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Mod: Play as an Epic

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!





What is Nineballfool’s Uber Epic Mod?

This mod allows you to play the creature game as a true “uber” epic. You can now effectively be an epic. Have fun!

This mod was made for combat purposes, you can socialize if you want, but it is not tested.


(If you are experiencing download problems, go here and make sure you are a registered user)


1.) Your creature will start with 1,000 healthpoints and could go as high as 5,000 healthpoints (formula=base healthpoints multiplied by 100)

2.) Your creature’s damage is how can i say pretty much “one hit kill” (except against other epics and rogues)

3.) your creature will have the epic stomp, strike and spit attack animations and sounds (to get the stomp/strike animation…click the strike icon…it is random….your creature will either strike the opponent or stomp him with his foot…spit animation by clicking the spit icon)

4.) your creature will have all the sounds of an epic……foot steps….screaming

5.) the screen will shake as you walk…just like when the epics are nearby

6.) no hunger drain

7.) i lowered the amount of nest members to 1….a few show up sometimes….but they disappear…if you cannot find one….click the mate icon and one will appear

8.) i increased the viewing distance…so you can see things farther away (this may depend on the quality of your video card….it works for me)


This mod has been tested in easy, normal and hard difficulties 5 times each. Nineballfool have saved and reloaded the game numerous times and he had no issues. This mod was tested this mod without any other mods installed, this mod is incompatible with any mod that changes the creature stage (eg BetterSpore). He also tested this mod using new creatures and a couple of Maxis creatures and there were no issues.

If you do find a bug, please report it in this thread.

Created by NineBallFool


150 Responses to “Mod: Play as an Epic”

  1. […] Posted by ballightning on April 3, 2009 What is Nineballfool’s Uber Epic Mod? […]

  2. […] Play as an Epic What is Nineballfool’s Uber Epic Mod? This mod allows you to play the creature game as a true "uber" epic. You can now […]

  3. ConnorJack said

    I’m going to try this on my laptop Spore game as I am re-installing it later today.

  4. […] he’s so tiny to begin with, he didn’t make for an exciting epic!  Thanks to Sporedum for the […]

  5. Magnu5 said

    Ok, I’m totally not getting this. Have placed the downloaded file in the data dir, and what now? Need instructions on how to proceed. The new creatures I create are not epic or different in any way. Also, is there any risk to my Spore installation / saved games etc? Totally cool hack if it works btw.

  6. NeedHelp! said

    i need help i have a windows computer and how do i install the mods.

    • sevenmeyou said

      I can help you!
      i never watched the tut how to install mods
      its easy
      first download a mod (EXAMPLE.Play as Epic Mod)
      download the mod you want
      you should see a .package on it (Example.play as epic.package)
      then move it to D:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data
      i installed my spore in disk D
      if your spore is on disk c just put the downloaded mod there
      be sure to put your downloaded mod in the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data or D:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data Enjoy using the Sporedum.net mods!

  7. Soliton said

    Installed it, did everything correctly, did not work. Tried five new saves, did not work. Deleted every other mod currently installed, did not work.

  8. Best mod ever, breathing fire,Stomping puny creatures,awsome.

  9. Shane said

    how do i download it

  10. sporeguy said

    it works fine execpt for spit fire it just spits the normal spit and i would like to add the idea for the next version: replace charge for the pick up bite and throw epic attack. thx

  11. Skipp376 said

    Er… It works but there are WAY more nests.

  12. ? said

    Will this effect Galactic adventures at all

    will your player be an epic to?

  13. Rocky said

    I dont get the health or the one hit kill what shuld i do?

  14. INSANE said

    this is awsome my friend tryed this it worked and now hes an epic on spore how awsome is that

  15. Romy007 said

    I Can`t a epiccreature play.

    I have this downloaded and i can not a epic creature play!!!!

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • sevenmeyou said

      ummmm put your downloaded mod in your Electronic Arts/Spore/Data in the data file you can see lots of packages
      dont touch those just put your downloaded mod there.
      then click spore again it should work WELL!

  16. My name is... I forgot said

    This is by far the most fun mod out there! If you combine this mod with a superjump/glide, you are a terror of the skies! Not to mention that you can add members of your nest to your pack…! >:D

    Just an itty-bitty request… will u make it so we can pick up and throw creatures? That would be fun! (Maybe also some flaming spit! ) Thanks for the friggin awesome mod!

  17. Killza85 said

    Funnest mod ever made just one thing for some reason whenever i go to make my guy better in the editor in game it always starts my guy again

    like i do the love dance thing and it opens the editor but then it gets rid of everything and has one of those random bodies there? could u fix that it would be appreciated.. thnx

  18. Spore hero said

    The link that you have sends me to some stupid site that says there was an errror. I tried to restart my computer but it still doesn’t work. All the other links don’t work either. Please help.

