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Sporedum Mods

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!


Welcome to Sporedum Mods, a page dedicated to mods which we here at Sporedum make for you. We are in the early stages of development, so there isn’t much here at the moment, so come back to us to see what we have added. All mods here should be compatible with other Sporedum Mods unless specified. Thanks to Void for the SporeMaster tool which we used to create all our mods.

Visit the Better Spore Hompage

This is probably one of the best mods ever made which allows you to play the creature game as a true “uber” epic. You can now effectively be an epic. Have fun!



The largest and most popular mod for Spore. Over 5000 people have downloaded it.


Better Spore v1.3 – NEW VERSION

  • Info:  This mod creates a better gameplay experience for spore. So far it only improves the space stage, we will be working on the creature stage next. To see the full list of features visit our thread at SporeMods.
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadSporeMods
  • Website: Sporedum
  • Version: 1.10

Galactic Freedom

  • Info:  This mod is a remake of an earlier mod which gave you no limits when flying through the center of the galaxy.
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadSporeMods
  • Version: 1.00

One stop shot

  • Info:  This mod is a remake of an earlier mod which allows you to buy up to 99 items from any one shop.
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadSporeMods
  • Version: 1.00

Improved Editor Complexity Mod

  • Info: This mod increases or decreases all the editor’s complexity meter. These include the cell and creature stage creature creator, the tribal accessories editor, the vehicle editor and the building editor. This is an un-tested mod so feedback would be fantastic.
  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Download: SporeMods
  • DownloadModDb
  • Version: 1.00

Improved Intersteller Drive Mod

  • Info:  This mod for spore increases the distance a advance spaceship can travel and see. This is very helpful in reaching hard places to get.
  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Download: ModDB
  • Version: 1.00

Very Hard Difficulty Mod

  • Info:  This mod increases the difficulty of many factors in the space stage of spore, to make for a more lively game.
  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Download: SporeMods
  • DownloadModDb
  • Version: 1.00

Carry Mod

  • Info:  This  mod allows you to carry 9999 of any individual item at a time. *Spice at the moment does not work with this, more on this tomorrow
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadSporeMods
  • DownloadModDb
  • Version: 1.00

More T3 Planets Mod

  • Info:  This mod has 5 version which increase the amount of T3 planets.
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadSporeMods
  • DownloadModDb
  • Version: 1.00

Fewer Empires Mod

  • Info:  This mod decreases the amount of AI empires in the space stage by 50%. It also reduces the size of these empires by 30%.
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadMediaFile
  • Version: 1.02

100 Trade Routes

  • Info:  This mod allows you to have up to 100 Trade Routes
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadMediaFile
  • Version: 1.00

All Archetypes

  • Info:  This mod allows you to have all the archetypes everytime you start a new game. Remember that you need to start a new game.
  • AuthorBall Lightning
  • DownloadMediaFile
  • Version: 1.03

74 Responses to “Sporedum Mods”

  1. ballightning said

    Links for Fewer Empires and Nearly No Empires fixed.

  2. Jamie Kirby said

    I am using your 1.3 better spore and with the level 5 glide ability, my creatures are in orbit…….and i am stuck….so i think you should remove that part of the mod.

  3. ballightning said

    Ok, i’ll look into fixing it, otherwise i’ll get rid of it. Thank you.

  4. Kevin said

    It would be advisable to put a release date and spore version on each modification. This way, in case you are away or unable to, we can tell if the modification has been verified to work with x versions of spore since the release/update date.

    I’ve tried the “Nearly No Empires Mod” and within a few moments of starting the game I’ve already met 5 empires. Is this for game play (early missions from homeworld would be quite hard w/o at least a couple civs nearby) or is the modification not working properly?

  5. ballightning said

    All mods except BetterSpore have a once of release. Nearly No empires does not work, it has the same effect as Fewer Empires. We have been trying to find a way to make it work. To see our discussion you can go here:

  6. Kaos said

    Very nice. I love it.

  7. Micro420 said

    If I add any of these mods, will I still be able to get achievements or will they me locked out?

  8. Kronyx said

    Improved Intersteller Drive Mod ‘s download link isn’t working.

  9. ballightning said


  10. Hyperaxe1 said

    Can you actually classify what each of the “More T3 Planets” Mods do.. Cause there’s 4 of them. I would suspect that the “Ultimate” version would be, like x5?

    • Gl2Director said

      If you go to the download link, there should be a more info button.

      This is copied right from the website:

      Due to popular request i have created a mod which increases the amount of T3 planets you have. Due to the fact that everyone would want something different i have created 5 version, all ranging from doubling the amount of T3 planets to making 19 in 20 planets T3 with no life. All of these files are in the same zip folder so just un-zip and choose what you want!

