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Spore Hero Preview

Posted by ballightning on September 6, 2009

Hooked Gamers have previewed Spore Hero.

It seems as though as your titular Hero has landed on a planet that isn’t his home. A blue meteor has the indicated the creature, and it seems like a dangerous red meteor is coming to destroy your planet. This crisis must be solved quickly, as one of your first tasks in the game is to talk to several of the local creatures living on the planet. As the game progresses, you will find out more about why the red meteor is coming.

At first sight, your Spore will be a very basic creature that is round like an egg and will have legs, but as you gain more special creature parts, you will be allowed to give your creature more talents and a different look. How you gain access to these parts is by solving various puzzles on the planet. The game also seems to have a lot of freedom as players can choose what things they would like to do to progress the story such as accepting quests, treasure hunting, interacting with others or simply just exploring.

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