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How to Install Mods

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!





Installing Mods for Galactic Adventures:

As Galactic Adventures brings a whole new .exe file, and file structure to the game, the location where you need to install mods has moved. Place your mods in the following place for PC’s:

  • C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_EP1\Data

We do not yet know where it will go for a Mac, if you find out, please comment below.

Any mods which do not work for Galactic Adventures should be reported in this thread:


Installing Mods for XP and Vista:

NOTE: if you downloaded from steam, it is a different address, read below for more.

Installing current generation Spore mods is simple enough, simply copy the .package (eg  improvedinterstellerdrive.package) file into Spore’s Data directory. The data directory is typically located in:

  • C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Spore/Data.

For example the file pathway for the installed package would be:

  • C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Spore/Data/improvedinterstellerdrive.package

Here is how i get to it:


You can see the first pathways from the desktop at the top of the bar.


This will show you were your spore game is installed, if it is not like this, it may not be possible to properly install spore mods, and we advise you uninstall your spore game (this may result in loss of game).


This is what it should look like inside the Electronic Arts folder.


The insides of the spore folder. Now we enter the data folder.

NOTE: Improvedcomplexity is an EXAMPLE of a mod. It does not need to be in your folder, just place your .package file into that folder.



This is your destination.  Place the file in as shown above and you are ready to play spore with mods!

Installing Spore Mods for Mac:

The location to place the package files is as follows – based on a default install of Spore:

  • /Applications/SPORE/Spore.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Spore/Data/

The Spore.app is an application package, so you’ll need to control/right click on it and select “Show Package Contents” from the contextual pop-up menu, which will then open a window where you will then see the “Contents” folder, so navigate the rest of the path mentioned above.

Installing Spore Mods for XP/Vista with a Steam download:

The location to place the package files for spore if you downloaded it through steam is as follows – based on a default install of Spore:

  • C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\spore\Data

Temporarily Disabling Mods:

You’ll notice below that one of my mods is a .old file, rather than a .package file. You can temporarily disable mods this way, which is exceptionally useful for mods like the asymmetry hack. Simply rename the mod in question from *.package to *.package.old


Uninstall Mods

To uninstall a mod, simply delete the .package file.

Back to Spore Modding.


189 Responses to “How to Install Mods”

  1. linkman9596 said

    now my game wont work, did i do something wrong? i have XP, and i did it exactly as it says up there, WTF?

    • BoBBBBBB said

      This is for Mac stupid

      • S7even said

        There’s an installation method for XP/Vista, and one for Mac. Try reading next time.

        • Redstar9 said

          I cant figure out how to install mods on mac i read the directions but when i clicked on the spore folder i cant find “Spore.app” can someone help me??

      • roooooofl, this is not for mac. i was shocked looking at the files on the guys comp. almost all are the same exact files as me 0.0 and i mean like downloaded stuff. btw the mod i used works so if it doesnt work for you check again. the set up is a little different for vista and xp

  2. linkman9596 said

    oh, and there is a file in there called, RTA02950, if that helps

  3. ballightning said

    Did you get the direct download version?

  4. linkman9596 said

    from where?

  5. ballightning said

    Sorry, what i meant was, did you get spore direct download or from a shop? And is it legal?

  6. linkman9596 said

    uh, i guess so i got the mods; improvedcomplexity.package, megapack.package, and nogalcenlimit.package

  7. ballightning said

    What i was asking was, when you bought spore, did you but it from a shop or directly download the spore game itself online.

    Also megapack is an old mod and may not work, so try not using it and see if it works.

  8. linkman9596 said

    i have the mods; mega pack, no galactic center limit, and improved complexity, i sent this message earlier, i think there is a HUGE lag.

  9. ballightning said

    You did, what i would like to know through to help you, is where you got the actual SPORE game, not the mods but how did you BUY the game.

    Did you directly download spore or did you buy it. DO you have creepy and cute? And what patch are you with?

