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Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!



29 Responses to “Submit News”

  1. ConnorJack said

    Spore has won a new award in Technical Achievement. More info over on my site: http://simoperations.com/?p=238

  2. ConnorJack said

    Sporedum wins! More info here…

    • ballightning said

      Thanks for that ConnorJack. Probably not that Spore news worthy, but we hope to link to some more news on your site in the future.


  3. ConnorJack said

    Two stories:

    PS: Will you add my affiliate button yet? It’s located at SimPrograms.com’s site [download and re-upload]

  4. ConnorJack said

    Mini-Mod: Cheaper and Stronger Tribe Tools


  5. Sage21 said

    I have an XP and I am having a problem getting to use better spore in creature creator I did downloaded it but i cannot put it in the file improvedcomplexity.package because I do not have it and how do I get the improvedcomplexity.package

    Need help please respond

  6. darthvader13 said

    Theres something happening on May 19th go to http://www.spore.com/wtf

  7. A man who wants to be a knight said

    PLEASE!!! Can someone make a mod that allows you to change your archetype. ( I really want to be a knight)

    • Guy who should tell this guy to use cheats said

      How about pressing cntrl+shift+c and then type in setconsequencetrait space_knight

      you can replace knight wiht any archtype and replace spac ewiht any stage. (archtype must be valid to the stage)

  8. A man who wants to be a knight said

    Do you have different voices on galactic adventures? If not then ignore my first post

  9. A man who wants to be a knight said

    Ignore other posts, Can someone make a mode that allows the player in creature stage in creature creator to just quickly select another creature from the sporepedia and play that creature on creature stage instead

  10. A man who wants to be a knight said

    And I don’t want to use evo advantage

  11. Pink Mist said

    Don’t know if you even still check this page, but even if you don’t, this news will be irrelevant in a week anyway.

    Using the wonderful pictures provided by Sporewiki and the Adventure Camp, I’ve compiled a visual list of the Captain Parts, including information on archetype and function. It’s here, at http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z83/Darth_Grievi/Gadventcopy.jpg

    Post it up here or at Spore Forums if you want. Thanks for looking at it anyway 🙂

  12. Newspaper Boy said

    Someone already “has” GA
    page has pictures of it!

    • ballightning said

      I am aware of this, however, as i do work closely with Maxis i’m not going to be publishing any material from people who have it early until the 23rd of June as if i do, it will increase the chance of it being pirated early and that is something i cannot help happen.


  13. Mark said

    Hi BL,

    I left a note under the mod help section describing that the latest Spore update (1.04.000) offered today 6/22/09, seems to have dissabled all my mods. Maybe it’s just my system, but it might be effecting everyones (we’ll see in a couple of days). As explained in the other post, even after a re-boot and verifying all the ‘package’ files are still in the Data folder, they still don’t work.

    I hope this newest update doesn’t automatically disable all those mods! Check it out and lest us know.


  14. Josh said

    Can you do an article on features of the games and isssues?

    • ballightning said

      I would normally do such a feature, however i’m going on a 2 week trip to Papua New Guinea tomorrow and don’t have time to do one. However, for the next expansion i will.


  15. BoyMac said

    GA Captain Exploit!

    I found a cool way to get all parts on your captain! First, Make one and unlock stuff (preferably all 10) then modify him and save as a new captain (do not overwrite your old – he has to be a new one). He will become a level 1 captain with all the previous parts and all the benefits! All you do then is level him up to get 10+ parts! The only problem is that the old parts from being the last captain do not show up in the captain parts but they can still be copied and placed. This has got the be the most kick @$$ exploit right before the jump up hills exploit I found!

    For those that don’t know the jump exploit, it is basically used to climb steep hills. You cannot be sprinting and you can’t have a jet pack. When you approach a steep hill that you can’t climb just keep pressing jump as you start to climb it. You will keep going up and up with a speed varying on the slope (steeper is faster) but the total time to climb one is 5-10 seconds.

  16. Chaossupersonic said

    Hey its me, remember me from sporebase.com? Anyway, I found a good little tip with GA. People out there who have GA AND the Glasses package (the glasses part, sporemaster shades) would know that once they installed GA, they cannot use the glasses part, as it disappears from the parts menu. I have found a way of getting it back:

    This only works for Windows users but if you go to the Mac version of the folder if you have a mac, then it might work (i don’t have a mac)

    1: Go to C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/SPORE/Data (yes, the place where you have all the packages)
    2: Move the file called PatchData.package to somewhere else
    3: Done! Moving the patch data file allows the Addon_glasses package to work, meaning that you can now make more creatures with the glasses! This trick might also work with other package files that have stopped working, but i don’t know…

  17. sciocont said

    I’ve found a great spore micro-community dedicated to realistic creations. The thread promoting these is the XRG or xenological realisim guide. The XRG has four sporecasts filled with quality creations, which I think would be a good thing for Sporedum to feature.
    The XRG main thread is located at:

  18. Benjee9 said


    Guide to the flora editor.

    (OK, so I made it, what;s the big deal?)

  19. TexasGamer said

    Hey Sporedum! Maxis just released patch 5 today with ASYMMETRY!!! Go to http://www.spore.com/patch to see the patch notes or see the General Spore Discussion section in the Sporum for more!

  20. Benjee9 said

    Thanks for adding the flora editor guide Ball! That’s great!

  21. Waffleman said

    I heard that sporemods.org got hacked? Can you confirm this??

  22. Andrew Henry said

    Dear Sporedum.net,

    I have a Macintosh OS X (version 10.5.6) with intel core 2 duo. I have the SPORE computer program, and I would
    like to download stuff that can make the game’s walkthrough easier, but I don’t like to cheat the game. Could you
    please type me a list of things (that can make the game “SPORE” easier, but not to cheat) as soon as possible? I
    think that it would help me a lot. Also, I would like you to only include the things in the list that also don’t restrict
    me from downloading “SPORE Galactic Adventures”.

    Andrew Henry

  23. Joe said

    The New spore 2-D came out. Spore2d.com .

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