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Spore Mod Index

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though mods are no longer supported by us. We now also have a Youtube channel focusing on geek parody music videos including Doctor WhoThe Hobbit and Game of Thrones videos. Check out this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!





Please note that Sporemods is going through a phase of moving so many mods will not work, they will be updated next weekend so come back then.

Play as an Epic!

This is probably one of the best mods ever made which allows you to play the creature game as a true “uber” epic. You can now effectively be an epic. Have fun!



The largest and most popular mod for Spore. Over 5000 people have downloaded it.


Recent Mods (compatible with patch 1.03 and Creepy and Cute)

All these mods should work with the current patch.

1: Galactic Freedom

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Galactic Fredom.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • No limitation on movement close to the center of the galaxy

2: One stop shop

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: 99perplanet.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod is a remake of an earlier mod which allows you to buy up to 99 items from any one shop.

3: Improved Editor Complexity Mod

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: ImprovedComplexityInfinite.package, ImprovedComplexityx2.package, ImprovedComplexityx3.package, ImprovedComplexityx10.package, Read Me.txt
  • Download: Here
  • This mod increases or decreases all the editor’s complexity meter. These include the cell and creature stage creature creator, the tribal accessories editor, the vehicle editor and the building editor. This is an un-tested mod so feedback would be fantastic.

4: Improved Intersteller Drive Mod

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: improvedinterstellerdrive.package
  • Download: Here
  • This mod for spore increases the distance a advance spaceship can travel and see. This is very helpful in reaching hard places to get.

5: Very Hard Difficulty Mod

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: veryhard_difficulty.package
  • Download: Here
  • This mod increases the difficulty of many factors in the space stage of spore, to make for a more lively game.

6: Carry More Mod

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: carrymore.package
  • Download: Here
  • This  mod allows you to carry 9999 of any individual item at a time. *Spice at the moment does not work with this, more on this later.

7: Harder tribe stage

  • Author: nineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Hardtribe.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Makes the Tribal Stage longer and bigger.

8: AnEpic

  • Author: owned pk
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: AnEpic1.1.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Makes your creature more like an epic.

9: Grox Destroyed Likability

  • Author: Mettra
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: GroxDestroyedFriend.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This makes people like you +200 if you destroy the grox.

10: Terra Weapons

  • Author: chaomaster
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Terraweapons.package
  • Video: YouTube
  • Download: HERE
  • Increases the power of the terra-rays to make them a weapon. It makes capturing a home planet of a empire easier, though you may want the staff of life for afterwards. Make sure not to have any mods that affect these tools, otherwise things won’t end well.

11: Free Love Happy Ray

  • Author: Omni
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: HappyRay-Cap200.package, HappyRay-Cap200+CertainCapture.package, HappyRay-200+Certain+EasyGoing.package, HappyRay-Cap1200+CertainCapture.package, HappyRay-Cap1200.package, HappyRay-1200+Capture+EasyGoing.package,  HappyRay-EnergyEfficient.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • ncreases the potency of the Happy Ray to make it much easier to befriend others.

12: Rich Mans Galaxy

  • Author: WarTsar18
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: richmansgalaxymod.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • It makes 1 spice worth a lot, you can sell 1 box of red spice for 400K as an example of the price increase. Now its sells like space cocaine.

13: Unlimited Atmospheric Tools

  • Author: Comedyninja
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Atmospheretools.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • No more limits on all those atmospheric tools.

14: Powerful Weapons

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: powerweopons.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod, by request, makes all weapons over twice as powerful, and the low levels will have the same values as the higher level ones!

15: Any tool on any planet + infinite ammo

  • Author: Wintacular
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: AnyToolOnAnyPlanet.package, AToAP Infinity 2.1.package
  • Download: HERE
  • Allows you to use practically any tool on any planet (even other game saves).
  • Makes all tools have infinite ammo and 1 second recharge time. Tools that use energy will not use any.

16: More Colony/Planet Spice Storage

  • Author: Ixosis
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: MoreColonySpicex2.package, MoreColonySpice98.package, MorePlanetSpicex2.package, MorePlanetSpice99.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Colonies can hold more spice without a storage tool.
  • Colonies can have x2 or x6.6 times more spice storage.

17: T3SK’s super jump mod

  • Author: T3SK
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Super_jump.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod incrase the jump of the creature.

18: No Anger Galactic Code

  • Author: Mettra
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Galacticcodenobreak.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod makes it so people are not angry at you when you use the Planet Buster, Gravity Wave, Or Fanatical Frenzy.

19: No Anger When Allying with the Grox

  • Author: Mettra
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: NoAngerAlly.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod makes it so there is no negative relation bonus when you ally with the Grox.

20: No Anger at All!

  • Author: Mettra
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: NoAnger.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod erases all negative relation bonuses in the space stage. MEANING, you can go to a planet, blow up their cities drown their citizens, even eat their babies, and they’ll still smile and wave.

21: Foot Rotation

  • Author: DarkDragon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: footRotation13.package
  • Download: FileFront
  • Allows X, Y & Z rotation of feet.

22: Eyes On Everything

  • Author: DarkDragon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: eyesOnEverything13.package
  • Download: FileFront
  • Allows placement of eyes on any part.

23: Cell Parts Xtended

  • Author: DarkDragon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: cellPartsXtended13.package
  • Download: FileFront
  • Enables morphing sliders on cell to creature parts.

24: Food for Thought! (DNA when you eat)

  • Author: Ixosis
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: 1foodForThought.package, 2foodForThought.package, 5foodForThought.package, 300foodForThought.package, 1fruit5meat.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Description:Get DNA points when you eat. Options of 1, 2, 5 and 300.
  • Incompatibilities: None Known.

25: Maxxed buildings and turrets for civ stage

  • AuthorNineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: civstage.package
  • DownloadSporemods
  • you and the computer opponents will always have 11 building spots and 8 turret spots no matter if you/they are religious, military, or economic

26: Scattered v2.0

  • AuthorDucksofgrass
  • Version: 2.0
  • Package Name: aaScatteredv2.0.package
  • Download:Here
  • This mod contains many changes, for a full list go to the thread.

27: Sea Monster Begone!