      More T3 Lite – increases both T2 and T3 by 100%
      More T3 x2 – Increase both T2 and T3 by a factor of 6
      More T3 x3 – Increase both T2 and T3 by a factor of 18
      More T3 x4 – Increase both T2 and T3 by a factor of 40
      More T3 Ultimate – All factors are reduced to 1 except T3 which is given a factor of 20

  11. generalMADLee said

    The 100 trade routes mod is not working for me. I downloaded it and put it with the other mods(all of which work) i’ve downloaded, but it does nothing. The game still functions normally, but it still limits me to three trade routes. Any suggestions?

  12. Omochi said

    i dont know how to move the mods to my spore directory can someone help me?

  13. ballightning said

    @ GeneralMADLee

    It is most likely a clash, what mods do you have running?

    @ Omochi

    Use this tutorial:

  14. espee said

    The version shows what spore version it is compatible with?

  15. ballightning said

    No, the version number is just what version that mod is, they are all for patch 1.03.

  16. digi said

    how do u make disclosed and uneven body parts

  17. bel-te said

    Digi you can downlode a asimetric mod . i cant remember its fule name but this mod lets you pute say one type of arm on one side and a completly diferent one on the utherside

  18. roemajee said

    i tried ‘All Archetypes’ mod, and i found a problem that this mod makes me have to buy the SETI tool, but it seems that no empire sells it.

    so that i cant detect another empire existence, or i can say that it’s pretty hard to find another empire without using this tool.

    i think my own empire should give this tool for free since i have to do such ‘find another empire’ mission or watever its called.correct me if im wrong.

    so, did somebody here find the same problem or have a solution?
    or is it just impossible to have SETI tool if i had all the archetype?
    please help me…

    my english sucks, i knew it. so please forgive me for that. and i hope everyone understand what i tried to tell.

    • Serosis said

      I got the same issue as he does, no SETI tool on a new game.

      Funny enough it worked the first time but now it won’t, I know the SETI tool works, having had the mod on while going into a save that already has the SETI tool.

      If you can give me a specific point of reference I can mod it myself to where at least It’ll work for me.

      • Serosis said

        Here, I have made a little hack which allows you to buy the SETI tool from your planets. I made it cost nothing so you don’t have to worry about losing any money.


        I tried many different ways of making it give you the SETI tool when you get the archetypes (like it was supposed to) but it all ended in failure, although I was able to customize it so you don’t get in trouble for using the “bad” archetypes, made each of em a 15 second cool down, and removed a couple i felt wasn’t even needed for me.

        So hooray 😀

  19. WeepWeep said

    Hey! So this place IS a wordpress, hmm that would explain the W and I didn’t read the very bottem yet, I can’t belive I can make my minor some 100 visited site that noone hads said ANYTHING in it except for one strange person (mabie a few more) can grow to this. Oh BTW Roe I’m gunna try out that mod.

  20. WeepWeep said

    Umm yah can you guys tell me how I’m suppost to get a mod here, preferably one with mediafile when I can’t get an account?

  21. what’s the password for 99perplanet mod?

  22. Bentusi said

    hello i have tryed All Archetypes mod , but when i save and load the game all Archetypes are gone and cant use Seti tool

  23. ¥en said

    On Windows, type in to the address bar:

    C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/SPORE/Data

    Also, you can’t save the mod to that folder, just drag-and-drop it.

    BTW can someone tell me where to get the modmaker program?!?!

  24. ¥en said

    Someone!! Is a no programming knowledge guide to making mods too much to ask?!?!

    PS I know some BASIC

    • ¥en said

      I give up on modmaking, but can someone make me a mod that makes your relationship in space with others is always 100? TY

      • ballightning said

        That does not require programming knowlegde, if you can get sporemaster working, then all it is is just changing numbers and seeing what they do. If you really need help, go to sporemods.org where there is a large modding community.


  25. solost said

    i cannot get anything to work, idk how to download the mods so it can work and all i want is the improved interstellar drive so i can defeat the grox. someone walk me through this. the how to on this is not helping me

  26. twinmom98 said

    I am interested in your mods, especially the NO GROX mod. BUT I have been exploring this site and your sister site and all I can find is broken links and 404 pages. Whats UP?


  27. Soalric said

    Can you make me a larger epic mod? I want epics so big that they can destroy an entire tow in one stomp!! The reason I am asking is because sporemster won’t work on my computer. Please, could you do that? Thanks!