  19. Llama said

    I can’t download it. The link to become a registered user does’nt work either…

    I really want to have this 😛 It must be so cool to play as the most feared 😛

  20. Nick said

    REALLY cool if it works, ima download this one. Only question is, do you choose to be epic or not? Cuz I sometimes will probobly feel like being a regular creature.

    • ballightning said

      You just take the mod off if you do not want to be an epic. Read the How to Install Mods guide for more on that.

  21. Lord North said

    Yea, im having trouble downloading it, it does not start and sends me to the old site. I cant find any other way to either

  22. $pore said

    wowo! can i pick pepole up and throw them?
    i really really would like to pick up a bumblebee creature and throw it.

    and if you go to far into the sea dose the seamonster still get you?

  23. Geoffrey said

    If you download this mod will every other future creature you make be an epic or can you choose? I don’t want to always be an epic!

    • Anisaur said

      NO! You just remove it from your data folder to be a little creature!

      • Geoffrey said

        Thank you but I cant seem to get it to work winrar cannot open the package file. What should I do?

        • ballightning said

          You don’t unpack the package file, it is the core file. If you want the mod place it in the data folder, if you dont’ want it, remove the package.

  24. Anisaur said

    I do have a question. Will your Tribal, civ, and space creatures be epics to? 35 epics walking around in the city walls?

  25. andrim said

    Is there a simpler way to download it?

  26. Anisaur said


  27. Anisaur said

    When I migrated, the STINKIN’ GAME WOULDN’T WORK! What to do?

  28. SaruMaas said

    The Download-Link is broken…..

    (You have requested a page or object that was not found on the server.
    This may be the result of a typo or broken link.
    Error 404 Not Found (File does not exist: forum/index.php/topic,2230.msg26260.html))

  29. Geoffrey said

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Thank you! I got my creature up to 11000 health with the level 5 health thing.

  30. nico said


  31. marksman said

    HOW DO U UNINSTALL IT IVE BENN SEARCHING HOW FOR LIKE 5 days and i reinsalled the game like 7 times How do i unistall it

    Please reply

    • ballightning said

      Remember how you placed a package file in the data folder to install it? All you do is just remove it.

  32. jaedcapo said

    that does not works, please, helps, dAMN

  33. jaedcapo said

    it is NOT compatible with patch 1.04

  34. Geoffrey said

    Will this work with galactic adventures installed?

  35. coketom said


  36. Teroa said

    I like this mod, but one thing still won’t work. The spit animation is still normal, although everything else is perfect – aside from the delay between clicking the buttons and my creature attacking… which does not happen with socialize buttons – yes I have tested the socialize part and it works normally – just as long as you haven’t killed another of the species near them, in which case they all run off in fear.
    Please reply, ‘cuz I cannot use Sporemaster to fix the mod, as my .NET Framework is outta date & I do NOT want to download the newest one (200/300+ mb) on a dial-up connection, which is all I have.

  37. Ian said

    OH MY GOD!! I CANT WAIT TO GET THIS MOD!! the site that u put in the download link was offline so i cant download =(.. Is there any other site i can download this at?

    Please Reply..

  38. FireArceus said

    The website for download is offline i cant download it 😦

  39. FireArceus said

    who have that mod can upload it on megaupload plz?

  40. Staticman said

    Hey, is there a way to get the screen to stop shaking? my creature looks like its on a sugar rush, every step it takes is like…. motion sickining.

  41. panda said

    I deleted the epic mod cuz i wanted to play as a regular creature but everytime i make a new creature game my creature is still an epic when i deleted the mod. Can someone please help me?

  42. FailurePolice said

    This is now rated as “Fail”.

  43. davyx said

    dudes this mod doesn’t work with the latest patch .
    it sounded cool but now it doesn’t work . stupid 5.1 patch
    if some one askes i installed it in the richt place

  44. kratos said

    the mod is for 1.5.1?

  45. Alison said

    ok i downloaded it now what!… whats the the last thing so i can be an real epic!! plz i need d 2 know i really wanna be an epic soooo bad!!

  46. Kyla said

    I Want to a Epic On Spore So I Don’t Die With 5’0000 of live

  47. help said

    Do other epics still one hit kill you?

  48. Dant_e said

    i cant download this

  49. Fallthedragon said

    is the website to download this down? because when I click download it takes me to a page and it says “network error can not display web page” D:

    • Tashi needs help said

      I can’t download this because when i click download it said ”Internet explorer can not display the webpage.

  50. saradomin 50 said

    Sounds great, but are you still epic in the other stages?

  51. Zachary said

    I don’t have the electronic arts spore data file even though it still saves and works… what do I do?