  10. linkman9596 said

    i bought Spore from best buy, i got the flora editor to work, though, i dont have the parts pack, and i think its in 1.03.00000 or 1.30.00000

  11. ballightning said

    I think the problem is that you have the new patch, as this edited some of the .package files, some of the older mods won’t work, like mega pack and no galactic limit.

    Try not using the mega pack and see if it works, if not, try not using the nogalcenlimit. If it still doesn’t work, just use improved complexity, if that doesn’t work, then theres something else wrong.

  12. linkman9596 said

    damn, i wonder whats happening? its not working! i`m gonna do a virus scan.

  13. ballightning said

    I have remade the galaticlimit mod and you can find it in Sporedum Mods.

  14. ballightning said

    “damn, i wonder whats happening? its not working! i`m gonna do a virus scan.”

    Have you tried running without any mods?

  15. linkman9596 said


  16. ballightning said

    And it still doesn’t work? Then i think its more a game issue, not so much a mod one.

  17. linkman9596 said

    yes, i have

  18. linkman9596 said

    hate this lag…

  19. linkman9596 said

    and besides, the game has been playing perfectly before i got the mods

  20. ballightning said

    ok i am at a loss, you can try get some more help at SporeMods as there are many more people there to help you.
    Sorry i haven’t fixed your problems

    Ball Lightning

  21. Claire said

    i dont get this at all!!!! i dont understand what i am supposed to do!! please help me

  22. ballightning said

    What is it that is the problem. Have you got a .package file (eg: mod.package) which you can then move into the “data” folder. Are you using a windows or mac computer?

  23. Dolodon said

    Whenever I try putting a mod into the data folder, it says “Not enough space on SPORE.” then tells me how much space I have, saying I have exactly 0 bytes left. Any help?

  24. robert said

    how do u install it with winrar

    spore editor needs winrar and it say eror when i install wont work with save

  25. remy said

    I’ve placed the asymmetry mod into the DATA folder, and when I start the game, nothing happened.
    what should I do?

  26. ballightning said

    How does nothing happen? The asymmetry mod should only change your creators. Try them out and see what happens.

    Are you using the asymmetry mod or hack?

  27. Remy said

    I think it was a hack, because the package filename was “asymmetryhack”. I downloaded it from http://www.xspore.com. About my spore software, I’ve installed patch 1.01 and 1.03. I also have the creepy & cute expansion pack. The moment the asymmetry package was placed in the DATA folder, I started Spore and I opened the creature creator. Then I gave a random creature some arms, but they were symmetric. What was I supposed to do?

  28. Remy said

    Oh, and another thing. I also tried the AnEpic package, put it in the DATA folder, started Spore and played the creature stage. I saw no difference.

  29. ballightning said

    For the AnEpic you need patch 1.3. If it still doesn’t work post in its thread here:

    The other one is a hack, it is different to a mod and not something i have to much knowledge about.

  30. Simrod said

    can this mod be made to work with the STEAM version of Spore?

    -Just took a causual look at the inside of the mod pacage and realise i don’t have a clue on where to start 😮

    thank in advance 🙂

  31. ballightning said

    Where is your spore installed? And what are the sub directories?

  32. Steamuser said

    mods should be placed here when using steam: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\spore\Data

  33. ballightning said

    Thanks very much. Added.

  34. _0_ said

    I got as far as C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Spore cut then I cant find a folder called data.
    am I somehow looking in the wrong place?

  35. Joe901993 said

    Same here i can not find the Data file after the Spore file. I checked my whole PC and its definetly not there, Plz Hlp.

  36. ballightning said

    Did you download using steam? Otherwise i don’t really know as if you did a normal install that folder should be there.

  37. ballightning said

    Also search for a “.package” file and put the mod where all the package files are if you can.

