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Spore Achievements

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!


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Here is a complete list of every achievement you can get.

Cell Stage

  • Cell Addict – Finish the cell phase 25 times
  • Completist – Unlock all the parts in Cell Stage
  • Landfall – Finish the cell phase and clamber onto the planet’s surface!
  • Pacifist – Finish the cell phase without killing another creature
  • Speed Freak – Finish the cell phase in under 15 minutes

Creature Stage

  • Creature Game Lover – Play the creature stage 10 times
  • Cerberus – Evolve a creature with three heads
  • Devourer – Eat 50 different species across any number of games
  • Epic Killer – Kill an epic creature
  • Evolver – Finished Creature Stage
  • Flight of the Bumblebee – Fly for over 200 meters without touching the ground
  • Foe – Make extinct at least 20 other species
  • Friend – Finish the creature phase by befriending at least 20 other species
  • General Custer – Lead 30 members of your tribe to their death
  • Survivor – Finish Creature Stage without dying
  • Max Power – Build a creature with max stats in at least four abilities while playing the creature phase
  • Slugger – Finish Creature Stage without legs
  • Creature Socialite – Meet 200 creatures made by other players
  • Speed Demon – Finish CRG within an hour
  • Village People – Have three posse members from different species

Tribal Stage

  • Domestic Bliss – Domesticate and farm three different species
  • Founder – Complete the tribal phase and build a city
  • Medic – Heal the same tribe member back to full health five times in a single game
  • Tribal Socialite – Convert all 5 NPC tribes to your belief system
  • The Horde – Complete the tribal phase in less than an hour
  • Tribal – Complete the tribal phase 10 times
  • Vicious – Kill all members of all 5 NPC tribes and raze their villages
  • Watchful Parent – Complete the tribal phase without the death of a single tribe member

Civilization Stage

  • Rolling Thunder – Complete the Civilization stage in less than an hour
  • Starman – Conquer all the other cities in the Civilization stage and launch your first space vessel
  • Military Strongman – Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 military cities
  • Conclusion – Finish the Civilization stage by launching ICBMS and destroying all other cities.
  • Missionary – Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 religious cities
  • Spice Hoarder – Control every resource node on the planet simultaneously
  • Economist – Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 economic cities
  • Fear of Flying – Finish the Civilization stage without ever buying an aircraft
  • Ghetto Blaster – Create 10 Anthems
  • Relentless – Complete the Civilization stage 10 times

Space Stage

  • 42 – Find the center of the galaxy
  • Alter Ego – Play the Space stage as all 10 archetypes
  • Bard Passion – Play as a bard
  • Diplomat Passion – Play as a diplomat
  • Ecologist Passion – Play as a ecologist
  • Knight Passion – Play as a knight
  • Scientist Passion – Play as a Scientist
  • Shaman Passion – Play as a shaman
  • Trader Passion – Play as a trader
  • Wanderer Passion  – Play as a wanderer
  • Warrior Passion – Play as a warrior
  • Zeolot Passion – Play as a zeolot
  • Bio Engineer – Edit 25 creatures with the Creature Tweaker
  • Careless Parent – Lose 5 planets
  • Conquistador – Capture 15 Star Systems
  • Eagle Scout – Earn 100 badges in the Space stage
  • Empire Builder – Maximize colonies on 10 planets
  • Civil Engineer – Promote 20 alien Tribes to Civilizations
  • Gunner – Destroy at least 500 other space vessels
  • Oh the Humanity – Destroy Earth
  • Identity Crisis – Forge an alliance between two space-faring races of your own creation
  • Manifest Destiny – place a colony on earth
  • Bard Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as bard
  • Diplomat  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Diplomat
  • Ecologist  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Ecologist
  • Knight  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Knight
  • Scientist  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Scientist
  • Shaman  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Shaman
  • Trader  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Trader
  • Wanderer  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Wanderer
  • Warrior  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Warrior
  • Zeolot  Hero – Master Badge 10 achieved as Zeolot
  • Palm Greaser – Pay 50 bribes in the Space stage
  • Quest Master – Complete 150 missions in the Space stage
  • Split Personality – Complete a “Change Archetype” mission
  • Super Pilot – Spend at least 40 hours piloting your spaceship
  • Thief – Steal 50 crates of spice in the Space stage
  • Zoo Keeper – Make 15 zoo planets


  • Aluminum Cell – Complete cell on difficult setting
  • Architect – Make and publish 50 buildings
  • Automotive Engineer – Make and publish 50 vehicles
  • Bad Baby! – Have one of your assets banned (this is no longer an achievment)
  • Biologist – Make and publish 100 creatures
  • Pathological Cheater (secret) – use a cheat more than 50 times
  • Creator – Spent 50 hours in the editors
  • DejaVu – Discover something you created in another game
  • Front Page News – Have one of your creations or Sporecasts featured on the Spore website
  • Galactic God – Evolve from a cell to a space traveler in one continuous game
  • Iron Creature – Complete Creature stage on Hard setting
  • Photographer – Share a photo or video
  • Rising Star – Have 5 different Sporecasts subscribed to by at least 10 people
  • Social Engineer – Make 5 Sporecasts of 50 assets or more
  • Spore Addict – Spend 100 hours in your Spore galaxy
  • Spore Fan – Spend 50 hours in your Spore galaxy
  • Steel Tribe – Complete Tribal stage on Hard setting
  • Adamantium Civilization – Complete Civilization stage on Hard setting
  • Universe In a Box – Play Every Level and Editor
  • Unlock Creature – Unlock the Creature stage
  • Unlock Tribal – Unlock the Tribal  stage
  • Unlock Civilization – Unlock the Civilization  stage
  • Unlock Space- Unlock the Sapce stage
  • Can’t Win for Losing – Die at least once in every stage of Spore

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3 Responses to “Spore Achievements”

  1. steven said

    I think you forgot one. isn’t there an alter ego’s alter ego? I think you have to get master badge level for each archtype.

  2. Economia said

    You only need to visit planet Earth to get Manifest Destiny, not place a colony on it

  3. TheGeekOfTime said

    I think you should get the icons for all of these achivements. You should also seperate the secret achivements with the normal ones.

    Is it possible for you to get the Spore Galactic Adventures Achivements?

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