  • AuthorIxosis
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Sea_Monster_Begone.package
  • DownloadHere
  • Removes the Sea Monster from the game so you can explore the world as a creature.
  • No Incompatibilities Known

28: Every star has a rare + No galactic limit

  • AuthorGod
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Everyrare.package, Nolimit&rares.package, PATCH1.03.package
  • DownloadHere
  • it does 2 things:
    1)removes the limit in the centre of the galaxy
    2)has a 100% chance of each star having a rare
  • May not work with latest patches

29: Enemy raids decrease

  • AuthorGod
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: raidsspicedecrease1.1.package
  • DownloadHere
  • decreases the amount of spice stolen per second to 0.
  • May not work with latest patches

30: 100 Trade Routes

  • Author: Ball Lightning
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: 100TradeRoutes.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Have up to 100 Trade routes.

31:Sandbox mod

  • AuthorInzaniak
  • Version: 0.5 (BETA)
  • Package Name: sandbox.package
  • DownloadBox.net
  • This mode make the game more creative. It increase the spice cost, the number of trade routes, made all the tool unlimited with 1 second recharge, increase complexity editor, increase the payment for the mission (15x), you can travel in the center of galaxy.

32: Fireball and stomp mod

  • Author: Ahvena
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: fireball.package, epicstomp.package, superfireball.package, superstomp.package
  • Download: Here
  • A mod that replaces level 5spit and level 5 strike with fireball and stomp attacks which are better than their old level 5 alternatives. Can be downloaded separately.

33: Easy Achievements

  • Author: Rotto
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name:
  • Download: Here
  • Makes it much easier to get all achievements, they will still show on spore.com
  • NOTE: USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION! HAS BEEN REPORTED TO RUIN GAME, FORCING REINSTALL. ALSO, Creature creation achievements will show in your Spore Public Profile whether you earned them or not. This can tip off the folks at EA that you are modding files, and may result in them taking action against you.

34: No Grox

  • Author: Rotto
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: no_grox.package
  • Download: Here
  • Read the thread for more details on how to achieve it, but this mod gets rid of the grox.

35: 500,000 Cheats

  • Author: Rotto
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Joked_Joker.package
  • Download: Here
  • Allows you to use 500,000 cheats before getting the joker badge.

36: Mini-Mod: Disable Opening Movie + Invincibility!

  • Author: Kittani
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: mod_noopenmovie.package, mod_noopenmovie_invincible.package
  • Download: Here
  • This disables the intro movie and also makes you invincible.

37: The Packrat Cargohold Mod

  • Author: nineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: packratcargo500.package
  • Download: Here
  • Carry up to 500 items!

38: “Easy” tribe stage

  • Author: Ahvena
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Easy_Tribalstage.package
  • Downloadhere
  • This mod makes it so that huts have 90% less health and you start with a full tribe.

39: Heatray is lazer mod

  • Author: Ahvena
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: heatray_weapon_mod.package
  • Downloadhere
  • Makes heatray work like laser, but with larger radius, range and more variance in power, it has no effect in terraforming, just watch where you aim.
  • Incompabilities: Doesn’t work with Terra weapons.

39: Stronger Allies Mod

  • Author: Ahvena
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: Strong Allies.package, Strong_and_healthy_allies.package
  • Downloadhere
  • Makes your allies weapons 10x stronger.

40: Genesis Atmospheric Tool

  • AuthorWintermuteai1
  • Version: 1.0 FINAL
  • Package Name: genesis-atmospheric-tool.package
  • Downloadhere
  • Makes available for purchase on your homeworld and other worlds a device that instantly terraforms any planet to T3.
  • (just like the “Staff of Life/Genesis Device) Unlike that device however, my device has unlimited uses once purchased, requires no ammo.
  • After purchase it can be found in your ships atmospheric tools.

41: Infinite Sprint

  • AuthorGod
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: creaturestgesprint.package
  • DownloadHere
  • changes sprint to last a long time.
  • changes recharge time to 1

42:Infinite Staff of Life for 1.03

  • Author: God
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: inifinitesl.package
  • Download: Here
  • Staff of Life uses no ammo, and works for all patches

43:Weak Epics

  • Author: God
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: epic.package
  • Download: Here
  • Makes epics have very weak abilities (stomp and spit)


  • Author: greyghost
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: redspice100.package, yellowspice100.package, greenspice100.package, bluespice100.package, pinkspice100.package, purplespice100.package, evenspiceodds.package
  • Download: HERE
  • 100% chance of every system having this spice or
  • Spicerandom (is more random leans toward pink/purple)
  • Thread Info

45:Mega Merchant Mod

  • Author: greyghost
  • Version:2.0
  • Package Name: megamerchantmod.package
  • Download: HERE
  • A Very Cheat Intensive Mod For Merchants


  • Author: greyghost (working upon voids base)
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: cargomaster.package
  • Download: HERE
  • 50 Cargo Spaces Onboard Your Ship


  • Author: greyghost
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: MEGA_SPICE_VALUE.package
  • Download:HERE
  • Makes spice worth a ton!!!!


  • Author: greyghost
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: start_with_everything.package
  • Download:HERE
  • Start with everything.

49:1 second timer on superpowers

  • Author: greyghost
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: 1second_superpowers_standard_damage.package
  • Download:HERE
  • Superpower timer set to 1 second on creature, tribe, and civ stages.