  38. Swimpunk said

    I got the genisis tool mod and it worked, then, i deleted an old saved game and it stopped working and help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. ballightning said

    Have you gone to the center of the galaxy in your new save game?

  40. Swimpunk said

    Yes. I downloaded the mod because i ran out of staff of life ammo. It was working and then i deleted the game and it disappeared.

  41. Swimpunk said

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  42. ballightning said

    So you had 2 games, both with staff of life in them and you deleted one and the other save game lost its staff of life?

  43. Swimpunk said

    No I only had the staff of life in 2 of my 5 games and the one that i deleted wasn’t one of them.
    The one that got deleted never traveled very far from the home planet.

  44. Jakiestoopid said

    Im having a different issue, in the Game0 folder I found that after reinstalling spore to fix the problem, I put the working files back into the game0 folder, including all the planets, saves, etc and now after patching it to 1.03 all of them are gone, I cant find them anywhere! Any suggestions? Ive spent so much time working on the game and would be gutted to have to redo everything Ive done.

  45. samurai worrior said

    Hmmmm….., i can’t seem to get any mods to copy to the data folder for spore. i found them somewhere else, lemme check…

  46. samurai worrior said

    oh, and how do you get them (the mods)to work in the actual game? D oyou have to start a new one, a complete reinstall, or just a save-quit-start-the-game-again?

    • ballightning said

      Most mods should just work when you place them in on your old save games.

      • Swimpunk said

        My mod worked until i deleted a game that had absolutely nothing. i deleted the mod genesis atmospheric tool and got it again several times and it still won’t work. It has made me very deppressed because i have to spend my time on terraforming, nit just hitting a button and then laying down the colony.

  47. ottosparks said

    Ok. So I made my mod, put it in, and it……didn’t work. I am a beginner modder, and I edited: interstellardrive3.whatever. The file read Interstellar Drive 5 when I tarted and kept it that way. I then unlocked and bought it, then it…Didn’t work. HALP!

  48. jkik11 said

    Ok i have the same problem linkman9596 had. I installed the complexity mod and put it in data then my game wouldnt start. I bought mine from a store and everything. I tried deleting the mod but it still wont start!!!

  49. jkik11 said

    i figured it out but its just annoying to start the game.

    • Swimpunk said

      Does it take forever to start?
      My problem is that when you start the game, it will sit there for minute and then it will get a magnified screen for a minute, go back to normal, then start, that is a process of about 5 minutes!!

      • ballightning said

        That should not happen.. What mods do you have running, and make sure you are on patch 1.3

        • Swimpunk said

          It has happened ever since my first time playing the game. The only mod i have, the genesis atmospheric mod(improved) does not even work. If there is something wrong, please tell me, as I dont even play on my own computer.

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  51. jumonji said

    whenever i try to download it, it alays says ‘Internet explorer cannot display this page’ i refreshed the page, same thing, there are no problems with my internet modem, so i conclude
    WHAT THE ****! D:<

  52. dudes, i understood this thing a-okay, im a veteran mod user. thanx Ball (i just found out about this site XD )

  53. Sivad said

    where do i get the improvedcomplexity.package file? i don’t have it. Is it a mod or what?

  54. Sivad said

    i really want to get betterspore but i dont have the file to put it in

  55. ballightning said

    You don’t need that, that is an example of what you do with a package, get the BetetrSpore packages, and place them there just like it is showed above.

    • Sivad said

      where exactly do i place them i put them fust in the data not in anything in the data and it didn’t work.

      P.S. How do i get a single part of it (parts pack)?

  56. Sivad said

    oh i see what you mean. i don’t need that. Then why wouldn’t it work when i just put itr in there???

  57. Sivad said

    also, my file for betterspore is a winRAR sip file what’s up with that?

  58. Sivad said

    yeah it does it for anyhting on this site it says it is a WinRAR zip Archive and so it won’t work. it only does this on this website 😦

  59. Sivad said

    is unzippong the same thing as extracting files?

    if so i know the problem. my membership w/ winRAR is expired so im not allowed to extract files.

    is that right?

