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Spore Walkthrough – Warmongering

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!


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0) What is this guide?

Warmongering, also known as The Art of War, also known as “The Easy Way”, is the tactic most commonly used by first-time players. It is the fastest, most simple, and usually the most fun way to play any game on your first try. This guide will teach you how to defend yourself and gradually turn your race into a killing machine that will reap through other races like a divine wind. But before you can dish out your mighty fury you will need to start by feeding on scraps, tearing apart cute bunnies, bitchslapping your neighbours, nuking the planet, and fighting leviathans 10 times your own size to get there.

Note: No Spores were harmed in the making of this guide.

1) Surviving in Cell Stage

I. Introduction

You begin your long journey in Cell stage. Arriving on the planet riding an asteroid, a tiny cell with no defenses. The purpose of Cell stage is not to be a formidable predator but to be the fittest in order to survive. Here you will learn how to defend yourself from other predators and gather parts for your cell organism to evolve.

Note: This guide automatically assumes you are playing a carnivore on Hard difficulty.

II. Playing the Game

To start off, we should take a closer look of the gameplay mechanics. As a carnivore, you are required to feed on meat, this can be acheived either by swallowing the meat already floating around in the water, or by attacking other species. In order to obtain new parts however, you will have to destroy the creatures who use them. Unfortunately you’re not quite the killing machine you aim to be yet, so an easier way to do this step is to let other bigger creatures destroy your prey.

III. Combat

Now that we’ve determined the purpose of this stage, lets take a look at how battles work. During the course of this stage you will often be faced with larger carnivores, when possible you should flee from these as they can destroy you quite easily if you’re not evolved enough yet. Try to find creatures who are smaller or of equal size as you but keep an eye out for their body parts, even small creatures can be very well protected. If they’re covered with lots spikes or other weapons, leave them be. They’re more trouble than they’re worth. Firstly, you should learn about the function of your mouth, as a carnivore it allows you to attack other organisms and swallow meat floating around. It also serves as a defensive system, clashing another predator with your mouth will prevent any damage to yourself, so don’t turn your back on them. After a while you will acquire other types of weapons, we will cover this in due time.

IV. First look at your Creature

For now, let’s have a look at the creature creation screen. The first obvious thing to do is name your creature, think of something cool or use the random name generator by clicking on the cube. Next, we need to reshape your organism. As you don’t have any new parts yet, you should make sure that you can use what you already have to the best of your ability. Make your mouth as large as possible to make it easier to bite and defend against your enemies and make your torso smaller to make it harder for them to strike you back. That should do for the time being, exit the editor and find some easy targets to beat while eating chunks of meat.

V. Weaponry

The thing you should look out for are spikes, these provide the best type of offense by improving your defense, try to kill a creature with a few of these to make them available for yourself. But do not try to attack the creature head on, touching the spikes, even with your mouth will damage you. Spikes will likely be your first and primary defense against physical attacks, you can place as many as you want onto yourself, assuming you have enough evolution points. Place them on your exposed parts to protect yourself and make them as big as possible, once you have enough of them you can make your body larger to provide more space for other parts.

Next in line is poison, this will allow you to leave a trail of poisonous substance behind yourself, killing any but the biggest assailants who decide to follow you. This is very useful against well protected opponents with lots of spikes or mouths for instance that you can not engage directly. After your chaser has died, you can scavenge their body for points without ever breaking a sweat.

The last type of weapon at your disposal are electrodes, these buds will produce electricity, shocking any creature that comes near you. They will do considerable ammount of damage but unlike spikes, they will not prevent the enemy from attacking you. Out of the three weapons they are the most expensive and least dependable, so you should only consider using them at the end.

VI. Propulsion

The next thing to address is propulsion, having a sufficient ammount of speed will allow you to fend off any creatures chasing you or chase any creatures running from you.

Flagella are the most basic tentacle-like propultion parts, they give you 1 point of speed each (pair) and are rather expensive. You should change these for Cilia as fast as possible.