  • Author: God
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: superfood.package, longerfriut.package, nofruit.package, nodrain.package, moredrain.package, evenmoredrain.package, halffood.package
  • Download: Here
  • has six different packages to choose from see the thread for more details

51:Show achievements

  • Author: God
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Name: achvs.package
  • Download: Here
  • makes all achievements visible from the start

52:Infinite Spice Production

  • Author: Piri
  • Version: v1.0
  • Package Name: I_want_spice.package
  • DownloadHere
  • Gives instant spice refills to your producing colonies
  • No known incompatibilites as of yet

53:Faster Space Travel

  • Author: Piri
  • Version: v2.0
  • Package Name: road_runner_v2.package
  • DownloadHere
  • Very fast speed when flying your UFO between star systems (Starmap)
  • Very fast speed when flying your UFO between planets (Planetary Map)
  • Extra speed when flying your UFO around a planet (Terraform Map)
  • Extra speed when zooming your UFO up and down when on a planet
  • Very fast speed both near and far when using your cargo beam to pick up items
  • Very fast speed both near and far when using your cargo beam to drop off items
  • No known incompatibilites as of yet

54:Creature Stage Multi-packs

  • Author: Piri
  • Version: v1.0
  • Package Name: crg_multipack1.package, crg_multipack2.package, crg_multipack3.package
  • DownloadHere
  • Description: Please click above thread link for a full description on each package. Multi-pack comes in 3 different versions – very easy, easy, and medium. Available seperately or in a single zip file.
  • Incompatibilities: The 3 versions are not compatable together, they must be used seperately


  • Author: God
  • Version: 1.13
  • Package Name: Buzzsphere.package
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Contains nearly all features from the best mods, see the thread for more info
  • Does something to every stage par cell stage
  • Works with all patches
  • Incompatible with nearly every mod ever made

56:MegaMerchantMod Final

  • Authorgreyghost
  • Version: Final
  • Package Name: megamerchantmod.package
  • DownloadHere
  • Serious Cheats For The Merchant In All Of Us
  • many dont use with anything till you send me an IM!

57:Tribal Refresh

  • author: thmasparks1234
  • version:1.0
  • Package Name: atriberefresh.package
  • download:here
  • makes tribal superpowers refresh in one second

58. SPORE “Realism”

  • Authormidtown123
  • Version: v1.0
  • DownloadHERE
  • Package Name: SpaceRealism.package
  • more enhanced planets i.e. t1, t2, t3
    many more empires, tribes, and civs
    no limit close to the center of the galaxy
    enemy ships have nearly as much health as you do
    almost no chance of a biosphere collapse or plunder
    if one of your planets is in an enemy’s governed zone, they will take immediate action.
    I think I put infinite trade routes…
    twice as many grox planets
  • Incompatibilites: MANY

59. Full Colonies + 50 Wildlife Sanctuary Slots

  • AuthorPiri
  • Version: v1.0
  • DownloadHERE
  • Package Name: colony_wildlife_v1.package, Full_colony_space_v1.package, Wildlife50_v1.package
  • Gives max number of turrets and building slots on all t1 and t2 planets, gives 50 creature slots for Bio Sanctuary
  • Incompatibilites: Any that change the number of creatures in sanctuary or that max buildings/turrets

60. Editor Freedom(redone)

  • Author: [http://www.sporemods.org/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1359]Rotto[/url]
  • Version: v.BETA
  • DownloadHERE for normalHERE for without manipulation
  • Package Name:freedome1.package, freedomwithoutmanipulation.package
  • make the editors as creative as possible by letting you have 400000000 to spend (from main menu) and almost complete complexity(again 400000000 if you use freedom cheat).The second one(freedomwithoutmanipulation) you don’t need the cheat but you can’t manipulate parts
  • Incompatibilites: none know
  • NOTE: Has been reported to cause camera issues in editors as well as the inability to remove parts such as hands. more testing may be needed

61:Storybook Planets Are Common

  • Author:Xero262
  • Version: v1.0
  • Package Name: More_Storybook.package, Storybook_uncommon.package
  • DownloadMore Storybook Per System
  • DownloadLess Storybook Per System
  • More Story Per System Gives 1-5 story book planets per system, sometimes giving more than one of the same in each. Could also make cubed planets more common, but theory untested.
  • Less Storybook Per System makes storybook planets 50 times less common than T0 planets.
  • NOTE: This mod has an odd planet coloration glitch seen on non-storybook planets that haven’t yet been visited. This glitch causes those planets to be “Patchwork” in color. See thread for photos

62:Holy S**T Systems

  • Author:ief015
  • Version: v1.0
  • Package Name: holyshit_systems.package, holyshit_systems_REDUCED.package
  • DownloadFULL
  • Downloadlite
  • FULL: Gives anywhere from 1-100 Planets per starsystem
  • lite: Gives anywhere from 1-30 Planets per starsystem.
  • Incompatibilities: May be incompatible with Storybook Planets mod, incompatible with Morespace, probably incompatible with Betterspore (but what isn’t these days?)

63:Silent Space Mod

  • Author: Piri
  • Version: v1.0
  • Package Name: space_icons.package
  • DownloadHere
  • Lowers the amount of time that all space messages stay on screen. For those that never seem to catch the message about “X planet has been uplifted” because they’re too short, this ups the times those last by several seconds. There are no known incomptibility issues at this time

64:Tactical Nuclear Bomb

  • Authorwintermuteai1
  • Version: v1.0
  • Package Name: tac.package
  • DownloadHere
  • This mod creates a new purchasable weapon in Space called Tactical Nuclear Bomb. Includes proper animation/targeting system. Leaves behind sizable craters.


66:Buy all Terraforming Specials

  • Version:0.1
  • AuthorGreyghost
  • Download:Here
  • Package Name: buy all terraform specials.package
  • Allows you to purchase all colors and planet terraform effects

67:Odistant’s Ultimate Civilization Ruler 1.2

  • Author NameOdistant
  • Version: 1.2
  • DownloadDownload Ultimate Civilization Ruler 1.2
  • Package Name: OS_UCR_v1.2.package
  • All civilization objects now cost 50 Sporebucks
  • Defense objects (turrets) cost only 500 Sporebucks
  • All buildings cost 400 Sporebucks
  • Increase’s Sporebucks by 30%
  • A happy civilization will give you a Sporebuck income of 1,268
  • Income increased from Spice Farms
  • Detect tribes from farther distances

68:Increase Scale Limits

  • Author: Cyhuntastic!
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: Here
  • Package Name: CC Scale Limits.package
  • Resizing limb nodes increased!
  • Resizing Core Spore parts also inceased!
  • Resizing Vertebrae ALSO increased! Cheesy

69:Odistant’s Tribal Ruler 1.0

  • Author: Odistant
  • Version:1.0
  • Download: Download Tribal Ruler 1.0
  • Package Name: odistant_tribal_ruler_v1.package
  • Makes tribal stage a lot easier. You also get a little bit more food on start of game. For full list of features, see readme included.

70:Galactic History Artifacts

  • The Terrans
  • AuthorSonictheblade
  • Version: 1.1
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: the_terrans.package
  • Details some of the early history of the galaxy, as well as the birth of the Grox.