  60. Kikstump said

    i put it in data and i have xp did i do it right??

  61. Al R. said

    I have the NoAnger package, and it doesn’t work, the nogrox package which also doesn’t work.


    I have XP, latest patch, and creepy and cute. I bought the game at a store.

  62. Anonymous said

    I deleted the 42 and spaceisfun mods. Now my game crashes before I can load my file. Any ideas how to fix it?

  63. aaaaa9 said

    I downloaded the asymmetryhack and then I deleted it but the affecs are still active.

  64. youtubeman said

    what are you in?

  65. sporemodder said

    BoBBBBBB YOU are the stupid

  66. n said

    Where can I get the Steam download, cause i don’t have the improved complexity package file?

  67. Olof_ragnarok said

    In the following site “http://sporedum.net/spore-modding/how-to-install-mods/” it stands ,at pic 5, “improved complexity” (at 17 KBs) with the red arrow.
    IT DOESNT EXIST THERE!!! i checked amongs the documents several times but i didn´t find it. What did i do wrong??
    i followed the instructions ,and trust me, i was SO confused. Did i downloaded it wrong??
    WHAT SHOULD I DO?????!!!!! help me plz! :c

    • ballightning said

      You don’t need improved complexity, that is an example of where your mod should be, i’ll fix up that picture soon. Improved complexity is just another mod.


      • Olof_ragnarok said

        so i just place all the “betterSpore” files into what file? I don´t quit know h o w to…
        But the “improved…” file isn´t there and what file should put betterSpore in?
        Should i just copy BetterSpore in to the spore file or another? plz help me out?!

        • ballightning said

          The BetterSpore files are the one which you find the the zip folder which you download. Open the zip and you will find various package files. Read the readme for what each one does, and then place the ones you want into the data folder. Improved complexity is just an example of another mod.


  68. My filess won’t save where you said we have to put them but everytime I try it won’t work it says I have too contact the addministrator for permision which is nonesense because I am on my laptop what should I do too make it work?

    • ballightning said

      You need to be an administrator to change files in the spore folder. This is something that EA did, so just log in as an administrator, and then click continue on the op ups if you are using Vista.


  69. I really don’t understand this (i’m 12 and I know jack about comps) so how would i log in as an admin? and where

    • ballightning said

      Thats ok. When you get the message about the admin, is there a button which has “continue” on it, if so click on that. Then if there are any more screens asking for permission, click continue on all of them.


  70. Olof_ragnarok said

    I understand what you mean now ;D
    But does it matter if i copy from the zip file or the un-ziped file?

  71. It still is’nt working it really is taking the mick

  72. Olof_ragnarok said

    Can i fix more mods at the same time to spore? AND i´ve already downloaded and fixed bettterSpore now;D but i don´t have ANY new parts exept for the robotthings and cell but nutting else. What should i do??? plz help again?

    • ballightning said

      The robot things and the cell ones are the only new parts, that is mentioned in the Readme and the BetterSpore page. If you have the cell parts and the grox parts then it is working. The new parts will be coming out in a future release.

      • Olof_ragnarok said

        But, i may sound stupid, i checked on youtube on “new betterSpore parts” and there is like another kind of legs´n stuff. i´ll link-
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKDbMnrlaLw i thougt that the other “side” you look on the parts menu while the clip rolls, then you will see that he swaps to some other menu:I how to i get that mod??????

        • ballightning said

          Some of those parts did not make it into the final release, this was because it was not up to our standards.

  73. Sage21 said

    I have an XP and I am having a problem getting to use better spore in creature creator I did downloaded it but i cannot put it in the file improvedcomplexity.package because I do not have it and how do I get the improvedcomplexity.package

    Need help please respond

    • ballightning said

      The improvedcomplexity is just an example of a mod, it is a mod and you do not need it. You place Your package into that folder and the mod will work.

