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Moved on

Posted by ballightning on August 13, 2012

Hey guys!

I haven’t looked at this site in a very long time! Brings back such fond memories of all the fun I had with Spore and the community.

I have been playing minecraft for a long time, but as of late, I have been started a new youtube channel and I’m planning on creating a series of maps based around pvp combat. If you are even slightly interested at all, I would suggest you check out my channel, and subscribe/give advice. I also have a series showing off Minecraft Cinematics.

Sadly I lost interest in Spore a long time ago, and I don’t feel like I will ever have the same passion as I did before. What I had for spore is now driving what I have for minecraft. What Minecraft does differently, are the endless possibilities. It is a truly sandbox game, which just keeps improving. Something that Spore aimed for, but through over-complexity and some bad decisions, it didn’t manage to achieve.

I wish the best to everyone in the future, and if you do want to keep following what I do, head here!


Ball Lightning


5 Responses to “Moved on”

  1. AntonioAJC said

    Too bad, I just discovered this site :c

  2. AntonioAJC said

    I wished you would’ve fixed some errors on GA

  3. strategymamber said

    how could he just stop its somone who inspired thousends in the netherlands its everyone i know you mustn’t give up its a beginning of the new wrold en ypou sayt it yourself spore was going for that but however it didnt work out but you vame in en new doors opened en I think I will maybe if nesseserily have to make a teame for going on myself ill do that but i will give you wan chance to come back thousents of people are hoping en only wan is trying please heklp us all out we neat somewan to finish wat he begon en everyone may react nut if nowan does it’ll be asll over with this however i got little expireance with modding im not that good so please somewan help us for a new life on (better)spore so who is in whpo wsants to inspire en ill begin A NEW DOOR but first i need a team or his team must have a new leader but i think he was theonly thew wanted to follow who will help me inspire en bring hope to the wans who loved spore sp mach rhat they didn’t gave up like he dit who will

  4. koen said

    i only loved spore becouse of this mod now i need to find more other players thow i have no other players who know diferend mods
    however i did find one who is using this info en adepts it the maker i don’t know the name of the mod is : Firespore(.package) thow its still in onw single file he is better than me in the modifiing places thow his ideas are less it still is a folower of this mod sort of so just check it oud maybe its more fun

    • straregymamber or just koen said

      just to make shure its my real name.
      the other name i always use here is strategymamber nobody else needs to know however i come out for my reality now its not nesiserily i still do.

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