  52. Zachary said

    OH and the download says I cannot display the webpage

  53. it will not let me download

  54. DjFlora3000 said

    Mi potete dire come si scarica galactic freedom?

  55. Carl said

    sporedum net and sporemods had been restricted put here the link

  56. Carl said

    this is my real email

  57. Aidan said


  58. Aidan said


  59. Aidan said


  60. sam said


    SPOREDUM.org is down.

  61. Emily said

    help me i cant find a way to be an epic and i always wanted to be an epic. i really wanna squish a littler animal:) HELP ME PLEASE.

  62. Emily said

    HELP ME PLEASE i cant find a way to be an epic on spore please help.

  63. Jenny LaVada said

    Obviously, there’s a conspiracy afoot; the site for all of these mods is D-O-W-N. Dang!

  64. Emily said

    y are all of the mods down this is fucking stupid I NEED TO BE AN EPIC ON SPORE SO I CAN GET MY REVENGE ON THAT STUPID RED EPIC WITH THE FUCKING FLOWERS ON ITS HEAD SHIT. . . . . . . 😦

  65. Emily said


  66. Emily said


  67. Nonim said

    Spore not know how to download and not going to epic mode dowlnadez

  68. logan said

    i go to sporedum and then what do i do to download it

  69. logan said

    i have tryed many websights non ever work help me

  70. bproctor10 said

    it wont work

  71. Katie said

    Why does it show me the site to buy stuff? BTW i’m only 10 yrs old. How do i download?

  72. PatsterTH said

    Ok I did everything, didn’t work. And don’t say its that one “http://sporedum.net/spore-modding/how-to-install-mods/ ” Because that is just a site that gives you links. How do I really do it? With all the people not able to do it, I’m starting to think it might be a virus or fake.

  73. jenniboo said

    it want let me download it it just takes me to sporemods

  74. nick said

    I think spore shut it down becuase someone uploaded one of their mods and it got featured. now they dicided that spore mods arent allowed. the only one i could find is better spore..iguess thats becuase it doesnt effect the published creations except for letting people add more parts.

  75. NIELS said

    i cant dowloed pore if i click on downloed i cain a site but wath you niet to doe on dat momend

  76. kim said


  77. kim said

    how can i be a epic creature in spore?

  78. Stacey said

    will this still work with origin?

  79. bob said


  80. B-MAN said

    Can you hack the game to play as an Epic Creature?

  81. B-MAN said

    If there is, Could someone please explain how to hack it.

  82. B-MAN said

    I’ve seen Adventures where you can play as an Epic Creature, but I don’t know how to do it.

  83. novice(Pro) said

    how the hell do you download it? i click download and it sends me to sporemods.org. nothing there pertains to anything that is a mod of spore.

  84. zoomirc said


  85. John Parrot said

    What kind of download is this? I try and try and it brings me to sporemods.org( which is just a store) and I don’t know what to do.

  86. Jake said


  87. tania said

    epics ar cool

  88. Dj Mini Bo said

    ? i click download and it sends me to sporemods.org. nothing there pertains to anything that is a mod of spore. It could be so nice if SOMEONE wanted to help us!!! do something! this look so god damn nice!!! Hurry! wanna play now!

  89. KodaHowl said

    grrr you are all right! i need to download it i am in lov with epics!

  90. Rex said

    i got the epic mod and put it in the data folder but there was no change to my creatures why wont it work?


  92. tomas said

    i dont know how to get it

  93. tomas said

    i dont know to were big

  94. GalladeXD said

    Spore patch, Y U NO WORK?! *makes computer explode*

  95. KodaHowl said

    wierd it wont work

  96. hjf nfj dj c jcb jcv b

  97. 2

  98. VVV said


  99. egef said

    fuck you bitch

  100. bkplayer said

    This brings me to an idiot site with ads everywhere, where is THE UPDATED AND REAL ONE?

  101. hace días que andaba buscando este software, pero no encontraba esta version full, gracias por tu aporte, por cierto muy buen sitio

  102. Ryan decker said

    why cant we eat the tiny creatures like the other epics in this mod???

  103. Joseph7003 said

    or why cant ”I” pick up creatures with this mod?!?!

  104. Ryan Decker said


  105. i dont now where u download the mod to beh a epic creature .-.

  106. Shasta said

    Now I can get hold of the many extras from Habbo 😀

  107. FUCK ÝOU said


  108. benjamin said

    sheesh I can not find the download butten

  109. benjamin said

    dumb things

  110. Legendary said

    A way is the get the package file (you should already know how) that put it in the other spore data folder and it will work. Trust me, this is how I got it to work.

  111. what is spore said

    I cant find how to download this. its 2017 and it takes me to sporedom.com and it gives me 3 random links. where do I download this and where do I do it. I know how to install, but I cant find the downloads.

  112. what is spore said

    I’d love a damn response within a month too.

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