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100,000,000 creations contest!

Posted by ballightning on March 28, 2009

From Maxis:

Calling all Creators!


We’re blown away by the number of creations our community has shared on Sporepedia.

So fire up your imagination and share some more awesome creations. Be the creator that bumps up that number to 100 million for a chance to win an NVIDIA Graphics card, a standard copy of Spore, 
and a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures when it
becomes available!



About how much is a hundred million?

  • The number of TV sets in India
  • The number of photoreceptors in an eye
  • The number of mobile phones in Japan
  • The number of cows in the United States
  • The number of pounds of air in an acre




4 Responses to “100,000,000 creations contest!”

  1. Hitsu123 said

    I wish I could win that Graphics card which I desperately need! And SE: GA would be awesome, and I could give my little cousin the new Spore game I get!

  2. LeopardoDeVinci said

    Oh man…when does this take place? Do the creations all have to look like they’re gonna get featured?

  3. […] 100,000,000th Creation Contest Looks like Maxis is doing another contest, the number of creations in the Sporepedia is fast approaching the big hundred and Maxis is holding a contest to see who makes it there first. It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of crap creation like most of the stuff you see under the “Newest Creations” tab, if you make it you win, then you walk away with yes, Spore, Spore GA, and a Nvidia Graphics card (Maxis seems to have a whole warehouse of these things.). I really Maxis would be a little more creative with the prizes, when every contest the Grand prize is always the same. Right now the number of creations is at 94 million so it’s probably going to be a while until someone gets to 100, but once they do I’ll have all the results here. I just hope the 100 millionth upload isnt one of those penis creatures. Official page. […]

  4. (,.o.,) said

    The contest ended. There was a overflow of 90,000 creations at once.

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