Cilia are fin-like propultion parts that give you 1 point of speed each and also grant you the ability to turn in any direction quickly. This will help you lose any large predators when on the run. They also cost the same ammount as Flagella, so there’s no reason not to switch when possible.

Lastly come the jets, these parts will propel you through the water a lot faster than the other two, they give you 2 points of speed each but are quite costly, it is advisable to have at least one jet on your creature.

Also worth noting is that unlike in other stages, bonuses from creature parts stack, so having more parts means having more speed or attack power. Distribute your evolution points wisely, the maximum level of any ability is 5, so don’t waste them.

2) Preying in Creature Stage

I. Introduction

Your creature has now evolved from a simple organism to a complex animal capable of walking the land. This is where the most important evolutionary steps take place, your creature will slowly develop intelligence and grow in strength and ability. It is where you will reach the peak of your physical evolution so you need to make sure your creatures are as complete as possible before you can move on.

II. Playing the Game

Creature stage is essentially an action game, a button-masher where tactics are not as important as brute strength and fast reflexes. As you move through the stage, your objective will be to collect as many body parts as possible by eliminating every other organism you find and picking them up from the ground. You and your pack will be storming dozens of creature nests in order to evolve into a perfect predator.

III. First Evolutionary Steps

When you leave Cell stage you will be taken to an editor where you get to redesign your creature, this time as a 3D model. How you want to design it is entirely up to you, the shape will not affect your efficiency but don’t spend too much time on this as you will be back here only a few minutes later with many more options. When you start the game and pick up your first creature part from the skeleton on the ground you will be able to find a mate and enter the editor again, this time around with all the creature tabs. You will notice that like in Cell stage, here too the parts have different statistics but unlike before, the bonuses don’t stack, so it’s imperative that you always use the best possible parts at your disposal to ensure your survival.

IV. Abilities

The only abilities you really need are Sight and Mating Call, however other abilities will make the gameplay easier for you. Having Jump and Glide at a sufficient level will enable you to fly over land much faster than you could walk, and climb to the top of hills that you otherwise can’t reach. Having Graspers will allow you to pick up items that you can throw at creatures, while having Sprint will allow for a speedier retreat when you get in trouble. Sneak won’t see much use on your ability bar as you will mostly be attacking head-on. Invest any remaining points in these skills once you’re done with the rest.

V. Attacks

There are 4 types of attack skills, these are the most important part of your creature and where you should spend most of your evolution points to max them out. Bite will be your primary attack, it deals moderate damage and recharges quickly. Charge will be the first attack you start a battle with and is capable of stunning your foe, once you get a pack, you can use it to repeatedly stun your foe while the other creatures attack it. Strike is a hard-hitting attack, dishing out a lot of damage but recharges slowly, spam this attack along with bite whenever possible. Spit is a ranged ability and will likely not see much use in the heat of battle unless you decide to focus on it as your primary attack.

VI. Social Skills

These are not your cup of tea, you can use them to have rogue creatures join your pack but are otherwise useless to you and you should avoid wasting any evolution points on them before the end of the stage.

VII. Speed, Health and Hunger

Speed is a semi-important factor in the development of your creature, like in cell stage it will allow you to chase and flee more efficiently but is not necessary for actual progression, you will likely get a decent enough ammount of speed with your base feet parts. Health on the other hand is much more important, you should always get it as high as possible which will allow you to survive tough battles without resorting to feeding while the fight is still ongoing. Hunger is also an important part statistic of your creature, as a carnivore, you will be forced to constantly hunt other creatures in order not to starve, keep an eye on it, you don’t want to defeat all your enemies and then die of starvation.

VIII. Fighting Battles

While fighting battles in creature stage isn’t really complex, there are still a few strategies that you should follow, to make it easier and more efficient. The first creature you should dispose of is the Alpha creature, these are more powerful and will become troublesome if you let them live, they also give you new creature parts once you kill them, so it’s wise to do it before you finish the quest at least. Feeding on corpses will replenish your health, you should feed after each battle, to ensure your full health as well as to satisfy your hunger. Start every battle with Charge and proceed with Strike, this will not only stun your prey but also deal a large ammount of damage, giving you a great advantage.