  74. Olof_ragnarok said

    So can i get them or is it to late…? Ok but is it a mod where i can get those parts?

    • ballightning said

      No one can get them at the moment. We will be releasing them at a future date.

      • Olof_ragnarok said

        Ok but you know when will it be released? sorry to nag so much…

        • ballightning said

          No idea at the moment. Theres alot going on with RL for the members of the team (including me), through i should be able to start work on BS1.6 which will include the new parts from next weekend.

          So nothing before mid May.


  75. Olof_ragnarok said

    Ok right in time 4 my birthday;D ok thanks any way:D

  76. Blaziken2008 said

    The only mod I can get to work is the maxis one. I downloaded the mod, extracted the zipped folder and when I opened spore, nothing different. What should I do to make them work?

    • ballightning said

      That should work, make sure you are placing the .package files into the data folder, and that the name of the package file begans with a letter before “S”, if not, place a “a” in front of it.


    • janx said

      What maxis one????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  77. janx said

    How do u install mods for macs?

  78. james said

    i don’t get ANY of the words this website just said… this is the most CONFUSING thing I’ve ever looked at. can i PLEASE get some help? A LOT of help with this website? please?

  79. james said

    BALLLIGHTING? can u please tell me how to go to the place where u download the mods to your computer, how to do all of the unzip folder, put the folder in the thing, put the mod in spore stuff, and how EXACTLY get it all to work, please???

    • ballightning said

      Look up on the internet how to unzip a folder (search ‘unzip a folder’ on google), and you should get the package file. As i show above, you place the package file in the folder above and it will work.

  80. AwsomeGman said

    i’m trying to install a mod on my dell laptop but it say i need to be an administor. Can someone help me?

    • ballightning said

      Make sure you are in the admin account, then if any more messages appear, click on continue/access/allow or anything like it for the messages.

  81. Serban said

    wtf i have no data folder and i dint download it i bought it WTF o nvm BUT I DONT HAVE THAT FILe like the complexety thing WTF

    • ballightning said

      Please do not post more then once. Also if you actually read the tutorial it tells you that the complexity file is an EXAMPLE of a mod, your mod package would be there and it won’t be.

      If you have no data folder, search on your computer for Spore_game

  82. Eithyy said

    Okay. I’m having a problem. I’ve downloaded the mods fine and I know how everything works and how to install them, but every time I try to place the .package files into the data bin it tells me that “Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.” I’ve tried several times and it always gives me that error message. I haven’t modded the game in any way so far so I’m not really sure why I’m not able to put anything in. Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that my game is installed in the D:/ drive instead of the C:/ drive?

  83. Eithyy said

    Ah. Nevermind. I think I’ve managed to solve my problem.

  84. X-RAY said

    Is there any way 2 down load for macs?

  85. I NEED HELP!!!! said


    ok i downloaded the mod, i found it in my docs, and i extracted all the files, it was still a PACKAGE file. so i dragged it from were it was to the data folder, and first i was informed that there was extra stuff on the disc that might be lost if i continue copying, i clicked continue, and then i got another error message that said

    “Windows does not support this CD-R format. Please try another disc.”

    WHAT DISC? i had my spore cd in there, the regular one that came with the game when it came out in september of 2008 NO OTHER TIME!!!


  86. You need to place the package file (not extract it) into the data folder. Then you just run spore normally as the tutorial above says.

    • I NEED HELP!!!! said

      so once i get the package file fresh from the download, i just move it over to the data folder? then i wont have the error message, and the mod i got will work? cuz the error was about windows not supporting some CD-R format or something, but if i just do this than i wont get that? also, do i keep my spore cd in the drive while im doing it?

      • I NEED HELP!!!! said

        i just tried what you said with the cd in. i didnt extract the files, i just dragged it from the folder it appeared in after downloading, to some blank spot in the data folder, like i shoulve done. BUT, i got the error message again. should i have the disc in?

