

  15. ballightning said

    There was a mod over at sporemods which changed the sea monster, however the site is down at the moment.

  16. midtown123 said

    yeah, its down. If its the one called sea_voyages.package, I have it. doesn’t work for 1.3 😦

  17. midtown123 said

    Ehh… Sorry for the double post, I tried this one. http://www.sporemods.org/forum/index.php?topic=101
    So How about that Sea Monster || Beta ||.. or something.

  18. Altyrell said

    Question, i used the SporeMaster to create my own mod, and when i go to pack game content package, it packs. so far all is good, however when i go to play spores after modifying the game content package (i forget the actual name of it) the game fails to start, it basically crashes. Why does it crash the game when i go to start it after modifying the game?

    [i know that i had spelled a few words incorrectly, but i don’t care]

  19. Altyrell said

    correction to my above post, i was modding the spore_game.package file

  20. ballightning said

    What files in the package did you change? Also if you want faster help post over at:

  21. Hey does anyone here now how to make the time to wait for a trade route faster? So yuo can buy the system faster?

  22. ballightning said

    No one has made it. If you want it requested from the modding community post a thread in this forum:


  23. Ok thank you, but I’m going to try to make it.

  24. ballightning said

    Thats even better 🙂 We need more modders.

  25. Enthernaler said

    is there any mod to unlock the secret ending minigame on the space stage of spore?ppl would need that.

  26. ballightning said

    What secret ending minigame? The space stage does not end.

  27. rotto said

    i saw some stuff about a transition mini game somewhere in sporemaster

  28. Dr. Time-Cop said

    Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but is there a mod that removes the Joker badge?

  29. ballightning said


  30. Mr. H. said

    I have this idea o’ mine quite a long time in my head, and it goes as followed:

    Wouldn’t it be great if they made the tribal stage not an rts, but an world of warcraft alike game whereas you would still explore the world on foot, but that you can create your own weapons, have various villages where the villagers would actually do something besides from fishing and hunting and stuff. That you can capture wild animals and use them as mounts, or that you can build a primitive boat and explore other continents. It would be like galactic adventures, only tribal-like. I would love it if EA made an expansion like that.
    In short, what if they made tribal stage A LOT more fun to do and makes you stick around on your planet for longer.

    P.S.: This may be off topic, but I just wanted to share some of my ideas to all who wants it. 😛

    • Teriderol said

      Yes it is off topic, however, i have got the same idea since i played it 3 days after release and posted a topic, today, in the same spirit as you have.
      maybe they van add adaptable npc and simplification programs, which are needed if you want to take spore to the next level, also i think making it an mmorpg on local area or ping and clientbased is a good idea, so you can play the game on severall fases while playing with your friends.
      it would be really cool to create your own magic and runes on some sort of butterfly staged creature (caterpillar => coccoon => butterfly) and have a symbiose with your neighbour. Especially the computers reaction if he tries the same strategy on both of you.
      This gives you the freedom of not develloping a culture or city and just make a hero can grow to godly proportions, just as in wow.

      p.s.: A lan battle with pre developped monsters can be realised by this

  31. mar16cris said

    well…..im only passing here and i pay the game…wanted to say about the extended parts for creature editor…….because…..

    it would be better to play with the extended cell parts in the cell stage and still playing with it on the creature stage…it would be more cool……….and also…..the grox parts would be better to have it in space stage…..except well…..the eyes..

    ant the other thing….its….some of the cell parts that apear. on the video….well….it looks like some of them dont have the abilities…..except te mouths and the cilia and flagela parts…

    • ballightning said

      We cannot add the parts to the cell stage due to the constraints on the amount of code we can access. The code required for the cell stage editors is very different to any of the other editors in Spore. All the cell parts in the creature stage have abilities. We can put the grox parts in the space stage if we can work the code out.


  32. mar16cris said

    the other thing would be…..a mod that permit the game to save the creations….replacing the forced saving method…..that’s possible??

    • ballightning said

      At the moment this is not possible, as the “hard coded” code stops creatures with modded parts from saving, so the hack basically makes the game “save”. Without help from Maxis, this is not going to be changing.

  33. Lowen J. (Spazzola, spore name) said

    We sould be able to use a hack in civ. stage, where we could pause the game, and place extra units down onto the planet (in case of emergency)…

  34. hokabo said

    Im having troubles with modding spore ive been trying for about 3 days no matter what i change when i start up the game nothing changes. Im pretty sure its not because of certain mods being together because i tried playing the Play as an Epic mod by itself in the data folder of spore and still nothing. I have patched spore to 1.03.0000(or whatever, the latest patch) i need some help on what to do next. I really want these to work i think they will add to the gameplay so much! The pirate raids and attacks can be so annoying every 5 minutes or so.

    • ballightning said

      Make sure you are placing the .package files into that folder, not a .zip. Otherwise i’d suggest posting your problem over at sporemods.org

  35. Ameryth said

    I recently installed the asymmetry mod, but its making it hard to do anyhting creature related and i want it gone. Its not in any spore folders, and ive already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game three times. Please help! I can’t use the creature editors, effectively, anymore!