When fighting a less developed creature, especially herbivores, no tactics are needed, charge in and rip them apart, you should have no trouble disposing of them before they do any considerable damage to your pack. Fighting creatures of equal strength is a little trickier, firstly you should evaluate their numbers, if the group is much larger than yours you may want to wait until they split apart then charge on the Alpha leader, if it looks like you’re going to get overwhelmed, run away and heal then come back to take care of the rest. Fighting a superior opponent will be the biggest challenge in this stage, there are two distinct tactics depending on the number of foes. If enemies are few, you can defeat them with overwhelming force. Otherwise you will have to use “hit-and-run” tactics to defeat them, charge in, take care of one or two creatures, then run away to heal.

As a carnivore you will also have the ability to use the Raging Roar. This ability will momentarily scatter all your enemies allowing you to pick them off one by one or retreat more easily if the fight is going bad. This ability has a very long recharge time but you shouldn’t be afraid to use it whenever it seems appropriate.

IX. Developing your Creature

Take your time to fully develop your creature, shape it into what you want it to be, get all the parts and maximize its abilities. Even when you reach a point where you can continue onto the Tribal stage, you can still kill creatures for more evolution points to buy anything you might still want to have. Before you enter Tribal stage you will have one last chance to edit your look, don’t rush off to the next stage until you’re fully satisfied with your work, so make it count.

X. Killing an Epic Creature

Defeating an epic creature is no easy task, to pull it off you will have to take several things into consideration. First of all you need to determine what kind of abilities the creature has, there are several epics in every game, some of them could be stronger than others. Beware of epics with grasper arms, these have the ability to grab your creature and bite you while helpless doing massive damage then throwing you halfway across the map. Flying epics can also be a problem as they are hard to find once you lose them.

I got my achievement when I was thrown by an epic:

Next, your normal allies just won’t do, even if all of them are alpha creatures with maxed abilities, they just won’t live long enough to deal any serious damage, for that purpose you have to equip your creatures with parts that give you social skills, then get 3 rogue creatures. These always have 250hp and are able to take a fair ammount of pommeling before giving in. For this, you will temporarily require the use of social skills, so try to get them as high as possible before trying to impress the rogues.

When you finally go to engage the creature, you should try to keep it stunned as much as possible, charge in (preferably from behind if you can sneak), land a hit or two and run away. Alternatively you can choose to kite the epic, keep running away from it while spitting poison at it, this will take a long time but is somewhat safer. Regardless of which tactics you choose, you will likely have to eat at some point in between, as a carnivore this can be troublesome as killing creatures while being chased will be hard. Note that defeating an epic creature on hard difficulty involves more luck than skill, you might need to engage it several times before you are able to kill it, so make sure you are near a nest.

3) Battling in Tribal Stage

I. Introduction

Now that you’ve reached tribal stage your physical evolution as a creature has come to an end, you have grown a fully developed brain and are now on an evolutionary path to technology. From a race of predators, you will now become a race of warriors. Instead of claws and teeth, you will now use axes and spears. You are nearly at the top of the food chain and the only thing standing in the way of your supremacy are some distant relatives and several races that have managed to survive your previous onslaught.

II. Playing the Game

This stage further simplifies the statistics of a single creature and puts more emphasis on working as a team. Tribal stage plays as a simple strategy game, your goal is to build a balanced tribe of warriors and dispose of all the neighbouring tribes before they decide to dispose of you. Unlike in creature stage, you can now control your tribe members separately, allowing you to do several things at once, you can also equip them with weapons or tools of your choice. This will soon become an important factor that will easily turn the course of the battle,

III. Abilities

Your creature will retain any abilities they were given in creature stage and will use them freely during battle, however these will quickly be replaced by the more powerful weapons of tribal stage. In addition to their old abilities, your creatures also gain new equipment that will improve their strength. These are no longer separate abilities but only simple categories of abilities that your creatures will use on their own.