71: Infinite Sprint and Ultraglide Mod

  • Author:Yoshermon
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: Here
  • Package Name: infinitesprint+ultraglide.package
  • A simple mod that makes you sprint almost infinitely and lets you stay in the air as long as you like when gliding.
  • No known incompatibilities as of yet.

72:Fully Finished Buy All Terraform/Planet Coloration Tools

  • Author: Scienceman92 (original author: GreyHost)
  • Version: 1.0
  • DownloadHERE
  • as per Scienceman92’s Request here is a link to his Modified Finished Buy All Terraform/Planet Coloration Tools

73:Odistant’s Nuclear Asteroid

74:Better Planet Buster V.1

  • Author: Catmmy
  • Download: Here
  • Package Name: Better_Planet_Buster.package
  • No Anger When Used
  • Does Not Use Ammunition
  • Free Planet Buster
  • Faster Projectile Speed
  • Incompatibilities:Buzzphere, SuperMegaAesomness And betterspore

75:Killing Time and Killing Time Lite

  • AuthorPiri
  • Version: 1.00
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: killing_time; killing_time_lite
  • Reduces disasters/attacks, increases artefacts, etc. Please see thread for more info
  • Incompatible with each other; Buzzsphere, BetterSpore, any other mods that alter the same things

76:Odistant’s Friendly Grox Cap Tool/Any Empire

77:Grox style incredipak colonies

  • Author: Ryuujin
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: GroxCityReplacer.package
  • Replaces incredipak and standard Space colonies with Grox style city plan/architecture


  • Author: Ryuujin
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: Terrafreedom_T3.package
  • Allows full colonies (including homeworlds) on T0 worlds and enables you to use terratools on your save-game planets.

79:Spice System Overhaul

  • Author: Zolan Silverspear
  • Version: 1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: Spice_Overhaul_v1.package
  • Increase the amount of spice your cargo hold and your planets can store. For more info read the forum thread.

80:Anti-Grox Mod

  • Author: VehicleDesigner
  • Version: 1.0/1.1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Names: antigrox.package/antigrox42.package
  • Reduces the Grox to fightable size and makes some tools better.

81:Colonization Fever Mod

  • Author: VehicleDesigner
  • Version: 1.0/1.1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Names: colonyfever.package/colonyfever_balanced.package
  • Removes the ammo need of all colonization tools.

82:Battleship Mod

  • Author: VehicleDesigner
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Names: battleship.package
  • Increases overall health and energy of your ship..

83:No Hunger and More

  • Author: Piri and Mishakiara
  • Version: 1.0
  • Stage: Creature
  • Download: Here
  • Package Name: fast_health_recovery_v1.package
  • Description: Includes no hunger, health recovery when not eating, creatures at 1 HP, more. See thread for full details
  • Incompatibilities: Any mods that change creature stage health and/or hunger

84:More Spucks & More Spucks Lite

  • Author: Piri
  • Version: 1.0
  • Stage: Space
  • Download: Here
  • Package Names: more_spucks_easy.package; more_spucks_normal.package
  • Description: Please see thread for full details.
  • Incompatibilities: Cannot be used together, does not work with my Infinite Spice Production package, the 100traderoutes.package, and any other packages that change the same things

85:Money for Nothing

  • Author: Piri
  • Version: 1.0
  • Stage: Space
  • Download: Here
  • Package Name: health_wealth_easy.package; health_and_wealth_normal.package; health_and_wealth_hard.package
  • Description: Has many features on three difficulty levels. Please see thread for more info
  • Incompatibilities: Must be used seperately; all other health/money altering mods

86:Large Scale Tribal Stage Mod (V1.0)

  • Author: TheComet
  • Version: 1.0.3 (1.0.0 compatible)
  • Download: here
  • Package Name: Large_Scale_Tribal_Stage_V1.package
  • Description: Starts ALL tribes with 25 members and 50 max, upping the max to 100 when there are only 2 tribes left. Start with more food and food respawns faster. Babies take twice as long to mature. Main huts have much more hp than normal.
  • Incompatibilities: Anything that tweaks communitytuning.prop, Tribetuning.prop, or the tribearchetypes .props

87:More Rogues Mod

  • Author:nineballfool
  • Version: 1.1
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: morerogues.package
  • this mod increases the number of rogues in the creature stage

88:More Epics Mod

  • Authornineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: moreepics.package
  • this mod increases the number of epics in the creature stage to 8

89:Giant Creature Mod

  • Authornineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: giantcreature1.0.package
  • this mod increases the size of the player’s creature and nest members to the size of an epic in the creature stage

90:Intense Creature Stage

  • Author: TheComet
  • Version: 1.0 (1.0.3 Compatible)
  • Package Name:Intense_Combat.package
  • Download: Download here
  • Description: Gives every level of strike a unique ability, new animations, and several other changes. View the post for the full list. Contains Ahvena’s Fireball and Epic Stomp mods

91:Harder Creature Stage

  • Authornineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: hardercreature.package
  • This mod makes the creature stage harder by increasing the amount of creatures spawned,increasing their hitpoints and increasing the bonuses for hunt/ally
  • This mod is incompatible with any mods using the creaturegametuning file

92:New imaginary weapons: Galactic fight (My weapons can be use in space)

  • Author: UU
  • Version: 1.2
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: UU’s weapon Tools1.2.package,UU’s tools addon.package , staf of static.package,DBY-827.package
  • Add powerful tools and they can be used in space.

93:Destroyers bane

  • Author: uu
  • Version:1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name:empireabduct.package
  • turns every other empire’s weapons into abduction beams.

94:Instant Creature Recharge Time

  • Author: Matt
  • Version: 1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: Instant Creature Recharge.package
  • Makes the recharge time for creature stage faster

95:Suicide Epic Mod

  • Authornineballfool
  • Version: 1.0
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: allepics1.0.package
  • This mod makes all the creatures spawned in the creature and tribal stages epics
  • This mod is not compatible with the more rogues and more epics mods

96:Weapons of the new era

  • Author: UU
  • Version: 1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: weaponsofthenewera.package
  • This mod makes every empire shoot Sphat beam,Hailfire pulse and DBY-827 turbolaser shots.