      • ballightning said

        What are you trying to do when you get that message?

        Because you should be playing spore normally, by double clicking on the Spore icon to load spore after you have placed the .package file into the Spore Data folder.

        • I NEED HELP!!!! said

          hwne i get the message, i just have the page up were the package appeared once i downloaded it, the data page, and this website was up to. when i moved the file to the data folder it began copying, showing me the usual little bar, and an annimation of a file moving from a world to a folder, like normal. but i got the error message, and when i clicked ok on the message, the copying bar closed, and i ended up to were i was before i moved th package. should i be running spore when im doing anything?

        • ballightning said

          You shouldn’t be running spore. All it should involve is moving the whatever.package file into the data folder. If there is something wrong that you can’t copy it then there is some setting or something wrong on your computer, what Operating system are you using? And make sure you are using your admin account.

  87. Snappin said

    hey can someone give me a link to the steam spore page? i didnt know it was buyable off steam 🙂

  88. I NEED HELP!!!! said

    ok so i need an admin account? are yopu sure? because wat keeps stopping me from moving the .package to the data is that error message that says Windows does not support this CD-R format. Please try another disc, however, the only cd i have in the comp at the time is spore. wat do they mean by they cant support this CD-R format?

    also, do u play trackmania? because they have downloadable car models that come in a ZIP format to be placed inot the game, and i generaly do the same thing and its worked.

    if the only thing stopping me from moving the file is some CD-R format error, then there might be something wrong with my spore cd, but theres deffinately no problems with any settings

    im just running Windows XP normaly on a some-odd 4 or so year old model, how do i find my specs?

  89. Romy007 said

    I have a question:

    i have steam but must i spore over steam download ?!?!?!?!!? PLS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. HERO said

    I’m getting the “Can not move (name of file): Access denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that file is not currently in use.” message. What does it mean and how do I fix it? This happens with any mod I try to drag into the Data file. Do I need an administrative account or administrative privileges?

  91. Seemed to work for me just fine. I appreciate the help. I have a laptop with XP, and a desktop with Vista. No problems on either.

  92. Geoffrey said

    I found a mod I want but when I try to unzip it it says this archive is of unknown format or damaged.

  93. Geoffrey said

    i have a working mod but when I put the .old at the end it still works I have to cut and paste it to my desktop to turn it off.

  94. skottyj said

    When should a mod work? Will it automatically apply to an existing game, or do you have to start an entirely new game for it to take effect? I’m specifically thinking of the 42 mod.

    • ballightning said

      It depends on the mod. In generally it should take effect instantly, but some mods you need to start a new game for, or are at least advised to (like Better Spore).

      • skottyj said

        I’ve placed several mods, and none seem to do much of anything. These include the 42 mod, travel distance in the galaxy center, and quicker reloading of weapons. Should I be seeing a difference in an existing game? As far as I know, I’ve installed them correctly. Do these only work when starting a new game?

        • ballightning said

          The 42 mod i believe needs you to start a new game, however the others should work on a existing game.

  95. tucker said

    im stuck i have a mac and i got to resources and now i dont know what to do i found an awesome mod and i want to install it please help

  96. tucker said

    ok no iv figured out the folder i think but people keep tellin me put it in the data folder this is all there is

  97. tucker said

    ok no iv figured out the folder i think but people keep tellin me put it in the data folder this is all there is

  98. Mark said

    Hey BL, this is /\/\ark from Totalspore. This morning (6/22/09), there was a Spore update (to 1.04.0000). I started playing Spore and found that the “package” files aren’t working (i.e. cooldown times are back to normal, the staff of life not staying at 42, etc).

    I rebooted the computer, verified the package mods were still present in the Data folder, all is proper, yet, even after the reboot and restarting Spore, they are not working!