They are as follows:
– Gathering: Increases the ammount of food you can carry.
– Combat: Increases the efficiency of your weapons.
– Social: Increases the efficiency of instruments.
– Speed: Remains the same as in creature stage.
– Health: Increases the ammount of hit points you have.

As you can imagine, the most important of these are Combat and Health, these two will ensure that you win any battle swiftly and with as few casualties as possible. Gathering will reduce the ammount of time you need to waste on killing animals for food and should be increased when you have enough equipment points. Social skills are completely irrelevant as you won’t be making any friends here.

IV. Weapons

There are three types of weapons in this stage. Stone Axes will do the most damage to creatures but require your creatures to get close to the enemy. Flaming Torches do the most damage to buildings but do less damage to other creatures, you will want to have 1 or 2 of these as you will have to take care of the enemy town center quickly to rush back to your own tribe in case of attacks from your opponents. Throwing Spears do moderate damage but allow your creatures to stay further away from the enemy, you should keep these in balance with Axe users, how you choose to divide them depends on the type of tribe you are facing.

V. Healing

There are two ways to heal your tribe members. You can eat food like in the previous stages to restore some health, however you need food to buy houses and new members. Once you acquire Healing Rods, you can equip one or two members with them to turn them into Shamans who will heal the rest of the group. You might want to consider letting your tribe members die and creating new ones instead, however newborns require some time to grow up. Regardless of situation, once any of your creatures die, you should immediately create a new one. Also remember that your creatures have to eat, like in creature stage, hunger will slowly drain the health of any tribe member that is starving, select your tribe and click on the altar to instruct them to feed.

VI. Battles

Battles are mostly fought by themselves, your creatures won’t need much input from you to prevail, there are however a few things to consider. Firstly, you might want to instruct your creatures to attack a single enemy, this will be far more efficient than attacking everyone at once. Next, it is a good idea to kill the enemy chieftain first since they have unique abilities and better stats. You can also instruct your creatures to use their new abilities manually, worth noting are your newly acquired chieftain abilities. Before you leave town for battle, place traps next to your altar to prevent animals or enemies from stealing your food. If you intend to take the chieftain with you into battle, you will also want to use his fire bombs ability, this will scatter explosives over a large area which will deal considerable damage to your enemies, so make sure you use it when surrounded for maximum effect.

When you have disposed of all enemy tribe members, you need to destory their village center, their other buildings are irrelevant and you should avoid wasting any time destroying them. Burning down the main building with destroy the enemy tribe and give you the ability to build new types of buildings as well as equip yourself with new tribal wears to improve your creature stats. After the tribe is destroyed, instruct all your remaining tribe members to take their food from the altar, this will allow you to almost immediately create new members and new buildings.

VII. Epics

Epic creatures will sometimes also appear in tribal stage, these can be lured to enemy tribes to obliterate them or killed for a nearly endless supply of food. If you’re going to try to taking them on, make sure you have a sufficient number of Axemen to tank the creature while the rest of your tribe attacks from a distance and heals the wounded.
4) Annihilating in Civilization Stage

I. Introduction

As you wreak havoc on the last tribe that opposes you, your race finally rises to power, no one can stop you now. No one but yourself. As you spread around the world, your race is no longer united in its mentality, different ways of thinking appear and followers flock to their respective groups. Your world splits into countries and factions and it’s up to you to unite your people again under one flag, one ideal. And when you can’t get through to people with talking, you just have to make your words harder with your fist.

II. Playing the Game

Like Tribal stage, Civilization stage plays as an RTS, however your creatures and their statistics no longer matter, from now on you fight with technology. You will have to build vehicles and use weapons of mass destruction to prevail in the coming fights, war is upon you and the one who controls the economy, controls the world. In this stage your resources have changed from food to spice, spice is a valuable commodity that you will be using for the rest of the game to fund your war chest. As an aggressive faction you will play this stage by employing the philosophy of Blitzkrieg, that is, you will create a large army as early as possible and storm your opponents with overwhelming force, obliterating them before they get the chance to retailiate. Know no restraint, show no mercy, make no deals, following the way of destruction will allow you to finish this part of the game swiftly and painlessly.