97:New Tools

  • Author: Xero262
  • Version: 1.2
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name: Ultimate Weapon Pack.package
  • Lots of new tools like Uber Missiles and a spaceship controler. Goto topic for info on all them.

98: ColonyCapture

  • Author: Silvatica
  • Version: 1.00
  • Download: here
  • Package Name: ColonyCapture.package
  • Colonies no longer explode randomly when the capture bar is completed. Also allows capture of colonies on no atmosphere planets.

99:Cyberpunk Economic Cities

  • Author: The_Lost_World
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: MediaFire
  • Package Name:cyberpunk.package
  • This is for the Civilization stage. Changes economic cities’ walls, docks, and turrets to military style. I originally created this so I could have a more cyberpunk-themed economic city.

100: Colonizer Suite

  • Author: TheComet
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Package Name: Colonizer_Suite.package
  • Download: Read Thread
  • Allows you to place nearly limitless numbers of colonies on planets, among other things

101:Ship to Ship Antimatter Torpedoes

  • Author: The_Lost_World
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: MediaFire
  • Package Name: Ship to Ship Antimatter Torpedoes.package
  • Is a powerful antimatter torpedo that will home in on ships in galactic view, orbit, or on a planet! No more having to rely on allies or your auto-turret to defend you against attacking ships in space. Can also be used on ground targets. It will destroy an enemy spaceship in one hit.
  • Incompatibilities: It is unfortunately incompatible with zero262’s “Plasma Inferno Missiles”, probably has something to do with the fact that this weapon is a modified version of his weapon (his could only fire when on a planet).

102:Flak Cannon

  • Author: UU
  • Version: 1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name:cruiserflak.package
  • A flak cannon Almost as powerful as the DBY turbolaser and can destroy a city with ease comes from the Providence Class Carrier/Destroyer.

103:Badge addon Mod

104: Better Posse

  • Author:Bugeye999
  • Version: 1.1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Package Name: Better Posse.package
  • Adds a possible of 5 extra posse slots from achieving high rank badges, and doubles allied health and damage. This is to help encourage allied combat instead of worrying about your hombres exploding.

105:Easier Archetype Missions

  • Author:Matt
  • Version: Final
  • DownloadHere
  • Package Name:Archetype.package
  • Reduces amount of things to do to 1, such as make 1 new colony etc. Reduces cost of mission to 250-500 sporebucks

Kittani’s Space Mod

Associate site: Lucid Reality Studio

1: Kittani’s Space Mod – Difficulty Tuning

  • Author: Kittani
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This simple file just makes easy mode a little easier, makes little change to normal, and makes hard mode alot harder.  Some things changed relate to economy, awareness, and reward/mission settings.

2: Kittani’s Space Mod – Space Travel

  • Author: Kittani
  • Version: 1.1
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This simple mod alters the travel of your ship to be considerably faster in both solar systems and galactic view.  the mod also considerably lessens the impact of traveling to the galactic core to a maximum limit of 8 parsecs instead of the old 3 parsecs, doubling your range.

3: Kittani’s Space Mod – Space Economy Mod

  • Author: Kittani
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: SporeMods
  • This mod introduces a large set of small changes to fine tune the economy to be more productive.

4: Kittani’s Space Mod – Space Events

  • Author: Kittani
  • Version: 1.0
  • Download: SporeMods
  • Random events such as pirate raids and bio-disasters now happen less often giving you more time to respond to such events or work on other things.
  • Empire awareness levels have been decreased giving you more of a chance to sneak by an empire without attracting thier attention.

5: Kittani’s Space Mod – Space Tools

– How to mod with Sporemaster

– How to install mods.

Back to Spore Modding.


153 Responses to “Spore Mod Index”

  1. Jimmy said

    Someone needs to make a mod where spice, when produced by your planets instantly appears in your cargo hold.
    This mod would save lots of time and effort which could then be dedicated to more important matters such as warfare and trade!

    • Rei Furui said

      I came here looking for a similar one. I as wondering if there was a mod to transfer spice produced by colonies to the homeworld automatically. The home world would also need almost infinate storage too. is this out there, and if not, would someone be able to mod one?

    • THE GAP said

      That would be awesome!

    • 1-winged angel said

      I want a mod on starting every stage with all parts

  2. somini said

    sorry the offtopic
    where does the game stores the downloaded creatures?

    please help me

  3. Kittani said

    I was hoping to find a Space stage mod that does X very specific things.

    -Increase the production rate on planets by about 50%
    -Decrease the chances of eco-disasters and pirate attacks happening all at once and every 2 minutes.
    -Increasing the (uses) of consumables to 5 for colonization and atmospheric (not too unbalanced) and making ONLY interstellar drive 5 capable of getting to all of the grox worlds and harder to get (more expensive? higher badge requirement?) (for balance)
    -Less money demands from races, OR much less negative effects if you ignore them. And last game I got a demand for 100k sporebucks… I mean really… do I look like Mr Pennybags?

  4. ballightning said

    “-Increase the production rate on planets by about 50%”

    This is once again in BetterSpore. Also your home planet produces spice much faster then before, so theres a very fast stream of red spice. In a new version of betterspore i’m planning to overhaul the spice system and make red spice cheaper and the higher end spices more expensive but harder to get.

    “-Decrease the chances of eco-disasters and pirate attacks happening all at once and every 2 minutes.”

    This is in BetterSpore

    “-Increasing the (uses) of consumables to 5 for colonization and atmospheric (not too unbalanced) and making ONLY interstellar drive 5 capable of getting to all of the grox worlds and harder to get (more expensive? higher badge requirement?) (for balance)”

    I have been playing around with more badges, and it looks likely that i can create a Intersteller Drive 6 which is the only thing which can reach all planets relatively easily. Should be included in one of the upcoming BetterSpore versions (badges still aren’t working properly).

    Side note: fixed this page, it wasn’t working before for some reason.

    “-Less money demands from races, OR much less negative effects if you ignore them. And last game I got a demand for 100k sporebucks… I mean really… do I look like Mr Pennybags?”

    This is definitly possible, better spore fixes this.