  36. midget said

    I recently downloaded and used the mod “one stop shop” and it made all my creations glitch out. where there should be a picture of it, there is just a wight space, and when I click on it it says that the creation has parts or textures I don’t have. I tried reinstalling the game, deleting the patch, as well as other unrelated patches, but to no avail. Any ideas are appreciated.
    P.S. I have an iMac

  37. midget said

    sorry, white space. I’m a little distracted right now

  38. nån snubbe said

    Has the new BetterSpore come yet? The one that the “bug parts” is there. ca 2 months ago you said “about in middle of may” and thats about now=)

  39. nursepippo said

    how do you do assymetry?

  40. Ryan said

    ball lighting , do you think you can make a mod where you start off in space stage with every weapon?

    • ballightning said

      There is already one of those made at sporemods.org. It may not be uploaded yet to the new site, so wait a few days and it should be up.

  41. […] used SporeMaster. Here is a link to the guide on Sporedum, and here is a link to their mods. __________________ – Bla […]

  42. Darklord said

    In space age wen i bought an anti-matter bomb i lost a bunch of wepons

    • Gorgolis said

      I had the same problem…turns out there is an arrow that scrolls throgh slots so your weapons are still there

  43. Geoffrey said

    You should make a mod in which other creatures can evolve faster than you and reach tribe and civilization when you are still in creature stage. I don’t know much about modding so please tell me if this is even possible.

  44. GREEDY FOR MODA said

    ALL(or most i should say) OF THE MODS CANT BE DOWNLOADED ANYMORE………FIX IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWW(also i would like an infinite food mod for tribal stage pl plz plz plz plz make it)

  45. Gorgolis said

    Epic warz needs to be fixed cuz wen i buy it it doesnt appear anyway but ity dissapears from teh shop

  46. Conner B7 said

    is there a infinite health mod?

  47. Gloffispore said

    Can somebody PLEASE make a play as an epic mod, that has your health at like 5000? Nineballfool’s Uber epic mod didn’t do that. I just started modding and don’t know how to do it myself.

  48. clawshot said


  49. Kahlel said

    how do i get an account D=

  50. Kahlel said

    how do i get an account somebody please reply DX

  51. keegan said

    evary time i downloaded the eipic thing it doesnot work help!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. bliueq said

    every time i go on spore dum it says site not fond

  53. ahhh said


  54. Kyle said

    The fickin site is down. Possibly forever. Or else you’re going to have to pay. Welcome to capitalism.

  55. Kento said

    lol, what is with the lack of maturity of you guys.

  56. zotobom said

    Sporedum is down (old news)….forever.

    Sporemods.org is down forever to i guess,the domain is…..GONE.

  57. bob said

    Ugh, It would be nice if sporedum could transfer all the stuff to this place. That would be very helpful. :l

  58. Nope.avi said

    I guess spore modding is dead completely.
    None of the mods are downloadable or found anywhere else…
    The heck!?!?!
    Why did sporedum and these guys drop us?!

  59. Pedro said

    ballightning i want to be a modder, if dont have much compromise

  60. Pedro said

    corretc me because i am from brazil am i am sorry for double posting

  61. Niki14 said

    I can’t seem to download anything at all, can’t you make downloading the mods easier? Everytime I click the website thing, it just keeps taking me to some un-helpful website.

    • CTL said

      Same here, its because the website no longer exists. You get taken to a generic Domain Name provider. It sucks because that means its more than likely that no groups exist anymore to mod spore. We’re stuck with 3 year old mods which don’t even do much. This kind of stuff is inevitable with a game which fails miserably, even though I still love it. You could always try going to ModDB.com and searching Spore, but the only mod there is BetterSpore, the one I mentioned that stopped devel 3 years ago.

      • CTL said

        Correction. The sporemods.org website expired October 2 of this year (2011), not 2008 like I thought. I read the date wrong. But still, its 10 days and nobody has renewed the name, so not much of a chance of that happening. I sure hope that Im wrong though.

  62. orgonite said

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  64. it wont show DOWNLOAD

  65. Louis Gridley Wu said


    If any of you have come here looking for spore mods, and have encountered broken links.
    Do not lose hope yet.
    You can recover broken links using “The Wayback Machine / Internet Archive”. Go to “archive.org / web / web.php” and put the link, or can use the addon “Resurrect page” in Firefox using the “Internet Archive” button.

    Be sure to use a date before May 2009, later dates not seem to work.

    Good luck.

  66. BlooDLotuS said

    Spore really needs a sequel.
    One with better emphasis on each stage.

    Cell/Creature stage that’s kinda like create-a-pokemon then play DeathMatch with friends on multiplayer would be epic.

    If ever a sequel, another expansion, a “parts creator/editor” would also help A LOT.

  67. hello im lookng for a site fir spore mods such sites pretty much have gone extinct now days and ide like to finde some mkds fir grox some badg mods and a mega trainer would b nice to

  68. […] Spore Modding – The Ultimate Modding Resource « Sporedum – Welcome to Sporedum’s Spore Modding Resource, one of the most comprehensive modding lists on the internet. Don’t like the way the game works? […]

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