III. Vehicles

Without changing your philosophy, there will be three types of units at your disposal. Land vehicles are the first type of vehicle you will get, they are durable and do moderate ammount of damage but move slowly and only by land. Naval vehicles are very durable and deal a lot of damage but can move only on water and will not see much use apart from defending your port cities. Air vehicles do only a moderate ammount of damage and are the least durable of the three but are fast and can reach any city. How you design each of these vehicles is up to you, but keep in mind that firepower and health are more important than movement speed, destroying cities quickly and surviving will be far more beneficial than getting there quickly and being destroyed. The type of weapons and shape of vehicles is irrelevant, they will always attack and behave in the same manner so don’t give it too much thought.

[b]IV. Fighting the War[/b]

You will start the game with only land vehicles, build as many as you can while keeping the balance between creating buildings (for increased production and population) and tanks (or whatever type of vehicle you use) and try to take over the other cities as quickly as possible, the true strength of your army lies in aircrafts and it is imperative that you reach the point where you can build them as soon as possible. Once you do, start building them en masse, with a squadron of warplanes you will easily overtake any city and force it into submission. If you do things right, there shouldn’t be any additional input needed but there are a few things you can consider during battle. Destroying your enemy’s units will lessen the pressure put on you while you’re trying to destroy a city, same goes for defense turrets. While your units will do this automatically, it can be more efficient to command them manually so they all attack the same target at once.

Secondly, you have a few super weapons at your disposal, assuming you’ve been following this guide, these will be Invulnerability, Mighty Bomb, Gadget Bomb, and ICBM. The first will protect your units, making them indestructible for a short time while the latter will deal considerable damage to any vehicles or buildings in its area of effect. Gadget bomb will in most cases completely destroy any city you aim it at, leaving behind unremovable rubble that will prevent you from placing any buildings. ICBM will destroy all cities on the planet and should never be used unless it’s in your last moments of desperation. It is advisable to use the first three as often as possible as you invade each city, assuming your spice production is sufficiently high to support their usage while still covering all your other expenses.

V. Conclusion

Conquering the last of your cities will be it for this stage, you might want to upgrade your cities with cannons and buildings but other than that there is nothing more to do in this stage. Press the evolution button to finally move on to the final stage of the game and broaden your mind to endless possibilities of space. Well, relatively speaking. 😉

5) Conquering in Space Stage

I. Introduction

The final and longest stage requires somewhat more finesse as the previous ones. Unlike in other stages, you will start out with a single system, spreading slowly which will make you considerably weaker than your opponents seeing how you have only a single ship to do everything with, whereas the computer has many and spreads at a noticeably faster rate. Fear not however, your tiny ship will soon become the harbinger of destruction, destroying empires with nary a paint scratch on its hull.

[ote: This guide will not provide information on how to gain funds for weaponry and equipment. If you are finding it hard to fund your wars, you should refer to my guide on Spice Production.

II. Playing the Game

The Space stage is not like other stages, that is, you won’t complete it by simply eliminating all the other races (as it is virtually impossible). This means you no longer have the privilege to attack everything in sight and wage war on several empires at the same time. Choosing your battles wisely is the most important part when starting out, as well as later on. When you meet a new race, evaluate their strength and value. Large, peaceful empires provide worthy allies which will help you on your quest for glory.

III. Evaluating your Enemies

Before engaging in a galactic war, you need to make sure you can handle one. There are several things to take into consideration. Firsly the size of your enemy’s empire, the larger it is, the more formidable they will be. Larger empires have more ships, more resources, and better statistics. Especially noteworthy is the increased health of their ships and defense cannons, which will make your battles last longer and wear you out.