  5. Solkovskyj said

    Do these mods (namely the editor and the infinite ammo mods) affect online play? i.e. Will I screw up my SPORE account if I install them?

  6. ballightning said

    They should have no effect on your spore account or on your achievments and downloads.

  7. tuna! said

    i realy need the Foot Rotation but im from israel and my IP dont allow me to download can some one send me the Foot Rotation13.zip to shoshy690@walla.co.il please you will be reword

  8. Mailil said

    They should have no effect on your spore account or on your achievments and downloads.

  9. ballightning said

    Page Updated.

  10. Kittani said

    Funny.. I came here looking for a mod and decided to become a modder… 🙂

  11. Inglonias said

    Could you please make a version of BetterSpore where terraforming with those energy tools DOESN’T cost 40 billion every second?

    Other than that, its pretty cool.

  12. ballightning said

    That is already being implemented in BetterSpore 1.4 due in about an hour.

  13. GreedoNeverShot said

    sounds like a good mod, but I don’t want to download it because:

    – Now it costs money everytime you travel between stars

  14. ballightning said

    That has been reduced in BetterSpore 1.4. It reflects the cost of food/water and other stuff. You could fly to the other end of the galaxy and still spend less then 1000 sporebucks.

  15. GreedoNeverShot said

    Ok, thanks. I have been looking for a SPORE mod, thank god I found a good one.

  16. ballightning said

    No problems.

  17. mophead said

    I have looked every where for a mod that edits tools so that they are much more interesting and funny, so far the terra weapons are lame can someone please make a mod to get some good tool effects eg. weapon that makes planets spikey sort of terra form [i have no idea if thats possible] thanks.

  18. Freke said

    Is it possible to implement a way for your own empire to deal with pirate raids and eco disasters? Much less allow them to attack hostile civ’s on their own? For a advanced space civ, having one military ship is very stupid. I don’t like having to fight every war on every front, literally across the entire galaxy with one ship. (Yes I’ve expanded pretty far. :P) Seriously, our civ’s need to stand up and fight on their own against our enemies instead of me having to do everything..its quite annoying.

    If this can be achieved I would be forever in your debt.

    • Noa Baggs said

      in better spore there is a modification for a tool that allows you to by a turret which defennds one planet, it requires many badges like warmonger,3 or 4 and conquer and stuff and preety costly but it gets the job done

  19. Freke said

    Sorry for double post, but also, once a planet gets to T3 that you’ve colonized, could you implement a mod that allows the colony on the T3 planet to colonize other plants on their own? That would be so cool..

  20. Aurora said

    I noticed that on Macs, the 100 trade routes mod causes a crash in the game when entering an aliens T3 home planet.

  21. generalMADLee said

    It would be pretty cool if someone could make a mod that allowed you to construct defensive spacestations in orbit of your colonies. Kinda like a huge orbiting uberturret, but you should be able to make more than one. If someone could do that that would be really cool

  22. Aurora said

    Never mind, its the genesis device mod.

  23. Eggly said

    Mmm, I can’t download some of the mods because Sporemods is inaccessible to me. I am using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and I still can’t get there. Why is this so? 😦

  24. ballightning said

    Try creating an account there.

  25. thatguy28 said

    Hey Ballightning,
    im started modding my game myself (using T-Search) and at the moment im tryin to increase my space ships health. do you know the code for your health and if so could u tell me? cheers 😀

  26. ballightning said

    It is probably better to use sporemaster (https://sporedum.wordpress.com/spore-modding/sporemaster/), and it should be in one of the files in the “gametuning” folder.

  27. MeestYk said

    Looking for a mod that allows the player’s home and colonies to autotrade among them and other alien races via trade ships once a colony has been set up with the spices available on that particular planet. It would eliminate the need to constantly do manual trading by the player and thus allow us to focus on say warfare or scientific endeavors such as discovering and analyzing the entire galaxy’s content.

    Features could include fixed rates on buy low sell high on all spices like featured on X3 terran conflict.

    Is there a mod like this already?

  28. enigmaticblogger90 said

    I thought those cube-planet probability numbers were hard-coded! Guess I was wrong 🙄

  29. ballightning said

    @MeestYk, sadly the ability to do that is hardcoded and inpossible to do.

  30. Outstrider said

    “Voice mod” I would like to hear my space creaure voice little deeper, without giving it bighead

  31. darwin nightmare said


    i am new to the world of mods

    and i have a few question/suggestions

    is there a way that i can toggle mods during gameplay? like i have an asymmetry mod. and i wanna keep my limbs [place-wise] to to be symmetrical when i place them on my creature, but then switch on the asymmetry.

    another thing i am asking off in a mod is when in space[or anything past creature stage]to not also outfit my creature but also edit the creature itself.

    that is really all i ask of other than to use grox robotic part on other creatures.

    can you please help me?

  32. ballightning said

    With the toggle thing there isn’t any way to do that normally, however one of the BetterSpore team are working on finding a way to make it toggle.

    Your other requests are probably not possible.


  33. Shinobi said

    hey people, do you have problems with sporemaster. I make my own mod, when i put it into the game, and load the game or start a new one, the game starts spinning very fast, anyone else has the problem, or solved it?

  34. enigmaticblogger90 said

    Could someone make a mod that lets you use the tab key on the “bodies” section of the building editor?

  35. darwin nightmare said

    oh wlel a man could dream

    but if anyhting i need the toggle the most

    as for the guy who wants to “tab” the bdoy of a creature, umm i think it might be possible with some of the youtubeb vids i have seen

    wish i had a link to the vid though

  36. darwin nightmare said

    here is an example oh what i am giessign you can do if you can “tab” the body

    ask the guy about how he did it

  37. lolzeh said

    You know what i’d like? a friggin cube planet randomaizar! i cant find any

  38. enigmaticblogger90 said

    I know how to put the body on a connector and rotate the connector, but I want the convenience of being able to use the tab button to rotate them.

  39. enigmaticblogger90 said

    @Lolzeh: The cube planet numbers are hard coded, not even hours of hashing could get to those numbers.

  40. darwin nightmare said

    ok, crazy idea for a tool

    a laser that is also a terraforming tool. baiscally a laser that you can point at the ground and it leaves a canyon in the path.