  28. thesporeaddict said

    Can you please make a mod so that the dreaded joker badge will give you 100 badge points cos that would be FUN

  29. Ryan said

    Do you think you could make a mod that gives you all the weapons whe you start a new game, i fancy destroying every single planet i come accross with the WMD

    Thanks in advance

  30. DrShoob said

    How about a super flexibility, cheat type mod,(for when uve played it so much nonstop) where you can be all space traits at once, 9999 trade routs, 9999 staffs of light, unlimited power/health, so unlimited travelling distance, and 100 000 000 SB, 99 cargo spaces, 10 cities per world, and maybe some new thing like a planet creator, with a maximum of 6 planets per star????? I feel like a mod like that right now…

  31. A man who wants to be a knight said

    Can you put in a mod where in creature stage, when you edit your creature, you can quickly go in the sporepeidia and click on a creature and use that one on the planet instead if having to start from creature stage and having to use evo advantage to get the creature yiuy want

  32. Skatempls said

    nice thankyou very much very easy and the mods work great

  33. denunzioc said

    I just finished a killer mod called “sporebetter.package” it has basicly every thing you could think of ” unlimited money,health, energy, tools, superweapons, dna, fligh limits, complexity limit,everything.”

    DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?mz4znznadkw

  34. Inuyasha22 said

    Most of the links are not working anymore..

  35. Guest said

    sporemods.org does not work for me – it says Authorization Required and I need to insert a password and username? what are they?

  36. The improved intersteller drive mod doesn’t work, can you make an update for patch 1.5 ASAP please…

  37. Weiner Dog said

    Are there more spore mods?

  38. Weiner Dog said

    Are there more sporemods?

  39. JpH said

    Dude, this site is amazing. I have been playing Spore for a long while…and have used TONS of mods on the likes of Oblivion and KOTOR. But never thought to look for this one.

    Kudos, guys, can’t wait to try these out. Thank you for publishing your work for the rest of us to enjoy!


  40. Justmejoe said

    Hey, uh. I googled the Joked_Joker.package and couldn’t find a download. Anyone know a site where I could download it? (Link on this page does not work.)

  41. Blatter said

    The epic mod link wont work, it keeps saying link broken. That’s the only mod I want!! AHH! Any help?

  42. Lastmanon said

    Hello! This is Last, obviously! I have a serious suggestion for a mod to GA: cinematic tools! Now, I do not mean cinematics in the adventures, but tools for film-making! The machinimas of spore are quite few, and most of them suck. GAA could be a good source to make movies in, if we just applied some small things:
    *Change keys for “freecam”, so that you can move your character separately from the camera. Maybe the arrow-keys on the num-lock “square”?
    *Hide/show GUI/HUD with a key like F11 :P? It would be awesome for capturing with a better capturing-device than the in-built recorder.
    Sorry for the bad English, I’m really tired ;p

  43. jonah said

    i have an idea for a mod someone should make. have unlimited or a lot of allied ships, instead of only 5. another mod i thought of is being able to share star sytems with your allies. a third mod would be to have at least 10 cities on one planet instead of only 3. please make these because i have no clue how, thanks.

  44. jenniboo said

    i love spore!

  45. kc said

    anybody know why i go to a page with advertisements and links to search engines? Can anybody else not go to any spore site? is this web site down. I am hear with a catch version. Please fix the problem thanks

  46. saberwing said

    is there a mod which allows u to flap ur wings unlimted amount of times, so u can actually fly? I would love to know if there is.

  47. Steak&Potatoes said

    I think a mod should be made allowing you yo make your creatures bigger and longer in creature creator. They put a really low limit on how long you can make your creature! 😦

  48. kyle prehn said

    do you have a mod that makes it a lot easier to get to the galactic core and is compatible with better spore?

  49. kyle prehn said

    oh, and i cant buy ultra weapons in better spore either, do you have a fix for this or a separate mod?

  50. Coolguy said

    Sporedum.net doesnt work and Sporemods.org doesnt workt too…
    Help me anyone!!!

    • TheChaosNinja said

      Don’t you know that both sites were closed because they failed to pay the webstie rent?
      It’s rare to find a spore modding website that is active these days.

  51. Copeteboy said

    Hi i installed BetterSpore on my computer. but when i used the force save hack it came with it just gave me this random file called edit Hack and i have no idea what to do with it. please help me.

  52. Tabbzy Wabbzy said

    i went to the How to install mods link but its not taking me anywhere, i want to get the editor complexity mod.

  53. Some of your links for spore mods are broken hommie. You still got the files? Could you re-upload them to moddb?

  54. visorWULF said

    Sporemods.org isn’t a … spore mod site anymore, more like a reference site. It contains nothing to do with spore, not even the download links take you to the download

  55. CarloTheEmo said

    was the complexity mod work on latest update cause mine wont work

  56. tegar said

    Can you create mods faster charging of tool space stage

  57. Legendary said

    This game is old but I’m still here. It’s still fun.

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