IV. Preparing your Defenses

Secondly, you need to examine the defense of your colonies. When you proclaim enmity to another race, you will unvariably be engaged on your own planets even while you are trying to wage war on theirs. The most common targets of enemy attacks are the planets closest to the border with your opponent as well as your homeworld. The most essential part of defense is building turrets, every one of your colonies should be equipped with a full array of laser turrets which will greatly help in softening your enemy’s fleet. The best tool to defend with however is the Uber Turret, this device orbits around your planet and engages and hostile forces with formidable force, this is especially important on your homeworld since your cities will only be equipped with primitive turrets.

V. Purchasing Equipment

Lastly, you need to equip your ship suitably enough to engage your enemy. The first thing to address is weaponry, rushing off to war with only a mini laser will get you killed before you can even tickle your enemies with it. For proper combat you will always need the most powerful type of laser to destroy colonies with as well as the most powerful type of missiles to engage enemy ships. You will also want to buy the best energy upgrades so you don’t run out of power in the middle of the battle and be forced to return to your space for a refill. A helpful thing to have is also the automatic cannon which will fire at other ships on its own, weakening them for you. Secondly comes your defense which will make sure you stay alive long enough to be anything more than an annoyance to your opponents. When you can, always buy the latest health upgrades and later on the shield ability for extra protection. The most important part in any battle however, and I cannot stress this enough, is to always carry a healthy ammount of consumables, meaning you should stock up on energy and repair packs before any major battles.

VI. Allied Fleet

An important part of your strength is also the allied fleet, as you evolve further, you will gain the ability to have a small complement of allied ships follow you around. These ships are much weaker than your own but they come equipped with repeating cannons and will act as physical shields for you, providing a decent ammount of defense as well as offense. These ships are free, you can request them from your allies in the Diplomacy dialogue on any of their outposts. Note that having their ship destroyed will net you a few negative happiness points with that ally, so it might be wise to bring a few AOE Repair Packs to keep them alive longer.

VII. Taking it Easy

If something is to go wrong, and it always does when it comes to war, don’t panic. When your ship or colony gets destroyed, the only thing you will have lost is time, money, and a fraction of your pride. Colonies can be rebuilt and your ship will respawn at the closest colony capable of producing space vessels. Keep that in mind while waging a war and take it slowly, getting tense and frustrated won’t achieve anything.

VIII. Starting a War

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to fasten your seatbelt and dive in on the unsuspecting prey. When starting out, choose a small enemy, this will allow you to engage them on fairly equal terms and prevail. How you start your war is entirely up to you, if you want to go for the homeworld first, that’s ok, if you prefer to work your way there, that’s fine too. Essentially it won’t make any difference, it’s just a matter of how capable you feel.

IX. Engaging Enemy Vessels

When engaging your enemy, the thing you will always face is hostile vessels. These, like your own ship, can have several weaker ships along with them, depending on the development of your enemy’s empire. An important thing to note is that all the enemy ships are equipped with repeating cannons that will easily wreck your ship when attacked by several opponents. The best thing to do is to avoid getting close and standing still, however moving your spaceship, evading, and shooting at the same time is hard to pull off in Spore, therefore when being chased by several ships the best strategy is to fly backwards. That’s right, backwards, turn the camera at your enemies and start moving backwards with your keyboard (S button). This will allow you to keep your distances while shooting missiles at your enemy. Alas the AI is not quite as stupid to just fly after you and get destroyed, when their health gets low, they will try to escape and heal themselves with repair packs. At that point you should engage and destroy them at any cost even if it means going straight into enemy fire, in the long run having to engage an enemy again will be more costly.

X. Engaging Enemy Colonies

Engaging colonies can sometimes be a little more tedious, like yours, the enemy colonies will be equipped with laser turrets, and AA flak weapons which will fire at you as soon as you get close. If engaging a fully developed colony, make sure you take out the turrets first. Next is the resillience of the colony, the more developed the infrastructure is, the more trouble you will have to destroy it or make it surrender. You can fix this problem by first eliminating the center buildings around the hall, cutting off the outer ones from the link. After that, the city will fall in seconds when you target the hall. When engaging a colony, your weapon of choice will be the laser, this will allow for more precision in case you don’t want to destroy them, it is also very effective against buildings including turrets. If you’re not interesting in capturing, you should also consider using bombs, this will greatly damage the city and weaken it to expedite the process.