  41. darwin nightmare said

    ummm sorry but i have more suggestions

    like get empires to lend more than one ship to your fleet

    and in creature creator make spines longer [if that is not included in the apps thta can make creatures get bigger]

  42. Enthernaler said

    if there could be a flying parts mod,or a invisible part in the game,we could make easiear flying things,such are a doubled animal.

  43. austin said

    i dont know if this is asking to mutch but can you guys host these modes on other sites my security wont let me go to the main mod site

  44. austin said


  45. spice wonder said

    i wonder if there is a white spice glitch in the game can someone make it so some non-gas-giant planets produce usable white spice

  46. Alex said

    Could someone please if possible make a mod that allows you to fly and attack other things while using the hologram tool. Please it would be so cool

    • Lord North said

      Thats what galactic adventures is

      • Anisaur said

        Not really. In galactic adventures you beam down to planets. With the hologram, you are placing something artificial on the planet, and you are in your ship. And in GA, you can’t just beam down on ANY planet. You have to recieve a mission first.

  47. Jammy said

    I think a good idea for a mod would be for the Colony Incredi-Pak to also max out the colony with buildings and turrets. This will save a lot of time for people who want to expand their empire to a huge size.

  48. Aaron said

    wow sincethe trainer maker these things are poping up like crazy

  49. Keyenhancer said

    I had a couple of questions, and thoughts.

    First, is it possible to make a mod that allows the player’s creature to fly off the planet? I thought it could be possible, considering you can see all the planets in the solar system if you get above the atmosphere, but alas, thats all the higher I get before I plummet to the ground.

    The other question deals with the mod making tool v2, it loads, but every time it does it goes to the updater and windows tells me it had stoped working. I’ve changed compatibility, coloring, location, window size, etc. with no luck. I am using Windows Vista 64-bit edition, Intel Duo Core, on an HP TouchSmart Qi804(maybe no i?).

    One of the suggested mods I had was allowing cities to be created in the water, and water explorability. According to some news I read a while back, this feature exists(ed) in the game on a partial level. It was removed do to time restraints, and planned for a future update/expansion. I’m sure the news said it was planned for this coming spring, but it looks like they’ve changed gears on that. Perhaps its more difficult then I’m imagining, if so no harm done.

    Another mod I had in mind was a mod that was capable of destroying an entire planet. I don’t mean all the cities, or creatures, but one that literally erased the planet, with some graphical goodies to make it look cool. Planet eraseability already exists as a menu option, but nothing more, perhaps if it could be moved into an in-game function through a weapon of sorts, that would be too awesome, and perhaps too powerful.

  50. […] mods to post… 😛 So I’ll just post a link to one of the biggest collection of mods on Sporedum: Sporedum – Spore modding index __________________ – Bla BlaBla44 – Sporepedia Want to find me in other places? BlaBlaDK – […]

  51. can someone make a hack/mod where the holigram scout doesn’t make u a hologram but is your real creature and u can walk faster and jump or fly(if wings are on creature) and you aren’t invinsible……
    also if u can continue having experiences like creature stage like mateing,nesting,socialising or fighting against other creatures.
    If anyone makes this hack they will be apreciated alot
    plz i hope someone does make this hack or mod

  52. Blaziken2008 said

    Um, will any of these do anything else to my computer? I am VERY careful about viruses, the only mods I might download are BetterSpore and One Stop Shop.

  53. Verihyypp said

    Add my OrbitSpore here.

  54. Verihyypp said

    There isn’t viruses in these mods.

  55. WTGTW said

    Is There a mod or can anyone make a mod that changes the numbers of colonies on a planet from 3 to 30 or more? That would be awesome!

  56. solost said

    none of these work for me, idk what it is but i got the interstellar drive improved thing as far as downloading. i tried to move it to my spore data folder and i just get an error every time. someone help cus its the only way for me to defeat the grox

  57. rae.rules said

    if possible could you be able to add more of your own ships to your posse in space stage. if possible please create

  58. None of these links work….???>>>>

    • ballightning said

      The spore mod index and sporemods.org are getting revamped, check out again after the weekend.

      • Justinian said

        I’ve had problems too, and i’ve tried going to the links for the downloads (particularly #98 Colony Capture) and they still dont work as of June 1st. Do we have to wait a whole nother week?

        • Gorgolis said

          well they ae still broken as of july 5th >_>
          and the new mods site isnt up yet >_<
          me want #66, 31, and 20 reel bad so i kan reach center of galaxy!!!!!!!!!@!!

  59. Jim_Petras said

    Can anyone help me because I’m angry all my links from this site when I go to download somethink
    it opens one window that says:


    You have requested a page or object that was not found on the server. This may be the result of a typo or broken link.

    Error 404 Not Found (File does not exist: forum/index.php/topic,859.0.html) NearlyFreeSpeech.NET

  60. Jim_Petras said

    I don’t know much english if I had mystakes please give some recpect

  61. Anisaur said

    What is a “Cube-planet”?

  62. solost said

    when are the mods links going to work again, so far only like one of them work and it’s a little frustrating when i can see several that i would like to download

  63. Copseyy said

    I dunno if we’re allowed to post our own mods here but heres one anyway

    It makes it so that you don’t lose any energy whilst travelling between stars =]

    taking requests if there not like better spore coz i cbas doing anything like that 😛

  64. Lord North said

    Will Someone make a mod where you start with everything in space mod? It is very tiring to have to start a new race and work through everything again.

  65. Rei Furui said

    So, I have a problem. i’ve been using the battleship mod, but now it doesn’t work because I have installed Galactic Adventures. Is there a fix for this?

  66. Snake197722 said

    hmm okay guys

    any download link is broken ?

    i can’t download any

  67. Gorgolis said

    Omg i keep getting so many problems like when i try downloading
    #66 and #20 and #31 i press open and it opens up internet exp then it closes and it asks me to open or save again, and gain, and again. plus lot of these when i click the link to go download them it says they dont exist…Please fix these problems!