    This just may be an issue you will be hearing more of in the next few days. Please check it out and contact me on a fix.

    You can email me at maximal@comcast.net and I will also stop by here for any new news.

    Thanks BL (P.S. keep on jammin with that cool black Les Paul! :D)

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  100. Davidoff97 said

    I use XP and when I was trying to copy the mod data to the EA Folder

    the Folder Spore did not exist there was only the Folder EADW ???


  101. jake said

    um.. when i click on it it comes up with this thing saying i cant do it cuz i need to tell it what i want to use with it and it says it cant find spor please help

  102. Psyjet said

    I have followed the vista instllation , but spore say me : Could not find the defaut preferences.
    The data is missing or corrupt.(1004)

  103. Andrew said

    Location of Spore mods on a mac with Galactic Adventures and 1.04 patch is :Applications\SPORE\SPORE™ Galactic Adventures(right click,show contents)\Contents\Resources\transgaming\c_drive\SPORE_EP1\Data

  104. maxine said

    my eletronic arts folder was in program files(x86) and im using vista if that helps 🙂 :0 :3

  105. Liz63 said

    For Mac users:

    In applications, find your Spore folder. Right click and click on ‘show package contents’. Then . . .


    In the c_drive folder, make this folder: spore_ep1
    In that folder, make this one: data

    Put all your mods in there. It worked for me. My mods all work fine.

  106. Liz63 said

    The above is for the original Spore – I stopped trying to play GA a long time ago.

  107. Harry said

    How on earth do you do it
    disappointed though cant find interstellar drive package

  108. tyler said

    does this hack work with the newest version of spore?

  109. Gloffispore said

    How do you edit the files? For example health, travel range. I suck at this, can you please tell me how? What do I do?

  110. ClayGuy247 said

    When I got the newest one, I followed the instructions for the force save hacks, and it says “Is the game running?” every time. And also, theres no grox parts or anything. no 2nd pages.

  111. Nelo said

    Uploaded it and installed it, Just wanna say thank you for injecting new life into an older game.

  112. Taylor said

    Having trouble getting Better Spore to work. I have patch 5, Legal version of the game, and no other mods that should conflict. NO other mods at all actually. However my game is installed in the x86 program files folder. Could that casue issues?



  113. Jakester1510 said

    how do you sighn up??

  114. Mazhar said

    It didn’t work

  115. Bayamont said

    Where do I get the Freakin Mods.
    Every time I download they don’t show up on my computer.

  116. help me plz. i can’t findimprovedinterstellerdrive.package

  117. help me plz. i can’t find improvedinterstellerdrive.package

  118. Harry said

    I have spore on steam but the force save package and the dark injection package won’t work for me.
    Please can somebody help me!!!

  119. Rex said

    i got the epic mod and put it in the data folder but there was no change to my creatures why wont it work?

  120. BAMxPANCAKE said

    I installed spore from ORIGIN there is ProgramFiles/ElectronicArts/SPORE_BP1 now i dont know watta do

  121. Kevmac said

    I know I’m a few years late responding. The actual thread was pretty busy in 2009, so I probably will get no response. But I need help. I downloaded PlatinumSpore and put the package into my data folder. Everything done correctly as usual. It changes a lot of things in the game and I checked all that I could to make sure it works. Even so, the features still would not show up in the creators and in game as well. I also had GA so I put it in that data folder as well to ensure I had taken correct steps. Still nothing. It may possibly be because I have not went back to patch 3, because I am not using the mod on GA, only vanilla w/ C&C. Can you help by advice, or by giving a link to DL patch 3. Thanks.

  122. epicbatman123 said

    i really need help i dont have a data file in program files spore please help me

  123. randomguy123 said

    I did everything it said and it seemed to be going well but then nothing happened on my spore. The mod was increased stellar drive and my spore is legal.

  124. ForeverAlone said

    Is anyone still playing this game? Am I the only one?!?

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