XI. Engaging Enemy Planets

For the last part of this guide, you should learn how to engage each type of planet in a star system. Engaging a T0 or T1 planet will be the simplest task due to the fact that they only support one colony and it will always be undeveloped, head straight for the city and burn down the town hall. Once defeated, the ships will also leave so there is no reason to engage them. When you encounter a T2 planet it will always have 2 colonies with a large complement of turrets and a fairly large ammount of buildings. This means you can not simply attack the colonies unless you’re feeling suicidal and want to be blasted out of the sky by combined fire of turrets and repeating cannons of enemy ships. Engage and destroy the ships first, then follow the steps described earlier on besieging colonies.

Lastly you will be faced with the homeworld of a race, this will always include a T3 planet which will be filled with up to 10 cities and potentially a whole lot of ships. If you’re feeling brave, you can engage this type of planet as you did a T2. However, when fighting a tougher opponent you will find that this is a tough nut to crack. There are two very easy sollutions to this problem. One is using the planetbuster bomb which will instantly get rid of anything and everything for you. This is an expensive toy however, its price ranging from 2 to 4 million Sporebucks. A more economically-friednly sollution is called Terraforming Tools, with these you can easily reduce the planet to a frozen rock, destroying all but one city with no defenses in the process. After that simply follow the steps for engaging a T0 planet.

XII. Expanding your Galactic Empire

Space stage is all about expanding your empire, whenever you defeat all forces in an enemy system, you will recieve a surrender option. Accepting their surrender will automatically add that system to your own empire, expanding it further. If you plan on destroying your enemies completely you should at least consider capturing the first planet you engage. This will give you a nearby outpost to replenish your health, energy, and supplies.

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  1. Matthew Abeshouse said

    Thankyou! 😀

  2. Falcus said

    Thanks for the Helpful Guide but there is one other option when attacking an enemies home planet;You can pay to your allies to make them attack the enemy planet and its really cheap,Its between 100.000 and 300.000 sporebucks.When your allies are making the enemy ships busy you can go drop bombs on their cities and destroy them.

  3. nitron said

    how do you use monoliths?

  4. You place them on a planet, wait a few minutes and it will evolve through the stages. So on a creature planet, it will take 2 minutes to get to tribal, 2 minutes to civ and then another 2 minutes and it will become a new space empire, just like yours did when you began.

  5. thegobstalker said

    if you get a really good laser like number 5 you dont even have to go for turets or buildings first it will kill the hall plenty fast anough

  6. Bobbilytus Choppenstantz said

    I noticed that with the lasers too. Just put up a bubble and zap the center; the only problem is that if it’s a one-colony planet, you may end up blowing it clean before they even have the chance to surrender

  7. IslamicofSpore said

    Well, lets just say i have about 50 colonies i DIDN’T make on my own…hehehehe…

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    by the way at creature stage is best if you are an omnivore,just as a carnivore you would normaly mak on hard +a herbivore mouth,its good in tribal too.

  9. vitor sporian said

    Great guide but in the beggining of the creature stage in the Cell-creature Editor or early creature Editor put an erbivore mouth so on epic batles you can eat fruit then batle it again.

  10. Noah Da Pwner said

    ive figuried out how to kill the grox!

    first you’ll need the mega bomb if you want to kill them easily and effinctly.
    and you’ll also need max health and energy and max distance upgrade.
    you might also want a shield and cloaking device, plus a heck a lota consumables!
    zoom to each one of their colonies as fast as possible and shoot it with a mega bomb or 2 then repaeat with the other solar systems.

    using this strategy ive killed almost 50 colonys in about 2 hours!
    hope this helps some die-hard players trying to get the badge out of heck.

    P.S i don’t know if this is a rumour or fact but if you kill all the grox you get a huge relationship bonus!

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