  68. Gorgolis said

    slightly off topic but i found a cube planet and thought it was jus a weird planet and blew it up >__<

    if that is hard coded, then thats F**K*NG BS

  69. Gorgolis said

    woops i meant can sum1 make a mod where colonies are more indapendant instead of calling for you because its annoying colonizing the galaxy cuz you cant go anywhere…

    and thats is what would be BS if its hard coded

    • Copseyy said

      ill try and make a mod where some events are less common like alot less common even though theres already a mod somewhere that does something like that

  70. shadowball31 said

    Half of these dont even work…..and the ones that do work arent fun or cool in any way….the ones i want to use i cant use

  71. h man said

    y wont the links work!!

  72. Addictive said

    Some links work but I have no use for those!! FIX 42!! Almost every download link is unavailable!

  73. Qazerowl said

    Please note that Sporemods is going through a phase of moving so many mods will not work, they will be updated next weekend so come back then.

  74. h man said

    ya it said that weeks ago

  75. Felix3 said

    Help!!! If I try to start spore, there is a message: “Spore has a problem and must be stopped.” What should I do? I cannot find the problem! Should I reinsall the game?
    Thanks for help!

    • Soalric said

      You should probably reinstall it. By the way, do you know where i can find galactic adventures mods? I want one where resizing limits in the mission creator are gone.

  76. Soalric said

    Can someone make me a mod for galactic adventures where resizing limits are removed? Please

  77. Soalric said

    Or one that increases resizing limits in galactic adventures’ adventure creator?

  78. Dariush said

    thats happend to me 2

  79. Chris said

    Umm.. i no this is pretty of topic but does anyone no if theres a way to use cheats on Windows Vista laptops? When ever i press Ctrl, Shift, C the box doesnt come up 😦
    Is there a mod or even another button combination i can use to get the cheat command box up?
    😦 Thanks 🙂

    • Cheat said

      I know from experience that it will work if you change the key combination(I don’t know what else to call it) for health check to something else.

  80. h man said

    k ut is goin on with the other spore mods sight wen i click it it says sum stupid nearly free speach thing 😦 😦 😦

  81. Pie said

    Why is this stupid moving thing taking so long? 😐

  82. Riley said

    When ever I try to download files hosted at SporeDum, It says the file cannot be found. Can anyone help?

  83. Riley said

    I mean, SporeMods?

  84. tmo97 said

    Sporemods crashed or something? I CANT CONNECT TO DOWNLOAD THE FRIKIN COOLEST MODS!!

  85. tmo97 said

    snipingkicker sucks people ask for things only gods/creators take years.

  86. TheKwlGuy said

    There needs to be a mod that reduces the number of other empires in the spacestage because there are way too many. Maybe an empire every 20 pc or so because right now there are way too many…

  87. Alphasoldier said

    For anyone who can’t download certain mods… Google the file name of the package file, you’ll most likely get good results!
    Example: The Holy S**T Systems Mod has this package: holyshit_systems.package OR holyshit_systems_REDUCED.package
    So Google those file names.

  88. Tim said

    are there any other links to the mega spice mod?

  89. Isaac said

    There needs to be a mod that adds more depthness to the civilization stage like technologys, infantry, and more cites.

  90. Tweester said

    I discovered you could actually change your creature’s voice by editing with iMovie or Windows movie maker, and this girl creature I made here proves it. You could do this just in case a mod for voices isn’t released

  91. Tweester said

    I discovered you could actually change your creature’s voice by editing with iMovie or Windows movie maker, and this girl creature I made here proves it.

  92. Ryan said

    Can someone give me a working link to the mods Friendly Grox, Certain Capture 100% and Easy Going Empires. You can also give me a link to mods that do the same.

    Cheers! =D

  93. Ziggy said

    sporemods.org hosted the files and it’s gone. Try sporebase.com or a new site sporemodding.com

  94. Manza Nugala said

    There must be a mod where you start in creature stage, the others can evolve, and leav you in the dust, but you can evolve later, and you would be able to invade their citys, if they dont kill you first.

    Another mod could be like this: you control your leader in civ and tribal stage.

  95. where'smymod? said

    It’s depressing how sporemods has been down for so long–over a year and probably longer now–and all of these mods are simply lost. Lost.

    So. So. Sad.

    Spore has been naught but a disappointment, full-circle, and now without mods to use, I have to say this is the most disappointing thing EA and Maxis could have put together for us.

  96. Groxterminator 342 said

    i tell ya wut would be awsome for spore
    have you noticed that trade ships and your ship are the same?
    well that can get anoying i think you should be alowed to choose what your ship and trade ships look like SEPERATELY…..

  97. Groxterminator 342 said

    and also i could use some help downloading i click the download here button and it takes me to a website called Sporemods.org…could someone please tell me where to go from there

  98. WeAreBorg said

    i have tryed to download this 24: Food for Thought! (DNA when you eat) in ie and firefox and all i get is a lame spore.org games download page it has no mods on it that i can find…

  99. WeAreBorg said

    i’m moving to another site that has mods this site wont even fix the bad link what that mean is the owner of this site gave up on it.

  100. pachu said


  101. Jarad338 said

    Could someone try and create a mod that sets the game so that once you’ve destroyed an empires home-world all of their other colonies are converted to you

  102. Rogue said

    i can’t DL anything from sporemods.org
    i think it’s a fake DL site

  103. C.G.B. Spender said

    Sporemods.org weren’t fake. You guys are 3 years late, because it was closed down.

  104. Xzendon said

    hey this is probably pretty far fetched but could someone make a tunnel/dig mod for creature/galactic adventures?

    also could someone make an ifinite energy mod?(for galactic adventures not space stage!)

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  113. Louis Gridley Wu said


    If any of you have come here looking for spore mods, and have encountered broken links.
    Do not lose hope yet.
    You can recover broken links using “The Wayback Machine / Internet Archive”. Go to “archive.org / web / web.php” and put the link, or can use the addon “Resurrect page” in Firefox using the “Internet Archive” button.

    Be sure to use a date before May 2009, later dates not seem to work.

    Good luck.

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  115. CarolAnthony said

    Pls help i want the galactic freedom the link is already ded i already download that but i delete it i dont have a back up the spordum site and sporemods is already dead pls reupload in other site i want mod pls pls pls

  116. DragonHunter1202 said

    how do I download the mods from “Download: Here”?

  117. […] Spore Mod Index « Sporedum – Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly we have moved on from this game. However we have made an index of all the content on this website for your easy convenience, though … […]

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