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Spore Modding: How to make an Item

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!

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How to make a Item

Welcome to the Sporedum Tutorial on how to make an item. Thank you for taking your time to read through this tutorial and if you have any comments please post them below.

Now on to the modding! This tutorial will be based on creating a seperate version of the Staff of Life (called th genesis device in the code) which is buyable andhas unlimited ammo.

First of all create a mod as shown in this tutorial on how to make a mod for spore.

Next we need to create a new tool file, as the tool will be very similar compared to genesis device, we will be using the genesis file as a base. First we need to copy the file to do this follow the steps below, what we need to do first is “modify” the file then use “explore right” to find the file so we can copy it.







Make sure to name your item:


Now that you have the file we need to change the code of it so that it is has unlimited ammo and the correct text.


These are the things we need to change in the “buyablegenesisdevice” file (except the ufotools image which we will change later).


Now here is a guide to all the important things in the space tool files:


Next we need to start connecting the files, for this part we are adding the file into the MyCollection section.



(for Buyable Genesis Device)


This next section is where you place your item in the code to get it to appear on the panel in the bottom righthand corner of the screen.


(for Buyable Genesis Device)


Now we have all that sorted out we need to make the item buyable, to do this we need to create a file in the sporetrading, use the method above to do that, and we are going to use the crop circle as our base file.



Here are the main things in the spacetrading files, the changes i have made to create the Buyable Genesis Device can be seen below:


Next we need to add our item to the toolconfig folder, this is a very important folder for tools as you can set your item into many different catagories, for the genesis device we just want to put it in a group (which you HAVE to do), and place it in unlockable, which means that it needs something to unlock it.


Now we need to do that last part, this is to create the image, as we want to use the Genesis Device image (only slightly change it), we need to go to the genesis tool file


The link we want is the “spaceToolImageID” which for the Genesis Device is “#DA55CF56”, so we search that in the top bar and find where that is, copy the file and rename it to “buyablegenesisdevice”.


Now change the code in both the spacetools and spacetrading files.



Now its time to test your mod! Place your mod in the data folder (How to Install Spore Mod).


And thats it guys!

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28 Responses to “Spore Modding: How to make an Item”

  1. rotto said

    can you make the guide bigger as it is unreadable

  2. ballightning said

    For some reason all the big images are made smaller by wordpress. Theres not really anything i can do easily, to see an image full size, right click on it and copy the URL and then paste that in a new tab.

    • Vrishnak92 said

      Alright, I need to know (I’m aware that your basically done with this), how much system memory will the program require in order to have ALL of the packages unpacked?

  3. rotto said

    still the same size is there any way you could put all the pictures with words into a .zip file and upload it somewhere?

  4. ballightning said

    Can do:

  5. death said

    what exactly is “an item”?

  6. Kaos said


  7. God said

    thanks for the guide BL, i’m making a more powerful bomb, and it has: . should i just remove this part?

  8. God said

    sorry it took it out 😦 does it need name=”spaceToolUpgradeFile” instanceid=”dumbbomblevel2″ typeid=”prop” in it still?

  9. ballightning said

    If it is upgrading from that.

  10. Owen said

    Way to much computer-stuff for me.

  11. Dellmaster said

    where are the wepons located to make them where they are starters like the laser becase I was trying to bake a star buster(the same as planet buster exept with stars) and I wanted to make the star & planet buters have less cooldown and to be starters like the mini laser and proton missles

  12. Me said

    when I search “genesis” the files “spacetools~” and “assetbrowserfeeditems” don’t show up.

    • ballightning said

      Make sure you have all the packages except Audio unpacked in the first screen.

      • Me said

        what do you mean all the packages? I thought that we only needed to unpack the spore_game package & the text package under en-us.

        • ballightning said

          For some of the more advanced code you will need to unpack the other ones. So all of them except the Audio ones.

  13. Anonymous said

    Can you post this mod for download? I want it but don’t want to go through the trouble of making it myself.

  14. Tyler said

    I’m trying to make a warmongerer mod which alows you to buy unlimited planet buster, antimatter missile, and antimatter bomb from the beginning of the game. My problem is I’m trying to make the weapons unlocked early on in the game. So I’m wondering how do you lower the badge requirement for unlocking these weapons.

  15. Omex said

    Tyler the way i would do it is find the captain badge and add your modded items as unlocks for getting it. I think thats the first badge you get after completing your races initial space missions.

  16. dangerous dave` said

    just wondering is there a star buster yet? if so is there any chance some 1 could send me the link plz

  17. Yen said


  18. OneOnOne said

    Its not always easy to figure out what everything is but i think i understood it pretty well anyway, how can you turn a projectile for example blue and also i made a weapon but when i fire it it just spins around and moves in a random direction uncontrolably does anyone know why also i don’t know if it matters but it was based of the level 1 proton missile. Thanks for any help.

  19. coldzou said

    file “69E02E44.prop.xml” does not exist in the package … Maybe it has to do with different game language, annoying! ><

  20. -Great White- said

    I can’t find the file 69E02E44.prop.xml

    Is this supposed to be a joke? D:<

  21. Old Croc said

    ok i give up, what am i supposed to read, that’s one hellish guide. The instruction and the images are completely separated.

    • Bravokilo said

      Hi, the download link is still up. If you’re getting into troubles, try viewing the images and working with them. The text can help you understand what’s going on.

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