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IGN: Spore Creatures iPhone preview

Posted by ballightning on September 10, 2009

IGN reviews the latest Spore iPhone game, Spore Creatures.

Last year’s Spore: Origins was one of the iPhone’s best games. Based on early chapter of the bestselling PC game, you guided a cell through the primordial soup in a Herculean effort to survive the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder. Spore Creatures leads that little sport organism on to land. With a larger emphasis on exploration (but hopefully not to the detriment of good, old-fashioned natural selection-style combat), Creatures is about taking that next step up the ladder to assert your dominance in the new world. 

Since you are now on land, you can add different body parts to your creatures. Out with the cilia and in with the legs. The creature creator tool looks very similar to the original from origins, as you attach new parts and pieces to increase your creature’s relevant stats like offense, defense, and sight. Because there is no “right” way to build out a spore, you can experiment with different combos and come up with a creature that suits your style. If you want to move up the food chain by force, you can install fangs and other offensive measures on your creature. If you want to survive by eluding danger, then improve your creature’s speed and perception with additional eyes, ears, and legs.


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Spore Creatures coming to iPhone

Posted by ballightning on September 6, 2009

Spore for iPhone was a massive success and it appears that Maxis will continue this trend towards iPhone games with Spore Creatures coming to iPhone before June next year according to an exclusive by Pocket Gamer. Will we be seeing each stage released slowly on the iPhone?

During our presentation on iPhone gaming at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, EA Mobile provided exclusive first details on Spore Creatures.

The sequel, which builds on AIAS Mobile Game of the YearSpore Origins, has you controlling a land-based creature through 20 levels spread across 4 zones.

Like the first game, you move through levels with tips and tilts of your handset. The objective is to munch on smaller animals in order to grow your organism into a lean, mean evolutionary machine.

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Spore Origins Review

Posted by ballightning on September 24, 2008

Spore Origins has stunned the iPhone market getting a new perfect rating of 5 stars at the Apple Store, I have played it on my phone and will give hours of enjoyment.

Heres a review from iPhone Matters.

Spore Origins was the most highly anticipated iPhone game since the announcement in March of this year. Spore Origins is a beautiful, fun, and I found myself not wanting to put my iPhone down at all. I even turned my phone to Airport mode to not have any distractions. Spore Origins is a high quality game that sets itself apart from the 900+ games in the App Store. How?

First of all, it is the most beautiful game I have played for the iPhone to date. Graphics are amazing. I almost thought I was playing the game on my desktop computer. Spore does not stop here. Audio is top notch as well. The graphical and audible effects as you get attacked or when you eat a smaller organism are very intense. I caught myself yelling and jumping, looking around to see if anyone saw or heard me.

The game is super easy. Of course, unlike the PC version, you can’t squeeze too much into the iPhone version, so the game is super easy, but not too easy to bore you. There are some challenges. Each level can only take a few minutes, and if you fail evolution, you can easily try again where you left off. The game is quick, fun and easily understood.

The evolutionary process makes the game fun, with extra goals of using your well earned evolution points to unlock eyes, spikes, fins, and other things that help you climb the evolutionary ladder. The evolution engine also allows you to customize your spore to look meaner, nastier or in some cases, more like a good friend thanks to the games ability to use a photo from your library or camera to mask over the spore. That is very interesting. If you don’t have much of an imagination, you can also use the one click creature builder that makes a creature for you.

The game is a treat, and if you look in the App Store, you’ll notice their success. The game is just shy of a full 5 stars. With mesmerizing graphics and with captivating gameplay, no wonder it is one of the top apps in the App store…and on the first page of my iPhone.

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